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“Do you think were hard up for your pastries Get your shop assistant to apologize, or Ill cancel my membership.” Xia Fang took out her membership card from her pocket and slapped it on the table.

When the shop manager saw that the membership number on the card was 26, his attitude became even better.

The current membership numbers were already in the tens of thousands.

Any customer with the membership number below 100 was a very long-time customer who patronized the shop when it first opened.

The shop could not afford to lose repeat customers like them.


The shop manager gave the shop assistant a kick and whispered angrily, “Hurry up and apologize! Otherwise, dont even think about working here anymore!”

The shop assistant looked down and said respectfully, “I… Im sorry.

I spoke without thinking.

Im sorry, its my fault.

I hope the two of you wont be angry anymore.”

After that, Xia Fang did not make things difficult for the shop assistant anymore.

She took her card and turned to leave with Qiao Mei.

The shop manager caught up with her and said, “This is the cake that you were looking at just now.

Please take it as the shops gift to you to compensate for your experience.

Of course, I know that its not much, but I hope you wont be angry with the shop assistant anymore and dont take it to heart.”

Seeing that the shop managers attitude was so good, Xia Fang did not say anything else.

She took the cake and left.

Qiao Mei followed closely behind Xia Fang and smiled to herself happily.

Given how gentle Xia Fang usually behaved, she did not expect Xia Fang to have such a side to her.

Xia Fang saw Qiao Mei snickering and asked curiously, “What are you laughing at”

“Oh me, Im laughing at the fact that Aunt also has such a side,” Qiao Mei said laughingly.

Xia Fang looked at Qiao Mei in embarrassment and said, “Thats because someone bullied you.

That wont do.

I cant let anyone bully you!”

“Aunt, lets not be angry with them anymore.

Come, lets go somewhere else to take a look.” Qiao Mei pulled Xia Fang to the home furnishing section.

Xia Fang looked at Qiao Mei, thinking that given this child was so obedient and also knew how to make clothes and bake cakes, she must have done the hard farm work in the countryside as well.

Yet, after she came to the city, she did not take advantage of anyone and did not covet everything she saw.

It seemed that Qiao Qiang had taught this child well.

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“Aunt, can we buy an oven” Qiao Mei looked closely at the oven in front of her.

“Do you really know how to bake cakes” Xia Fang looked at Qiao Mei in surprise.

She had thought that Qiao Mei was just joking and did not expect her to really know how to bake cakes.

“Yes I do.

When I was in the county city previously, I watched how people make those big cakes.

Theyre not as exquisite as the ones in the capital, but the logic should be quite similar.” Qiao Mei checked out the buttons on the oven seriously.

“My grandfather even got me an earth kiln at home and told me how to use it and how it worked,” Qiao Mei said earnestly as she looked at Xia Fang.

Xia Fang decided to buy it since the child liked it, but when she looked at the price, she realized that it cost 600 dollars.

It was really not cheap, but since Qiao Mei liked it, she would still buy it!

The two of them then walked around and bought all the ingredients for the cake.

As for the oven, the department store would send someone to deliver and install it at their house.

For such valuable items, the department store would provide for delivery and installation.

After they reached home, Qiao Mei went into the kitchen and started getting busy without even taking a drink or resting.

She began to ferment the dough, make the cream and prepare the other ingredients.

Since they had already bought everything, she definitely had to show off her skills.

Otherwise, Aunt would have bought the oven for nothing.


It did not take long for the oven to be delivered to the house and the workers installed it quickly.

She decided to make a simple cake for Aunt first as it was the easiest.

Then, she would make the cream cake and meat floss bread that they saw in the shop today.

Xia Fang wanted to help out, but she did not know what to do, so she just carefully wiped the oven interior clean.

After all, Qiao Mei would also be eating the food that was being prepared.

She was pregnant, and needed to be careful about what she ate.

Xia Fangs eyes widened when she saw Qiao Mei turn ordinary egg whites into cream.

It seemed that Qiao Mei really knew what she was doing.

Qiao Mei smiled at Xia Fang and said, “Aunt, I really know how to do this.

Go and rest in the living room for a while.

Ill be done soon.”

As she finished making a few batches, the entire corridor and passageway was filled with the fragrance of cakes.

Qiao Mei took a piece of cake for Xia Fang to try.

After taking a bite, Xia Fangs eyes widened.

“This is too delicious!” Xia Fang said in surprise.


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