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Yet now, Xia Zhe had secretly gotten married and even had a child, and no one had any inkling about it.

What else is this except looking down on the He family!

The He family could be considered one of the richest families in the capital.

Although they were not in the military and he only had one daughter, He Mei, he had worked hard to build a successful business.

Unless it was because Xia Mao felt that the He family had no successor with only one daughter!

“Dad, is it true” He Mei looked at He Guo anxiously.

He Guo nodded and said, “Married and already having a child.

You should just give up on the idea of marrying Xia Zhe.”

When He Mei heard this, she cried uncontrollably.

Li Xius heart ached when she saw He Mei like this and she cried along.

“Cry, cry, cry! What are you crying for! Must our He family definitely marry into the Xia family!” He Guo pointed at He Mei and scolded her.

He quickly instructed someone to do a detailed check on the background of Xia Zhes wife, so that he could find out more about this woman who made the He family suffer a loss that they could not talk about.

He must take revenge!

Not long after, a set of documents was sent to the He family house.

He Guo went through all the information and threw the documents on the coffee table in disdain after he finished.

“A village girl whose father died a long time ago and her mother even remarried.

She grew up with her grandfather who is terminally ill and a retired soldier.

She can be said to be a girl with completely no background,” He Guo said.

He Mei picked up the documents on the coffee table and read them carefully.

“Dad, her grandfathers name is Qiao Qiang.

I think I heard my grandfather mention this person before.” He Mei looked at He Guo in confusion.

It had been a long time, so He Guo was unable to recall any details immediately, but he thought that this probably explained why the Xia family found such a girl suitable to be Xia Zhes wife.

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Even so, Qiao Qiang was suffering from a terminal illness and was an old thing who did not have long to live.

There was nothing he could do or achieve anymore.

“What do you think” He Guo asked He Mei as he looked at her.

He Mei remained silent.

For a moment, she had no idea what to do.

“Dad, I still want to marry Xia Zhe,” He Mei said.

“Hes already married! He even has a child! What nonsense are you talking about! Our He family doesnt need such a person!” He Guo said angrily.

He Mei said nonchalantly, “So what if hes married.

It can still end in a divorce.”

“You good-for-nothing! Those who get married and then divorced have a stain on their reputation.

What use would he have! What good will that do for our He family!” He Guo said with a frown.

“A divorce is not always a mans fault.

If hes a victim of deception, then he doesnt have to bear the consequences!” He Mei said as she looked at He Guo.

When He Guo heard this, he knew that his daughter already had an idea on how to deal with the situation.

His daughter always had many tricks up her sleeve, and tricks really did come in handy in some situations.

“You have an idea” He Guo asked.

“Three months ago, I had asked people in the troops for an update about Xia Zhe.

During that time, Xia Zhe was always in the army and did not put up any request to go on leave.

How could this woman get pregnant during that period of time” He Mei said.

As He Guo thought about it, he felt that what He Mei said made sense.

He did not hear about Xia Zhe going on leave as well.

With Xia Zhes character, he would not go against the rules and go out on his own without permission.

He Mei looked at Qiao Meis photo on the document and subconsciously clenched her fists, crinkling the paper in her hand.

It was impossible for Xia Zhe to be attracted to such a village woman.

Even if Qiao Mei managed to get one chance with him, it would not be possible for her to get pregnant after just one try.

It was not as if He Mei had not tried to seduce Xia Zhe before.

Once, when it was raining and she was drenched, she tried to lean closely on Xia Zhe.

However, Xia Zhe did not even offer to help her and just asked someone else to take over.

He then left heartlessly and did not even look at her.

She would never believe that Xia Zhe would be tempted by this woman and sleep with her after only meeting her once.

He Guo felt that He Mei made sense.

Taking the He family as an example, he was one of three brothers but there were still very few people in their family.

His eldest brother changed two wives before he had his first child, and his third brother had not married yet as he was unwell and no one knew if he would survive his illness.

Therefore, he did not believe that Xia Zhe could make Qiao Mei pregnant with only one try.


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