Dilly Dally

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It all began on June 16, 1952. At least that is the date on the Salt Lake Tribune newspaper that Great Grandma Donna used to trace her first bibbie pattern. You see, Great Grandma Donna was the mother of two young daughters and needed a bib that would really cover and protect their clothes, even safeguarding frilly Sunday dresses. Years later, she continued to make this adorable, functional bibbie for her youngest daughter, Jeanne.

Great Grandma Donna

Great Grandma Donna's second daughter, Lynne, became a mother and continued the bibbie tradition for her own children tracing her pattern onto a November 12, 1984 newspaper. Lynne added an extra layer of fabric making the bibbie twice as absorbent and even more charming. Now a Grandma herself, Lynne improved the bibbies even further by using reversible quilted fabric, once again increasing their usefulness. Today, all of Lynne's grandchildren... boys and girls alike, love wearing their bibbies. Their moms, especially Amber, insist bibbies are worn at every meal and all those other messy occasions.

We are delighted to share our three-generation family tradition with you and know that our bibbies will become your favorite too. Their vintage style and new modern look are adorable on babies, toddlers and even small kids. We know you'll enjoy our bibbies as your babies of all ages dribble, spill, eat, create or just dilly dally.

Rachel, Erica, Lynne, Jeanne and Avery

Dilly Dally Owners

Lynne Peterson is a 4th grade teacher but more importantly the mother of five children and ten grandchildren. Using the pattern designed by her mother in June 1952, Lynne made her own pattern when she became a Mom and has kept the bibbie tradition alive. Lynne is an expert seamstress and can sew a bibbie in no time. After sewing bibbies for the new generation of kids in her life, she realized moms everywhere needed to experience their stylish functionality Lynne has a MEd in Education from the University of Utah.

Jeanne Glaittli is the finance director of an education software company and Lynne's younger sister. She is the proud mother of two children who wear bibbies every day during meal time and play time. Her experience from working with two successful start-up companies has helped this company grow. Through first-hand experience she knows that bibbies are a must have for moms, babies, and kids. Jeanne is the proud owner of a red and white gingham bibbie that she wore as a child. Jeanne has BS in Accounting from the University of Utah.