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After hearing Liu Yans words, the others looked at each other and had their own thoughts.

The captain of the New Continent team, Jin Cheng, was the first to speak.

“I dont have any objections.

Im a prisoner of war.

Ill listen to your orders and cooperate with you.”

Jin Cheng was previously an ally of the European Federation team.

Their relationship had always been good, especially with the captain of the European team, Hans Wilson.

However, since they had already become prisoners of war, Jin Cheng could not care less.

Even if it were disadvantageous to the European Federation team and Hans Wilson, Jin Cheng would still follow orders without personal feelings.

When the captain of the Pan-ocean Community team heard this, he also said, “Im naturally following orders.

I feel that the success rate of this plan is very high.

Now is the best opportunity, but we must make the most of it.

We need to declare war while the Red Star Empire team and the European Federation team are still fighting the monsters.

We cant let them have time to rest.

“Thats right.

We must act quickly.” Luo Qingcheng nodded and continued, “but before we act, we must also consider which team we should attack.

Although we are strong and have three teams, we have just experienced a long bloody battle.

The members are a little tired, and their combat effectiveness has declined.

Therefore, wed better choose a team and concentrate our strength on one team first.

We cant be too greedy and defeat two teams at once.

If we defeat one team, the remaining one will be a piece of cake.”

“Sister Luo Qingchengs analysis is very reasonable.

Which team should we attack first Hows the situation over there” Chu Long couldnt help but ask.

The rest of the people were also a little confused.

They had been busy fighting and did not know much about the situation of the other two forces.

Everyone looked at Liu Yan.

They all knew that Liu Yan had the A-grade fierce beast, Purple Wind Falcon.

Although it was not good at fighting, it had been circling in the sky above the other territories to observe the situation.

Liu Yan must have some intelligence of the situation in the other two territories.

Liu Yan saw everyones eyes on him, so he told them about the situation of the two teams in the other two territories.

The situation of the Red Star Empire team was undoubtedly worse.

They were weaker, and the speed at which they killed the monsters was slower.

It was estimated that by the time the Red Star Empire team successfully killed the fourth wave of elite monsters, there would still be a lot of time.

On the other hand, the situation of the European Federation team was much better.

Not only did they progress much faster, but they could also finish off all the monsters in a short time.

Their team members were obviously in good condition, and their combat power was still sufficient.

After understanding the situation, Xu Han thought for a while and said, “In theory, we should go for the weaker team first and then the stronger team.

It would be better to deal with the weaker Red Star Empire team first.

However, Im afraid the remaining European Federation team will be more troublesome.”

“Then why dont we just attack the European Federation team” Murong Xue replied nonchalantly.

“We have three teams, so why should we be afraid of the European Federation”

When they heard Murong Xue, they could not help but hesitate, not knowing which side was the best to attack first.

Allen Smith, who had been silent all this while, suddenly spoke, “The Red Star Empire team is no longer a threat.

Theres no need to worry too much.

Just attack the European Federation team directly.”

Everyones eyes lit up when they heard this.

They had a feeling of sudden realization.

The Red Star Empire team was relatively weak.

They were being pestered by the monsters in an extremely tough situation.

Even if the Land of Origin team ignored the Red Star Empire team, they could not attack the Land of Origin team.

On the other hand, the European Federation team was not weak and posed a threat to the Land of Origin team.

It was better to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Furthermore, this was their best chance.

The European Federation team would have just finished dealing with the monsters.

The members would be exhausted, and their combat power would have dropped significantly.

The Land of Origin team could seize the opportunity to take the European Federation team down.

Moreover, the battle between the Red Star Empire team and the monsters had not ended.

They could not threaten the Land of Origin team, nor could they support the European Federation team.

On the contrary, if they attacked the Red Star Empire team first, things would become complicated.

The Land of Origin team would have to attack the Red Star Empire team while preventing the European Federation team from attacking the fire attribute territory or sending reinforcements to the Red Star Empire team in the earth attribute territory simultaneously.

No matter which situation it was, it would be more troublesome and disadvantageous to the Land of Origin team.

Xu Han patted Allen Smiths shoulder in pleasant surprise.

“Not bad.

I thought you were not very clever.

It seems like you have a brain.”

Allen Smith didnt respond to Xu Han.

He just looked at him, as if he was looking down on Xu Han.

Luo Qingcheng also nodded in agreement.

“It is a better choice to attack the European Federation team.

Then we have to hurry up.

We cant give the team from the European Federation any time to catch their breath!”

Liu Yan nodded slightly.

In fact, Liu Yan had already thought about this plan.

He just wanted to see if the others had any new and better suggestions.

At the same time, he also wanted to see their decision-making ability.

After they had decided, Liu Yan nodded and confirmed this plan.

They would attack the European Federation team in the water attribute territory.

They didnt need to leave any team members to defend the fire attribute territory.

After all, the water attribute territory was attacked by the three teams led by the Land of Origin team, so the fire attribute territory would not be in danger.

As for the remaining Red Star Empire team, they were still busy fighting against the monsters.

They did not have the time to invade the fire attribute territory.

Such a situation was advantageous to the Land of Origin team.

They gathered the superior strength of three teams to attack the European Federation team, who had just finished their battle.

Besides, they did not have to worry about the Red Star Empire team on the other side.

They did not need to leave any members behind to defend their camp.

Such a good situation was thanks to Liu Yans early planning and the hard work of the team members.

He had taken the initiative to attack the monster multiple times to speed up the progress and gain more time, which was why they could occupy such a huge advantage.

After deciding to concentrate all their forces on attacking the water attribute territory, Liu Yan also made a simple battle plan.

Jin Cheng led the New Continent team, He Yang led the Pan-ocean Community team, and Luo Qingcheng led the Land of Origin team.

The three teams attacked the water attribute territory from three directions.

It was just a simple plan, not a complicated one.

After all, they had the absolute advantage in strength and state.

Speed was the crucial factor.

They had to get there as soon as possible and start the battle.

They could not give the European Federation team any time to catch their breath!

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