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Chapter 410: I Will Not Give Other Hackers a Chance to Find Loopholes

Before Lu Jingye left, he called several managers of the base and said to them, “From now on, you have to cooperate with Yiyi if she has any requests.”

The managers were all middle-aged men and even though they were shocked that the Second Young Master would give a woman such high authority, they still responded with discretion.

“We understand.”

As soon as Lu Jingye left, Zi Yi headed to the laboratory, and the several managers discussed it in private.

The bald-headed Wang Biao said, “Say, who do you think this Zi Yi is Why did Second Young Master Lu give her such great authority”

Ji Dekun who had a beard said, “Perhaps she really has the means to wake up the Third Young Master.

Even Elder Hu had no way to resolve the purple spots that appeared on his body, but didnt it disappear when she came”

Zhang Hongliang who had a thumb-sized scar on the left corner of his eye said, “Since the Second Young Master told us to cooperate, lets see how capable she is.

If she doesnt have the skill, we cant let her fool around in case something happens.”

“Thats right,” Tian Dongquan who was wearing a Chinese-style lined garment said in agreement.

“Since the Second Young Master chose the five of us to manage the base (one of the managers had gone out), we have to ensure that no mistakes happen here.

However, we do have to cooperate with her if she needs anything.

After they discussed, they went on to do their respective work.

Unexpectedly, in the afternoon, Zi Yi brought a tablet and went looking for Zhang Hongliang who manages the security system in the base.

She said, “I intend to upgrade the security system here.”

Zhang Hongliang felt that he had heard the greatest joke of the year and said, “Miss Zi, dont tell me you think that upgrading the security system only requires knowledge in the computer field”

“Of course not.” Zi Yi looked at him.

“When did I ever say that it only requires knowledge in the computer field”

Zhang Hongliang felt uncomfortable deep down, but he still managed to speak in a polite manner.

“Youre here to take care of the Third Young Masters condition, you can leave the security system to me and my men.

We will do it.”

Zi Yi furrowed her brows.

She knew that he would not believe her because she had come here so abruptly.

She thought for a moment and said, “Why dont we do this, as long as I break the security system here, you shall let me upgrade the system.”

Zhang Hongliang looked at Zi Yi like he was looking at a child throwing a tantrum.

“No… Miss Zi, you should be very busy right now.

Why do you insist on spending time on the security system”

Speaking of this, he seemed to have thought of something bad and his expression turned cold.

“You better not have any funny ideas, else dont blame me for being rude.”

Zi Yi looked at him without a change in expression and asked, “Im Yunxiaos sister-in-law, what bad thoughts could I possibly have”

“Erm…” Zhang Hongliang was stunned at her words, before he looked at her as if she was an infatuated young lady and thought deep down, “Second Young Master is surely the root of many troubles.

Even the girl he brought here is a fan of his looks!”

Zi Yi saw his gaze and tightened her expression in dissatisfaction.

“Are you going to agree or not If you dont agree, I shall directly start attacking the defense system here.

When that happens, get your men to calm down, and dont be too surprised.”

After that, she held onto her tablet and quickly started swiping on it.

“Heh! A little girl like you is sure to be boastful!” Zhang Hongliang had an expression as if saying,Continue bragging all you can.

“You cant even access the internet here and youre thinking of attacking our defense system Do you know who made the defense system for our base”

Zi Yi shifted her gaze to look at him.

Zhang Hongliang asked, “Do you know theres a hacker group in the capital with the code name Vulture”

Zi Yi nodded her head.

“Ive seen them before.”

It just so happens that she stole a business from that hacker group and they were currently on the hunt for her on the internet.

However, it had been more than half a month since then and they could not find even the slightest traces of her.

If not for Zhang Hongliang who had brought them up, she would have soon forgotten about that group of people.

“Youve seen them” Zhang Hongliang looked at Zi Yi suspiciously.

“Where did you see them Do you think they are people you can see as and when you like”

Zi Yi looked at Zhang Hongliang and felt that he was causing trouble without a reason.

Zhang Hongliang had even understood her gaze and was annoyed.

“80% of the members in the hacker group are technicians of the Lu Groups network team.

With their capabilities coupled with the financial resources of Lu Group, even the most powerful hackers in the world are unable to breach this security system.

The system here is even higher than that of the National Security Agency.

Do you think a young…”


An impatient shout interrupted Zhang Hongliangs unfinished words.

He glared at the person running over and grumpily asked, “Why are you so disorderly”

“Ha… Boss… ha, no good!”

“Im perfectly well and kicking.”

“I dont mean that.

I mean that something happened to our defense system.”

“What!” Zhang Hongliang suddenly raised his voice.

The person anxiously wiped the cold sweat trickling down from his forehead and said, “Boss, the defense system has been breached.”

Zhang Hongliang furrowed his brows at his words and subconsciously turned to look at Zi Yi.

She then shifted her tablet screen to him and the corner of her lips curled up.


Zhang Hongliang: “…!”

That person: “…!”

The surroundings fell into a strange silence.

It was so quiet that the sounds of the two men continuously swallowing from shock could be heard.

Zhang Hongliang only felt that his brain and temples were throbbing.

How could this be possible When did their security system become so vulnerable that any random attack would cause it to be breached How was he to explain it to the Second Young Master Lu

Zi Yi ignored their expressions that seemed to have been struck by lightning and asked, “Can I upgrade the security system now”

Zhang Hongliang wanted to say no, but the words that came out of his mouth became: “You breached the security system here, and so would it leave loopholes for the other hackers to infiltrate Nothing about this place can be leaked out.”

Speaking up to here, his expression instantly became stern.

Just then, Tian Dongquan came over.

When he saw Zhang Hongliangs angry expression, he asked in curiosity, “Old Zhang, whats with that expression of yours”

Zhang Hongliang explained to him.

“Miss Zi has breached our security system.”

Moreover, she had easily breached it!

He did not have the face to say that last sentence out loud.

Tian Dongquan looked at Zi Yi in amazement, “Youre so skilled in security”

He then furrowed his brows and said, “You had breached the security system, and so would it leave loopholes for other hackers We cant let anything inside here get leaked out.”

“Thats what I said too.” Zhang Hongliang was cranky.

Zi Yi looked at them and calmly said, “I wont let hackers have a chance to find any loopholes.” Who has the capability to find loopholes in the defense system she set up

The both of them did not believe her at all.

Tian Dongquan hastily said to Zhang Hongliang, “Old Zhang, since Miss Zi has the capability, you should bring her in at once to upgrade the system, or else itll be too late.”

“Hmph!” Right now, Zhang Hongliang had no choice but to bring her to the control center.

He said to Zi Yi with a fierce expression, “You, follow me.”

Following that, he led Zi Yi away.


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