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Chapter 448: Each With Their Own Plan

The mother and daughter stood up.

While under the weight of everyones strange gazes, the middle-aged woman felt humiliated, and so she asked the young lady in an angered tone, “Wanling, whats the matter with you”

The young lady angrily pointed at Zi Yi.

“She pushed me.”

Dou Xiangling was enraged at her words.

“Youre talking nonsense.

Clearly, you were the one who wanted to bump into my cousin Yiyi.

She had avoided you and so you ended up bumping into Mrs.


“How can I possibly bump into Zi Yi We have no grudges between us.” Wang Wanlings voice suddenly rose and she angrily argued.

Tears swirled around in her eyes and she had an appearance as if she was being wronged.


Wangs expression was also rather ugly and she said, “My Wangling is an educated young lady and so how could she do something like bumping into others”

The moment Mrs.

Wang said this, many other madams who had a good relationship with her, along with some who looked down on Zi Yi, immediately stood out to speak up on her behalf.

“Thats right.

What kind of education has Wanling undergone and what kind of education has Miss Zi undergone As to whether it was Wanling or Zi Yi who pushed the other, I think theres no need for us to think about it.”

Zi Yi wanted to speak up, but the others did not give her an opportunity to do so.

Just then, Mrs.

Lu chuckled and said, “Little Zi has a grandfather who is a principal and a group of uncles, aunts, and cousins who are either professors or work in the education industry.

I feel that if the madams present here were to question her education, then its a little deliberate on your part.”

The group of madams were all speechless.

Wanling felt unwilling to let it go just like that.

“Everyone in high society knows that Zi Yi used to skip classes, participate in racing competitions, and is incapable of studying.

She also used to hang out with men too…”

“Miss Wang, please be careful with what you say.” Mrs.

Lus tone of voice suddenly turned serious.

Wang Wanling felt uncomfortable, it was as if something was stuck in her chest and she could not get it out.

In particular, Madam Wang, who had an ugly expression, pulled her arm.

Wang Wanling quivered deep down and hastily stopped talking.


Lu swept her gaze across everyone present and said, “I was the one who personally called and invited Zi Yi over.

If you have any objections, you can tell me.”

The Dou Familys Third Madam spoke up.

“Yiyi and Miss Wang have no grievances and perhaps she might not even know Miss Wang.

I wonder why Miss Wang claims that she fell because Yiyi pushed her”

After the Third Madam said that, she glanced at Zi Yi and said, “In fact, I saw the situation earlier.

You were the one who came over, wanting to bump into Yiyi.

Xiangling pulled Yiyi aside and you fell down because you did not manage to bump into her.

Why did it become Yiyi who bumped into you”

The Third Madam was not polite at all.

Wang Wanling did not expect her hidden actions to be seen by the Third Madam and she subconsciously wanted to deny the accusation.

Just then a sudden voice sounded from behind them.

“I also saw that.

It was Miss Wang who deliberately tried to bump into Miss Zi.”

People in the vicinity turned their attention towards Aisha.

She was wearing a pink lilac European-styled evening dress tonight.

She tied her hair into a high bun and gave off a dignified look.

With her western facial features and exquisite makeup, she looked as if she was a real princess.

She walked over, looked at Zi Yi, and greeted her with a smile.

“Miss Zi, so we meet again.”

Her expression and tone of voice did not seem as if they were two individuals who had a discord and separated from each other.

Instead, it seemed like they were good friends.

Zi Yi looked at the flash of calculation within the depths of Aishas eyes.

The corner of her lips curled up and she nodded.

Aisha looked towards the Wang Family mother and daughter.

“I dont know why Miss Wang lied, but its really not good to tell lies.”


Wang did not expect Aisha to stand forward and speak up for Zi Yi.

She found it humiliating and simply found an excuse, before she pulled Wang Wanling away as they left.

The other people shifted their attention to Zi Yi and Aisha.

Somehow they found it weird.

It had to be known that during Patriarch Lus birthday, Rick had mentioned to Patriarch Lu about the agreement he had with General Hank.

Right now, there were two males in the family who had yet to get married, and Aisha was also single.

Moreover, Aisha had been staying in the main residence ever since she arrived in the country.

The more they thought about it, the more they felt that Patriarch Lu must have already decided on Aisha for one of his grandsons.

As for who he had decided on, there was no need for them to guess.

Thinking of this, everyone looked at them differently.

Aisha seemed as if she had not felt their gazes in her direction and said to Zi Yi enthusiastically, “Miss Zi, your arrival is timely.

I dont know anyone here either and coincidentally, we know each other.

Why dont we stay together”

Aisha sounded extremely sincere when she said that and it made others feel as if she was very magnanimous.

There were many who could not help but think, “Could it be that Miss Aisha is unaware of the relationship between Zi Yi and the Second Young Master Lu”

Zi Yi finally spoke up and asked, “Miss Aisha, arent you close with Miss Chu Why do you suddenly want to follow us Perhaps Miss Chu might not be happy about this.”

Aisha did not expect Zi Yi to suddenly bring up Chu Xiang.

She was momentarily stunned for a second before she said with a smile, “Chu has to help out her family to entertain guests today.

Its not appropriate for me to disturb her.”

“Is that so” Zi Yi nodded her head.

“Then you can follow us.”

Zi Yis tone of voice was very calm, but she had given off a strong aura as she spoke.

With how she had said that, Aisha who originally appeared to be like a princess, suddenly became Zi Yis minion.

Aisha felt inexplicably uncomfortable deep down.

However, she did not show it in her expression in the slightest.

Chu Xiang who was standing in a corner saw the scene, and a sneer streaked past her eyes.

She stood next to Chu Xuan who had a hard-to-read expression on his face.

“We had belittled Aisha.

Look, she doesnt like Zi Yi at all and yet, shes able to pretend as if they are close.”

Chu Xuans gaze landed on Zi Yi and a smirk curled upon his lips.

“Isnt it better this way Well see which one ends up victorious in the end.

After all, no matter how much they might want to be, Aisha will never be paired with Second Brother, and as for Zi Yi… its also impossible.”

Chu Xiang tilted her head and glanced at him with a frown.

“Brother, what are you planning to do”

Chu Xuan pointed his chin towards a direction.

“Do you see the Fourth Young Master He standing over there”

Chu Xiang subconsciously turned around, but she did not expect to meet with Ouyang Mings gaze that gave off a gloomy feeling.

She hastily turned away and asked, “Youre thinking of making He Fei and Zi Yi have a scandal together”

“Isnt it more interesting that way Aunt and cousin will be even happier then.”

Chu Xiang thought for a moment and nodded in agreement.

On the other side.

“Tsk…” Ouyang Ming crossed his arms, looked towards the Chu siblings, and said to He Fei, “Sure enough, that woman will be the target of a scheme wherever she goes.

You want to guess if Wang Wanling is an actress Aisha deliberately planted”

He Fei coldly snorted and said in a deep voice, “Even a blind man can see it.”

“Your words…” Ouyang Ming clicked his tongue again.

“Well, that woman did not see through it and she even agreed for Aisha to follow them.

Ive heard that Aisha came here with the intention of getting married to Second Brother this time round.

Most importantly… she has even obtained Patriarch Lus approval.”

He Feis heart jumped in excitement, but he ended up saying, “So what”


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