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We love the bibbie for cooking something. Sometimes real and sometimes make believe. - Gayle, KY

My daughter takes her bibbie to art class and LOVES it! Totally amazing concept and I love how it expands ...will keep for years! - Heather, CA

The bibbie is perfect! Typical bibs don't compare. It covers my child well enough to actually protect her from getting messy. The smock style prevents her from pulling it off, which she always did with regular bibs. The bibbies are also high quality and very fashionable. My bibbie has been washed plenty of times and still looks great. I am definitely buying these for all my friends' kids. - Brittiny, mother of Brooklyn (3) and Braden (newborn), Yuma, AZ

As a mother of two small children, I was always trying to find the "wonder bib"...the bib that would keep my kids in the same outfits all day and not allow their shirts to become a collage of everything they ate during the day.  After trying several kinds, I was certain there wasn't a bib out there that would provide enough coverage or stop splitting down the middle. Then I discovered the bibbie!  They provide great coverage, come in the cutest styles, and you just pop them in the washing machine when they get too grimy.  I have been very happy with the bibbie and plan to use them for many years to come! - Emily, mother of Luke (4), Ellie (2), Gracie (3 months), Salt Lake City, UT

I received the bibbie as a gift and absolutely love it! It reminds me of a bib I had growing up that my mother used for us. I was so happy to see that this design has made a comeback, but with style! My little guy throws traditional bibs on the floor in 2 seconds - this is one bib he can't pull off! I love how well it covers his clothing and the double layer works great for spills - I don't have to change his outfit after every meal! Definitely a must have for all messy little eaters!- Nicole, mother of Jarron (6), Breeanna (4), Beauen (1), South Jordan, UT

We keep these adorable aprons on the backs of the kitchen chairs so that they are always there.  Our girls have gotten into the habit of wearing them with meals and snacks.  They love them because they are cute, comfortable, and they have saved many outfits!  We have tried several different kinds of aprons, but these are by far the best fit, the cutest look, and the most protection! -Jenn, mother of Victoria (5), Elizabeth (3), Owen (6 months) Denver, CO

I absolutely love the bibbies! I use them at every single meal, and they have saved me from ruining many of my daughter's outfits! Plus, who wants to change their child after every single time they eat? Not me! That is why I use the bibbie EVERYTIME! It makes for a quick clean up and a convenient bib that can grow with your child.  - Kara, mother of Mia (2), Bluffdale, UT

I looked all over town for a bib large enough to cover my daughter's lap when she eats. I finally found the bibbie! Clean up is so easy now, and I never have to change her clothes after a meal anymore. What a lifesaver!! - Crystal, mother of Gabby (18 months)South Jordan, UT