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Chapter 359: Grandfather, I Will Return With the First Prize

Dou Xiangling and Dou Zerui looked at each other and smiled at the same time.

Dou Xiangling pulled her hand and stopped her, “Yiyi, dont go.

There have been many people who visited our grandfather these days.

The amount of fruit there is, is almost about to explode out of the room.”

Having said that, she pulled her hand and they bypassed the outpatient department before them and headed to the inpatient department.

When she arrived at the living room outside Elder Dous ward, Dou Jingning, the First Madam, Dou Xiaoyong, and the Second Madam were all around.

They were rather enthusiastic, as they saw Zi Yis arrival.

Dou Jingning even asked about last nights event.

After Zi Yi explained to him, he told her, “Your grandfather just woke up.

You should go in and visit him first.”

Zi Yi nodded and headed towards the ward.

The Dou Family members did not follow her, and it was obvious they wanted to give them alone time.

Zi Yi came to the door and knocked before she pushed the door and entered.

The moment she walked in, she met gazes with the old man on the bed.

Elder Dous complexion was much better than when she visited the previous time.

Even his expression seemed more energetic.

Zi Yi called out naturally.


Elder Dou looked at the young lady before him and felt that she had changed.

His emotions were somewhat complicated and he even felt slightly gratified.

He raised his hands and beckoned for her to come over.

Zi Yi walked to Elder Dous bedside and checked his complexion.

“Grandfathers complexion looks good.”

Elder Dou recalled some matters that everyone had been informing him of that were related to her these days and said, “I heard that youre about to head abroad with Xiangling to participate in the international Painting and Calligraphy Competition.

Do well and win glory for our country.”

Zi Yi nodded and said in all seriousness, “Grandfather, I will return with the first prize.”

Elder Dou was momentarily stunned before he laughed soon after.

Following the smile, the gap between them had reduced considerably.

Elder Dou then asked her about her studies and Zi Yi answered his questions seriously.

He was an educator his whole life and his favorite students were those that loved to learn.

Therefore, he was very satisfied with Zi Yis answer.

Thus, the two of them chatted for quite some time, until Zi Yi suddenly said, “Grandfather, you should take a rest.”

She even informed him of matters that he needed to pay attention to in the coming days.

After listening to Zi Yi, Elder Dou fell asleep.

Only then did she leave the ward.

The moment she came out, she was welcomed with several gazes staring at her.

The first to speak up was the First Madam.

“See, what had I told you We were over-worried.”

In fact, they were worried earlier and even secretly peeped through the door.

When they saw that Zi Yi and Elder Dou were conversing well, all of them breathed a sigh of relief.

They chatted outside for a while and it was almost time for Zi Yi and Dou Xiangling to head to the airport.

Dou Jingning and Dou Zerui drove the two of them to the airport.

As she was participating under her own name, Dou Xiangling and Zi Yi kept a low profile when they made their way over.

When the four of them entered the airport terminal, they had attracted the gazes of many people.

“Isnt that the Dou Family The girl standing in the middle is very pretty.

I wonder who that is”

“The Dou Family is really amazing.

All of the four professors excel in various fields.”

“The third generation of the Dou Family is also pretty good.

All of them are basically involved in the education field.”

“Whenever the Dou Family members head abroad, they would be winning glory for the country.

I wonder who from the family is flying this time”

“Could the girl walking in the middle be Professor Dou Jingnings student”

“No way, with such a beautiful appearance, her studies must be bad.”

A young man who was on the phone, while standing in a corner of the terminal, inadvertently turned around to see the three Dou Family members along with Zi Yi, who were walking towards the boarding gate.

He then said to the other party on the phone, “Hey, Im hanging up.

Theres something big happening where I am at.”

He hung up the phone immediately after and used his phone to snap a few photos of their back views.

He then opened his social media and uploaded it.

There was a line of words accompanying the photos: Guess who I saw at the airport That Zi woman and three members of the Dou Family.

As soon as he uploaded the photos onto his social media, he soon received a call asking him to check which country they were flying to.

Zi Yi and Dou Xiangling did not have to wait for long before they boarded the flight.

After Zi Yi boarded the plane, Lu Jingye used the reason of going abroad for work and left the capital.

That particular afternoon when they left, a plane from D Country landed in the capital.

Rick and Aisha walked out of the airport, surrounded by bodyguards.

They then took the car prepared in advance and headed to the Lu Familys main house.

Lu Familys main house.

The housekeeper came in and reported to Elder Lu, who was currently in a chess game.

“Sir, Rick, and Aisha from Mr.

Hanks family have come to visit.”

Hank had given him a call two days ago.

Elder Lu then said to the housekeeper, “Go and invite them inside.”

Elder Wei who was currently in a chess game with Elder Lu expressed his surprise.

“Its been a long time since Ive heard from Hank.

Wasnt his grandson here to celebrate your birthday before”

“Yes, thats the boy.”

They chatted about the past for a while and the housekeeper had led Rick and Aisha inside.

Aisha was a beautiful and generous young lady that exuded a noble and elegant temperament.

At first glance, it was obvious that she had been spoiled like a princess since a young age.

In fact, her identity was similar to that of a princess too.

“Grandpa Lu.”

Aisha was fluent in their language and the moment she came in, she greeted Elder Lu politely.

“My brother and I came to visit you all of a sudden, I hope we havent disturbed you”

Elder Lu looked at the graceful Aisha and thought of the car accident she had encountered in the past.

He then got them to sit down first.

“I remember the last time I saw Aisha, she was still so small.”

Elder Lu motioned a certain height with his hand and sighed.

“I didnt expect that youve grown up to become such an elegant young lady now.

Aisha covered her lips and sat down.

Rick also said with a smile, “When I came to study in M.Uni, Aisha had come to visit for several months.

She was only 15 then and following that, she only came here a few more times.”

“Its no wonder.”

Elder Lu asked, “Hank had called me several days ago, saying that Aisha wanted to visit the capital.

Since youre here, make yourself at home.”

Aisha replied, “Thank you, Grandpa Lu.

I will be joining G countrys national dancing team when I return and I wont have much time then.”

“Yes, yes.

Ive also heard about your situation.

Its good to relax before you officially join the team.

Ive already gotten the housekeeper to prepare your courtyard.

You can stay here as long as you want.”

“Thank you, Grandpa Lu.”

“Elder Lu.” Rick glanced at Aisha and said to Elder Lu with a smile, “Aisha has been fond of Ah Lu since before and she came here this time for him.

I wonder if its convenient for her to stay at his place”

Aisha punched her brothers arms in embarrassment as she heard that.

“Brother, what are you talking about!”

Rick shrugged and said, “I didnt say anything wrong.

Grandfather also had the intention for you to marry into the Lu Family.”

Speaking of this, he then looked towards Elder Lu.

“Moreover, Elder Lu and grandfather had agreed in the past for the two families to become in-laws.”


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