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When the man noticed that Adrian was ignoring him, he pulled the trigger, and a burst of blue energy shot toward Adrian!

He quickly sidestepped and the energy bullet went past him. He turned and he could see a scorch mark on the ground where the bullet hit.

Adrian looked back at the man. His annoyance was written boldly on his face.

"You dare to attack me?"

"Stand down, or Im required to use force!" the man shouted, ignoring Adrians words.

Suddenly, blue flames began to rise from the ground beneath Adrian. They formed a whirlwind and encompassed him.

They made loud whooshing sounds and caused the temperature in the room to rise.

"Alert! Theres an intruder in the museum, I repeat, theres an intruder in the museum! He appears to be an elemental, requesting backup!" The man shouted to seemingly no one but then a voice sounded a reply into his ears.

"Back up is approaching, hold the intruder there until they come."

"Understood," the man responded.

The man kept pointing the gun at Adrian, waiting for what was going to happen next, but he didn have to wait long.

The flames scattered into nothingness in the next second to reveal Adrian donning a bright blue armor that had wisps of blue flames moving around it, and a long sword with a hilt the same color as his armor, held tightly in his grasp.

"«Hell flames: champion king»," Adrian whispered unhurriedly.

At a speed that could only be termed as insane, Adrian waved the sword in his grasp and a torrent of blue flames rushed towards the man!

"Activate elimination mode!" The man shouted quickly and the blue light on the metallic body suit and the gun turned red.

An energy pulse was emitted from the suit and the flames that were heading toward him dispersed!

Adrian looked on in surprise. He had just felt the mana contained in that attack being disturbed by whatever that man had just done.

To his knowledge, the only way to do that was to use an amount of mana that was slightly higher than the one contained in the attack.

And not only was his attack filled with a large amount of mana, the man he was currently fighting did not use even a breath of mana to achieve this feat.

Now, his curiosity had reached its peak. He had to know more about that metal body suit.

With a burst of flames, Adrian reached the man in a brief second! He hit him with his sword and a fiery explosion sent him tumbling.

He walked slowly towards the man who struggled to breathe on the ground. He knelt next to him and looked into his eyes.

"What is this thing around your body?" Adrian asked as he ran his fingers across the part of the body suit that broke open from his attack.

Adrian waited patiently for an answer, but the man was not willing to give one. Suddenly, he moved his arm and grabbed the man by his wrist.

The man had raised his gun and was about to pull the trigger, but Adrian had reacted swiftly.

"A stupid decision," Adrian commented and blue flames melted the mans whole arm.

He screamed in pain, but Adrian just watched him emotionlessly.


A loud explosion sounded in the hall. Adrian had his head tilted back and a few meters away to his right was a pedestal on flames.

On the other side stood five people who wore the same metal body suit as the man below him. All having red lights glowing on their chest area and their guns as well.

A few moments ago, they had entered the hall and seen him looking down on their companion. One of them had shot at Adrian but he had quickly dodged the red energy bullet.

Adrian stood up unhurriedly and looked at the people in front of him.

"Stand down!" An altered masculine voice sounded from the person in the middle. He was the one who had shot at Adrian.

"Answer me warriors and I will spare your lives," Adrian said, "what are you?"

"I repeat, STAND DOWN!" the man shouted, ignoring Adrians words.

"Very well, your choice is clear," Adrian then tapped his swords tip on the ground. It was a soft action, but the sound traveled far.

The next thing they heard was an abrupt scream. The people in metal body suits turned and all they saw were blue flames melting down the body of their companion!

It was a shocking scene. No one even understood what had happened.

Their commander who stood in the middle was about to shout out orders, but when he turned to face Adrian, he was gone.

He immediately panicked and tried to find him, but a scream brought his attention to his left where he saw one of his companions being cut in half by Adrians sword!

Before he could even process it properly, he heard two more screams and the next thing he saw was two more decimated bodies.

"Now, let me ask you again," Adrian said as he stood in front of the commander, "what are you?"

The commander stood there frozen in fear. His mind could not even think anymore.

Adrian sighed as he noticed that he had traumatized the man.

"Such feeble minds should not be allowed to fight," Adrian waved his sword and the mans head detached from his body!

His corpse fell with a thud.

Suddenly Adrian felt a large mana fluctuation spike. He turned his gaze to the direction it was coming from.

It was still far away, but closing in quickly.

That level of mana... It seems Ive been found out. While I can hold my own, I should retreat for now, Adrian thought.

However, he couldn just retreat since his mana signature was everywhere in this museum. He had to clear it first so they couldn track him down.

Adrian raised his sword above his head and quickly brought it down, lodging it into the ground. Fiery blue lines drew from the sword across the ground and even up the walls.



A blazing blue giant explosion occurred immediately after Adrian said that word. It burned the whole museum to the ground, and sent waves that destroyed nearby buildings!

While the flames melted down everything, a man wearing a simple grey long-sleeved shirt with black trousers landed in front of the museum. His lush black hair tied back in a high ponytail and a sheathed sword in his grasp.

He looked at the blue flames and furrowed his brows.

The next moment, with their sirens blaring, multiple cars drove into the compound. Many people wearing black uniforms came out of the car. Some rushed towards the burning museum and after uttering a few inaudible words, high-pressured water shot out of their palms to quench the flames.

The man who had first arrived stood at the sidelines alone, until one of the men wearing the black uniform but with three stars on his right chest area approached him.

This man was lieutenant Han of the thirty-seventh police unit.

"As always, you got here before I did Damian," Han said with a smile as he approached Damian.

"Its not my fault that you

e painfully slow," Damian responded with his gaze still on the flames.

"Did you see who did this?" Han asked.

"No. But whoever it was, sensed me coming and did this to remove their mana signature," Damian answered.

"Then that means that we

e not dealing with an amateur here," Han commented, "and to have enough mana to burn down the museum and still escape fast enough from you means this person is anything but weak. You should contact the others."

"I know, but theres something that bothers me," Damian said.


"Since when are fire elementals able to use blue flames?" Damian asked.

"I noticed them too, but I thought it was just something else. We should ignore it for now. It might just be a chemical reaction in the end. Besides, fire elementals are not the only ones that can cause flames among the elementals," Han responded.

"True," Damian nodded.

"I shall take my leave now," Damian informed, "please do well to send your investigation reports to me."

"I will," Han responded.

Damian nodded before crouching slightly and jumping up high with the sound of a small explosion!

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