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why did you call me here? I presume you didn call me over here to show me all this pictures that mean absolutely nothing but dead time captured memories." The words felt like corrosive acid coming out from Danas mouth as her throat dried up, she felt extremely terrible as she spoke sounding unperturbed and careless.

"Ha. Caihong or should I say "Zheng Dana". You haven changed much even with all the hard work youve put in in trying to hide your identity you

e still the same, heartless but deep down you

e weak!" Haneul said softly, his face a few inches from Danas which had been turned the other way when he had walked up to her. His hair touching her forehead as he face still hovered above her head.

"Can you recall the last time I was this close to you?" Haneul whispered softly into Danas ears, the tune of his voice changed into a softer version the kind Haneul used to have whenever he wanted to ask her for forgiveness if they fought when the were younger.

Memories of the last time they had been in a similar position flooded her mind.

It had been the night she had her first kiss, the night they last came to Central C Park, the night she broke a heart it was all in one night. She had cried on his shoulders as they both watched Stuck on you while he found the scene where the male lead died and the female leads mental health worstened but when he saw her crying he quickly stopped and tried to comfort her.

The movie was about a college student who was suffering from a mental health illness and got admitted in a psychiatric hospital where she meets a young handsome doctor she thinks is in fact a serial killer and secretly starts investigating him along the line they both fall in love, he finds out that her step mother paid a nurse to be giving her the wrong tablets which is the main reason why her health isn improving, unethically he runs away with her as her step mother decides to kill both of them, in the end the male lead is knocked down by her step mother and she witnesses everything, although her step mother is exposed and put in jail the female leads mental health takes a down hill. The movie ended sadly but Haneul had managed to lighten her mood as he tried to reenact the funny scenes from the movies, she laughed so hard untill it reached the scene where the male lead kissed the female lead. Haneul had stopped laughing and had moved to where Caihong was seated on a swing with lollipop in her mouth, he stretched out his hand to her and she took it innocently thinking he was still in character.

"I like you Caihong. I know Loves a big word so Im going to say I like you." Haneul breathed nervously as he intertwined his fingers with hers. All Caihong could do was stare back blankly, her heart racing as she wondered if this was a line from the movie or not, but it didn sound familiar and something about that moment felt too real.

"Ive liked you from the very day I saw you and I found a way to keep you by myself. " Haneul whispered softly as his eyes scanned Caihongs face for a reaction.

"Bu...t... You like some other girl, you told me about her earlier." Caihong managed to say whilst stuttering nervously as she shyly broke eye contact from Haneul.

"Couldn you tell I was talking about you? You are the one and only rainbow in my life Cai, but your EQ is just too low to get that even with all the signs Ive been giving you." Haneul said with a smile as he watched her take out the candy from her mouth.

"Oe how is my EQ low? I know this is just a silly joke, you

e pulling a joke on me and Im not going to fall for it so lets just go home its beginning to drizzle." Caihong said innocently pulling her curly bangs away from her eyes as she looked up at the clouds that had begun to rumble.

"Im not joking Caihong! How do I prove that I am serious?" Haneul said blinking annoyingly at Caihong who thought all this was a joke, her EQ was so low that even when everyone else could literally guess that he saw her as a friend she still couldn tell.

"Its late Haneul, lets go home you don need to prove anything." Caihong said impatiently as she picked up she and Haneuls bag packs and took his hand ready to match him out of the park but Haneul stopped moving and swiftly pulled her to himself, before her brain could register what was going on, his lips were already on hers.

Her eyes opened widely unable to blink or even move, she didn know what to do as it was her first kiss and not like she had never imagined kissing Haneul because of the time Li had told her she and Haneul looked like a couple then she had imagined doing stuff that couples actually did with Haneul, they had practically done everything couples did except kissing and all the stuff her innocent mind found "ewwish". After that day she never imagined something like that, she loved Haneul but as a brother and she had thought he felt that way too but with his lips on hers she didn know how to react.

Caihongs hormones kicked in as her eyes closed and her fingers pressed softly against Haneuls as he had intertwined their fingers together. They both stood under the clouds as it rained, Caihong couldn understand what she was doing with someone she thought she loved as a brother or how exactly she was feeling, brain took over and she quickly pushed him away from herself and ran from him and for the next couple of days she avoided him.

Dana flickered her lashes open trying to shut the memory that had taken over her mind and return to the reality that her life was now different and Caihong was dead, Haneul seemed pretty much dead too and so the was no need for silly trips to the past like the one Haneuls words had just taken her to.

"It doesn matter weather I remember it or not, just tell me why the hell you called me here!"

Dana yelled at Haneul as she took a step back from him.

"Dana, Dana only time would tell what I want. Maybe I just want to see you plagued by all the memories you

e trying to forget, maybe I want them to haunt you like they haunt me or maybe I just miss you and wanted to see you." He said a devilish smirk framing his face.

"Youve changed Haneul, this isn you." Dana replied expressionless as anger built up in her heart.

"You changed me. I died the moment you showed your true colors. So take this as a little welcome home gift, I am my fathers son after all." Haneul replied tucking his hands inside his pocket.

"I see that you hate me and that isn a problem, the problems the person I actually hurt is dead, the true Haneul is gone and only he has the right to hate me but this new you is blinded by hate. How many times do I have to say I am innocent and I didn kill them?!! Im done explaining myself so go ahead and hurt me as much as you can, I really don care I am already used to it but whatever you do, I don want to see you again...ever. " Dana yelled at Haneul as she couldn control the anger and frustration she felt and although she didn mean the last sentence she had to say it to get him off her sight, even if he hurt her and made trouble for her she could endure it but seeing him would make her weak, too weak to carry on and she couldn afford that. She turned back and started walking towards the door but Haneuls words brought her to a temporary halt.

"This is why I am so angry. How is it so easy for you to not care?

I hate that despite how much I hate you I still love you, it has always been one sided and I am not ready to think about forgiving my fathers murderer, someone hardened enough to kill even her mother but even after hating you so damn much I am still haunted by your memories Caihong, its madness that I still feel something for you despite loathing you so much." Haneul said in low whispers, his voice emotionally chocked.

Dana knew if she looked back she would do or say something stupid so instead she resumed walking but she was blocked by two huge men she hadn seen earlier, so where did they come from? Anyway they were bouncers so they might have bounced their way in her silly mind thought. Haneul instructed them to let her go and so they stepped out of her way.

Despite the urge to turn back Dana forced herself not to. Finally she was outside, the cold wind making her nerves scream for help, she let out a deep breath as it felt like she had been suffocated inside the Cinema hall.

"Caihong is dead Dana. She is gone." Dana said to herself as she walked through the road leading out of the Cinema.

Authors note_

Dear readers kindly comment on your thoughts on the story, suggestions, guesses and vote your presence really means allot and serves as an encouragement to me.


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