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Rosina caught sight of Canillia’s straight, elegant body, framed by the light coming through the window.

Of course, the Duke was smitten by such beauty!

Rosina had already received information from Kieran about the owner of the clematis, so she formulated a plan to make Canillia the next duchess.

For that, Canillia had to think of herself as a woman—believe that she is, in fact, a woman.

But, it wasn’t easy.

As Canillia lived her life as a boy, she took on the traits of a boy.

Would Canillia ever know that many young ladies couldn’t fall asleep because they fantasized about Canillian

Rosina quietly approached Canillia from behind as Canillia gazed intently out the window.

Rosina was about to surprise Canillia when Canillia surprised her:

“I’m not going to wear a dress today.

So please dismiss the maids,” she said with a thorn in her voice.

But when Canillia turned around, Rosina smiled brightly and hugged her.

“Lia! Just wear one.


It’s made In Erenhart, made from the highest quality silk.

Don’t you think it’ll look beautiful”

“It’ll look better on you than me.”

The way she smiles as she talks back is quite something.

At first Lia found Rosina difficult and trembled, but it’s gotten to a point where they could be lighthearted together.

“Please, let’s go,” said Rosina.


“I heard the Academy’s graduation day has been set.

Is that right”

“Yes, I heard the news yesterday.”

Rosina locked her arm in Canillia’s arm and led her out.

The guards’ face blushed at the sight of the Princess, who was called the Empire’s flower, with the pretty young man.

“To be honest, since it’s a tradition to wear the nicest clothes you have at the Academy graduation, I asked Sir Frank to dress you.”

Lia’s eyes darted when she heard Frank’s name.

She looked down at the arm held by Rosina and asked, “Are you giving me a graduation gift”

“Actually, I want to host a debutante ball for you this instant, but you’re beautiful even without wearing a dress.”

Lia laughed.

As she escorted the Princess out of the Palace, the servants brought them heavy jackets.

The wind was cold, but the sun was hot.

The wide garden was filled with golden light but looked abandoned since the Prince had left.

The flowering trees dried up mirroring the sadness of his departure.

“My brother will be so angry when he comes back.

That such a beautiful garden now looks like this.”

Rosina laughed as they walked across the Prince’s garden.

“How much pestering will he do”

“I just hope he’ll come back safely,” said Lia.

“He will.

Your brother.

And your Duke, both.”

Lia was surprised and denied Rosina’s teasing words.

“What do you mean ‘my Duke’ No.

He doesn’t even know I’m a lady.

So please keep that a secret.”

“Why It’s been seven years, Canillia.

You’re a lady.

You have no reason to hide it anymore.”

“But I also don’t want to go around telling people.

After graduation, I’m going to leave the Capital,” Lia confessed.


“I want to go to a suburban town with my mother and live there.

I want to teach young children.

I can live as a lady there too.”

Rosina first stared blankly at Canillia and then became stern.

Canillia smiled faintly.

But in the end, Rosina smiled naturally and walked on, saying, “Okay.

If that’s what you want.”


What a two-faced anarchist!

Lia grabbed the hanger and glared at Frank who was showing her the finished product.

But Rosina, who didn’t know the truth about Frank, kept praising such a well-made suit.

“It’s beautiful, Sir Frank! It should fit Canillian very well, correct”

“I took Sir Canillian’s honey-colored hair, skin tone, height, and eye color into consideration.

It’s perfect for him.”

“Good, very good.”

Frank was as skillful as the Emperor had claimed.

To not be able to distinguish the enemy that was within, that was a different story.

The only reason Lia kept silent about Frank was for the safety of her mom—especially after the war started and the anarchists temporarily stopped hunting the nobles.

Frank’s eyes casually met with Canillia who was glaring at him.

“Would you like to try it”

“Please,” said Canillia, taking the garment.

I can see an anarchist behind that mask.

Lia smiled at Rosina and went into the dressing room.

“You’ve grown beautifully, Sir.”

Frank put down the suit beside her.

Lia unbuttoned the red jacket and whispered to him, “I couldn’t go to the place you told me since entry to Louvre was denied.

Is mother well”

“Mm, Laura is healthy and well.”

“Is my mother,” she hesitated, “part of your group”

Frank didn’t answer.

He hung the thick green jacket on her arm and waited for Lia to undress, changing the subject.

“Do you want to meet her, Sir”

She fumbled the jacket and it landed on the floor.

She trembled.

Frank spoke boldly.

“If you meet Laura, then you might have to slay the nobles, your brother, and those who pushed your life into hell.

Would you still like to meet her”

“It sounds like you won’t mind me telling His Majesty about you,” she countered with some strength.

“You won’t anyway.”

“Don’t be so sure.”

A phony smile crept across his face.

“You won’t.

Anger has not built up within you yet.

So, keep having fun playing the part of a noble until you’re abandoned.

It’ll be a good experience for you.”

He picked up the jacket and opened the dressing room curtain.

Rosina stood up disappointed as she saw Lia hadn’t changed yet.

Frank bowed to Rosina looking troubled, leaving Lia standing there sternly behind him.

“It is my mistake, Your Highness, that the clothes do not fit properly.

I didn’t think he had grown this much.

I will contact you in a few days.

My apologies.

I know you came a long way.”


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