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Three days later.

While nourishing his mana, Fang Xian recovered all his injuries and walked out of the cave.

The mountains are continuous, the mountains are green, and the qi around the area is full.

This world is incomparably vast, the world on earth occupies only a small part of the continent, and the rest are mostly lofty mountains ranges, wild and undiscovered regions, and the four seas and the far north, there lies hidden and immeasurable precious creatures, unprecedented saints, big official sects, palace of the saints, dens of demons, and ancient legends.

Although this place is similar to the mortal world, there are also many mountain spirits and monsters and strange beasts in the mountains.

He spent several days in the shade, found a cold pool, used his mana, and caught a few old turtles from it.

“Hey… When someone else makes a move, their immortal energy is fluttering, and the five-colored auspicious clouds are everywhere.

At first glance, it will be known they are from the authentic sects.

The mana I have cultivated is not only messy, but also has gloomy wind, gray and black, and with one look one will know it isn’t very promising……”

Fang Xian sighed and looked at the captured prey.

These old turtles are not the saintly kinds, but they have lived a little longer.

One is only the size of a washbasin and has some bagua patterns on its back.

He chose one, ripped open its belly, cut it into eight pieces, burned the turtle shell, grabbed the turtle’s blood and internal organs, and began to foretell the results of the revenge.

After a while, the hexagram image appeared, it was ‘Big Luck’!

Fang Xian nodded and shook his head again:

’Other people’s fortune-telling deductions, either pinch their fingers, clever and natural, or match them with copper coins and yarrows, and act like immortals, but my fortune-telling is full of blood, what a fraud! ‘

However, the origin of this hexagram method is extraordinary.

It is not the Plum Blossom Arithmetic that anyone in the cultivation world can learn, and Lian Shanyi can compare it to.

Fang Xian is very confident in it.

At that moment, he packed up, cut the talisman of the flying sword, hid it in his arms, performed light work, and came to the nearest ‘Guangyuan City’.

It’s not that he doesn’t want to fly, but that the mana in his body is so shallow that he can’t fly even if he wants to.

As for the flying artifact Haha…that’s just thinking too much, even Daoist Youfang doesn’t have it.

The pair of master and apprentice traveled the world, and the Taoist wanderer had a ‘five ghost flag’ in his hand, which was regarded as a treasure by the old Taoist, and he would not take it out easily.

At the gate of the city, a group of people were watching the Yellow List.

Fang Xian became curious and leaned over.

”Recently, there were monsters in the city who made trouble and stole property using the five ghosts method.

Fortunately, they were beheaded by a senior who passed by…”

A scholar in a blue shirt sighed.

As soon as the words “Monster” and “Five Ghosts” entered his ears, Fang Xian’s mind was full, knowing that his cheap master was probably killed.

He looked at the text of the bulletin and found that it was similar in content.

”Master is just in the Yanfa Realm.

If he can kill an opponent, the enemy’s strength may not be high.

I can deal with it… maybe that’s why I got a good fortune”

Fang Xian came to a restaurant, gave some money as a reward, picked a secluded place to sit, and thought to himself, “Or… that person with cultivation has left, and the rest of the ordinary knights in Jianghu, of course, will not be my opponents.

I remember the face of the swordsman, I can get clues by asking a little.”

People with cultivation, gather the spiritual energy of heaven and earth and gather the essence of the sun and the moon.

Unless they reach the stage of cultivating the heart by being in the world or have important things in this plane, they rarely stay in the world for a long time.

Also coincidentally.

The drinker in the building happened to be talking about this.

”Then the Yin family is a rich local, with ten thousand acres of land, servants like forests, maids like jade, and there are countless gold and silver in the house, otherwise how could they attract demons”

The drinker’s face was red while speaking about this.

”It is said that the demon can use the technique of transporting five ghosts and the technique of piercing through walls.

If I can obtain this technique, wouldn’t I get as much gold and silver as I want”

”Bah! Bad intentions!”

”Haha, drink and drink!”

The people at the table seemed to be martial arts people, and one person said again: “In the Yin residence, the second son of Yin, Yin Qiuxian, is not ordinary.

He is a famous expert in the six counties of our residence.

It is said that he also killed a little demon this time.

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Fang Xian touched his face, feeling that this ‘little monster’ had found his target.

He didn’t say much, just paid the money to go out, and went to the cloth village to buy a few sets of ready-to-wear clothes.

In the evening, the horseshoes were heard again and again.

A black-haired horse with only four snow-white hooves came galloping.

Immediately, there was a young man with sword eyebrows and star eyes, his face as moist as jade, and a long sword on his waist.

Especially that face, the original body’s memory is quite deep.

’it is good! It’s not like finding the wrong person.

Fang Xian pressed the bamboo hat and walked away slowly.

Night time.

A shadow sneaked over the high wall of Yin Mansion and entered the back house.

After all, Fang Xian used to be the supreme martial artist.

He used qingong to spread out his magic power, and he walked on the snow without a trace, and he came and went without a trace.

He found a dark place, took down a child servant, and immediately knew that the second son was still practicing swordsmanship in the back garden!

Fang Xian knocked the boy unconscious and came to the back garden according to the instructions.

Hidden in the darkness, he immediately saw a person in the center of the garden dancing with a sword under the moon, with a body like a wind willow and a sword like duckweed.

If it were in his past life, this person can already be called a master!


After a set of swordsmanship dances, Yin Qiuxian sighed faintly: “My heart is bothered, where can I ask for immortals Immortal path, Immortal path…”

Suddenly, he glanced out of the corner of his eye and saw a yellow light flying towards him!

——Talisman of Flying Sword!

After all, he is a master of martial arts.

With a light shout, the long sword rolls up into blossoming sword flowers and protects him in front of him.

That yellow light moved and turned in mid-air, like a spiritual snake, and like a peerless swordsman, directly seeing through the flaws in his swordsmanship, and pierced with a sword.

’My life is over! ‘

Yin Qiuxian was sighing in his heart, but found that the flying sword did not come to cut his head, but shot out sword energy, which directly destroyed his dantian.


Under the severe pain, the second son of the Yin family passed away.

Only then did Fang Xian show up, carrying this Yin Qiuxian like a child, regardless of the hustle and bustle behind him, he disappeared in the blink of an eye.


A basin of cold water was poured on his head, Yin Qiuxian woke up suddenly, looked at Fang Xian, and suddenly his whole body shook: “It’s you! Are you not dead”

”Very disappointed”

Fang Xian fiddled with the fire by himself.

He has already left the city and captured this man alive.

Naturally, there are some things he needs to ask: “Is my master dead Who is the culprit”

Yin Qiuxian suddenly felt a little chill.

When this person speaks, he speaks lightheartedly, not like someone whose master just died.

”Sure enough, he is an evil demon, with a cold heart, bah!”

He has a very strong temper and scolded directly.


Fang Xian wouldn’t coddle this baby, and crushed all the bones in his right hand: “You still have a lot of bones in your body, do you want to give it a try”

Unexpectedly, Yin Qiuxian’s character is really hard, and he doesn’t say a word.

Fang Xian thought about it for a while, and shot out mana, combined with some ecstasy magic techniques learned in the previous martial arts, and asked again.

”He was killed by a passing senior who claimed to be Master Bai Yang of the Luoshan faction, and left that night…” Yin Qiuxian replied with a puzzled face.

”Luoshan faction… Master Bai Yang”

Fang Xian nodded and was about to take Yin Qiuxian’s life with a sword.

Suddenly, he thought: “This person has a strong personality and seems to have some blessings…”

Anyway, he has some excess old turtles, so he is trying to count them. 


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