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Chapter 538: Who Dares To


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Lu Jianlins temples were throbbing.

He very much wanted to pull Mrs.

Lu into his embrace to console her, but she was overwhelmed by anger right now and had lost all reasoning.

She slapped his hands that reached out to her and left.

While walking away, she said, “Ill be going to stay with my son and daughter-in-law tonight.

Come fetch me if you are not leaving.

But if I dont see you at my sons wedding, dont show up before me ever again in the future.”


Lu walked out after she said her piece and soon, the sounds of her informing the housekeeper and a car driving away could be heard.

After the car left, the housekeeper came in with a worried expression and looked at Lu Jianlin who remained motionless as if he was in a daze.

He tried calling out to him.

“Second Master, the madam has left.”

Lu Jianlin closed his eyes and said, “Head over and take care of the madam.

Remember, during this period when Im away, no one is allowed to gossip in front of her.

If anyone dares to be presumptuous towards her, take care of them directly.”

The housekeeper nodded.

“I understand.”

Lu Jianlin turned around and headed upstairs.

After the car drove out, Mrs.

Lu said to the driver, “Head to Sanyue Streets [Futuristic] Bar.”

At the bar.

Just like what Zi Yi had said, the group of young masters and young ladies had become extremely drunk very soon.

Looking at how some of them were about to vomit up their bile juices, Zi Yi said with a nauseating expression, “Id advise you to head over to the hospital right now.

If youre not dead, dont forget to fulfill your side of the bet.”

Having said that, she got the manager robot to take care of those people while she and Lu Jingye headed outside.

‘As soon as they came outside, they were shocked by the crowd of spectators.

Zi Yi muttered, “Sure enough, people from ancient times love watching dramas the most.

Arent they even afraid of the cold”

‘There were many people standing outside with umbrellas in hand as they stretched their necks and stood outside to watch the live stream.

There was a thick layer of snow accumulated around them.

Lu Jingye swept his gaze across these people and said, “The more there are, the merrier.

They are all witnesses and we dont have to explain too much when their family members arrive.”

The two of them stood at the entrance and were obviously waiting for those drunkards family members to come and fetch them.

‘As expected, the sounds of cars approaching could be heard very soon.

‘There were many cars incoming and the snow that had fallen on the ground was all picked up by the wind, giving off a scenery that one would see in a drama.

‘The spectating crowd made way for the cars as they stood on two sides of the road.

Soon, dozens of cars occupied half of the street.

Numerous middle-aged men and women who had dark expressions alighted one after another as they came over in large strides.

Zi Yi looked at those people who were walking over aggressively and had bodyguards behind them, she snorted and said, “Are they planning to come over and fight it out with us”

Lu Jingye looked at those people who were coming over and his calm expression carried a hint of coldness.

‘When the group of people approached them, one of the middle-aged men spoke up.

“Lu Jingye, I heard that you got my son drunk”

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“Yes.” Lu Jingye did not waste any time speaking nonsense with him.

“His drinking skills are inferior and those who came to compete with me have all collapsed.”


‘That middle-aged man wanted to get angry, but when he was stared at by Lu Jingyes chilly eyes, his heart somehow jolted and he dared not continue talking.

“Is Mr.

Zhang planning to cause trouble here”

‘As soon as Lu Jingye asked that question, a few snickers could be heard from amongst the crowd.


Zhangs face turned green from anger.

Zi Yi who was standing next to Lu Jingye had also laughed.

Under Mr.

Zhangs not-so-friendly gaze, she pointed at the large screen behind her.

‘What he saw on the large screen was the video of the group of those young masters and young ladies coming to the bar to compete in drinking, and the agreement they had signed.

Zi Yi spoke briskly while their expressions changed.

“They are already drunk and they no longer have the means to make any decisions.

Since you are their family members, then you shall choose for them… Do you prefer having them lose either one of their arms or legs or will you be giving me 200

million for each of them”

A few people subconsciously ignored the latter part of her sentence and shouted, “You dare!”

“Pft!” Zi Yi looked at the group of people who were fuming and laughed.

“Im just telling you to make a choice.

Or did you just choose to let them lose either one of their arms or legs”

The spectators started to whisper among themselves.

“It seems like these people from the rich families are going to go back on their words.”

“Is normal that the words of these rich families dont count.

They are well connected and influential after all.”

“I wonder if Boss Zi will really be able to remove either the arms or legs or to receive the money.”

The family members of the young masters and young ladies were simply angry and furious at the same time.

A middle-aged woman wearing a dark purple fur coat stepped out and pointed her fingers at Zi Yi as she said arrogantly, “You! Im ordering you to release my daughter right away, or else Ill make it so that your bar cannot continue operating!”

“Tve heard these words an Nth number of times.

Cant you change your lines” Zi Yi sneered.

“I think its because you havent seen how their conditions are, thats why youre not so anxious yet.”

Having said that, the large screen displayed a group of young masters and young ladies who were lying on the ground after vomiting their guts out.

There were also some who looked like they were about to meet their maker.

“AHHH! Zi Yi what have you done to my daughter! Im going to kill you!”

After the fur coat lady said that, she sternly ordered the two bodyguards standing behind her.

“Go and capture that woman!”

‘The moment the two bodyguards stepped forward, Lu Jingye stood before Zi Yi.

He looked at the bodyguards who were approaching them.

At that very moment, there was no longer that gentleness that everyone was familiar with.

The sharp and fierce aura he gave off prevented everyone from daring to cause trouble.

“Who dares to”

‘The two bodyguards were immediately intimidated by his words.

At the thought that Lu Jingye had been kicked out of the Lu Family by Patriarch Lu, the woman in the fur coat shouted with a piercing voice and twisted expression, “Lu Jingye, youre without power or influence right now and youre just an abandoned member of the Lu Family.


“Even if my son is without power or influence, its much better than you who bullies others by using your background.”

A sudden voice that interrupted them caused everyone to subconsciously turn to the side and they were met with the sight of Mrs.

Lu standing there and staring at the woman in the fur coat with an expression of displeasure.


Zi Yi and Lu Jingye called out to her at the same time.


Lu along with her two bodyguards walked out from the crowd.

She walked over to the woman in the fur coat and questioned her.

“Does Mrs.

Huang feel that just because my son is no longer the President of the Lu Group, hes someone you can randomly bully”

With Mrs.

Lus status, Mrs.

Huang shrunk her neck from getting questioned.

However, at the thought that her daughter could not hold on any longer, her chest undulated and she said in a sharp voice, “They were the ones who harmed my daughter first”

“Harmed your daughter” Mrs.

Lu softly chuckled, but the words that came out of her mouth were full of satire.

“Do you think everyone is blind Theres a video right over there and so many people as witnesses.

With what you just said earlier, are you trying to distort the story to your favor”

“L… My Feifei is unable to hold on any longer, and yet, youre still holding them in the bar!” Mrs.

Huang felt slightly guilty, so she stamped her foot to establish her position.

“If something happens to my daughter, even if its the Lu Family, the matter wont end like that!”


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