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Dongfang Chu was anxious that she could not make her stay.

She was so angry that she cried.

“Shui Shui, its so late.

Where would you go”

Wen Ruoshui turned around and helped her wipe her tears comfortingly.

“Im already an adult.

There must be a place I can go, would I freeze outside”

Dongfang Chu sniffled and pulled her arm.

“Can you wait until tomorrow Ill move out with you.”

Wen Ruoshui smiled.

“This is your home.

Why are you moving out with me”

In this family, only Chu Chu was sincerely good to her.

If not for her, she would never have lived in the Dongfang family even if she returned to the country.

From a young age, she had known that everyone avoided her and hated her.

They thought that she was a jinx and would bring bad luck to them.

She was already used to them looking at her with all kinds of eyes, and she had long experienced the coldness of the world.

It was okay, she was fine with everything.

“But its so late.

Where are you going Look at how dark it is, what if it rains” Dongfang Chu sobbed and couldnt help but cry again.

“Dont cry.

I promise you that nothing will happen.” Wen Ruoshui helplessly wiped her tears.

“Just send me here!”

“I…” Dongfang Chu sobbed.

When they reached the door, she suddenly remembered something and looked at her.

“Wait here.

Ill get Driver Chen to send you.”

It was such a cold day and it was so late.

Shui Shui was a girl and she did not know where she was going, the Eldest Aunt was too much.

Shangguan Rui usually didnt do his job properly.

He didnt have good driving skills and even learned how to race from others, he was the one who courted death and got into a car accident.

What did it have to do with Shui Shui!

Dongfang Chu went back to find the driver.

When she followed the car back, she realized that Wen Ruoshui was no longer there.

She hurriedly called her.

“Shui Shui, where did you go”

Wen Ruoshui said, “Chuchu, Im going home.

Dont worry, Ill be fine.

Youre not feeling well, rest early.”

Dongfang Chu felt a lump in her throat and couldnt help but cry again.

“Then Ill go find you too.

You know, I cant sleep well without you.”

Wen Ruoshui advised gently, “The Dongfang family is your home.

Grandpa wont agree to you moving out.

Hes stubborn, so you shouldnt make him angry.”

Dongfang Chu thought of her grandfathers serious face and wiped her tears.

“I understand.

Ill visit you tomorrow morning.”

Wen Ruoshui looked at the streetlights that stretched to the end of the road on both sides and smiled gently.


After hanging up, she couldnt find a taxi for a while, so she followed the route in her memory and headed for the Wen familys old house.

Ever since her grandfather passed away, she had never returned home.

She was afraid that when she thought of her past happiness, she would only feel even more unhappy.

After so many years, she thought she had forgotten a lot of things, but she realized that many things were deeply engraved in her mind.

How could she forget them just like that

Just like this path, which was as clear as it had been when theyd walked it.

In the past, her grandfather had often taken her on this path.

The north wind howled, and the weather was gloomy.

After dragging the suitcase for about half an hour, snow began to fall from the sky.

She was a little cold and wrapped the scarf around her neck tightly.

Her constitution was cold, and she was a doctor, but no amount of nursing would help.

Once it was winter, her body would be cold.

No matter how many clothes she wore, she would not warm up.

Over time, she got used to it.

The Wen familys old residence was also in this expensive villa area.

Although it was called a villa area, it actually occupied a large area and more than half of Mount Jing.

The snow became heavier.

When she reached the Wen familys old residence halfway up the mountain, a thin layer of snow fell on her head and body.

No one had been to the Wen familys old residence for more than 10 years.

It had fallen into disrepair, and even the door lock had been corroded and covered in a thick layer of rust.

Wen Ruoshui took out the key she always carried with her and tried to open the door.

She tried again and again, but the key could not be inserted.

The keyhole must have been filled with rust.

She turned, ready to find a rock and try to smash the lock with it.

It was hard to find a rock at night.

Unexpectedly, just as she turned around, she was stunned on the spot.

She looked at the man who was standing behind her and smiled calmly.



“Let me do it!” Yan Yuanfei extended his hand to her.

“This lock cant be opened and the key cant be inserted.” Wen Ruoshui didnt expect to see him twice in a day and even let him see her in such a sorry state.

If she remembered correctly, the Yan family did not live here.

The Yan familys old residence was in the center of the capital, not the economic center.

“Ill try,” Yan Yuanfei insisted.

Wen Ruoshui gave him the key and looked around.

She ran to the small flower bed opposite to get a stone and stood behind him.

With the help of the street lamp by the door, she frowned slightly and could see the mans exquisite side profile.

His slender fingers were quickly covered in rust, but fortunately, the key was inserted.

There was a click, a very faint sound of metal turning, and the lock opened.

Wen Ruoshui looked at him in wonder.

She did not expect him to really open the lock that had not been touched for 10 years.

Yan Yuanfei moved very quickly.

He pushed open the door naturally and picked up her suitcase.

Wen Ruoshuis heart, which had long been cold, suddenly felt warm at this moment.

She watched as the man walked into the courtyard and opened the living room door with another key.

The moment the lights were turned on, the living room was as bright as day.

The house, which had not been lived in for a long time, was empty and cold.

There was dust and cobwebs everywhere.

Yan Yuanfei turned around and looked at the girl.

“We need to clean up here before we can live here.

Go to my place and make do for one night!”

Wen Ruoshui looked at the scene in front of her with mixed feelings.

She shook her head.

“No, thank you, Mr.


“Theres no heater here.

The air conditioner probably wont work for too long, I live just next door.” Yan Yuanfei looked at her warmly, waiting for her answer.

Wen Ruoshui ran in to check on the air conditioner, it had been useless for a long time and was already broken.

She looked at him in embarrassment.

“Thank you, Mr.


The Yan family had a house here, but they did not live here often.

Yan Yuanfei had been busy with the International Economic Forum summit recently.

Since it was close, he temporarily lived here.

He was glad hed met her while living here.

Otherwise, with this girls temper, she would definitely spend the night in an unpacked house.

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