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As Huang Xiaolong stepped out from the Cloudsea Mainlands transmission array, in the air above, he saw many disciples of the Black Tortoise Galaxys various families flying in and out from the city, giving birth to nostalgic feelings.

He still remembered the scene when he first arrived in the Cloudsea Mainland.

At that time, his cultivation was only at peak late-Tenth Order Saint realm, whereas now he was already a perfection stage late-Tenth Order God Realm!

It was a huge difference!

He had come here to participate in the Black Warrior Institutes disciples assessment, and now, his name rang loud in the four galaxies. 

Huang Xiaolong pondered for a moment, then his feet took him toward the Black Warrior City.

Since he was passing by the Cloudsea Mainland, he wanted to pay a short visit to his Master Feng Yang, as well as his Senior Apprentice-brother and Third Apprentice-sister, Liu Yun and Qi Wen.

‘I wonder if they settled that matter. Huang Xiaolong wondered.

A while later, Huang Xiaolong reached the Black Warrior City.

In no hurry, he leisurely walked through the streets, taking in the bustling sights of the city.

Suddenly, up head ahead on the street came fighting noises with many people gathering around.

Huang Xiaolong was a little surprised, there were actually people who dared to fight inside the Black Warrior City

Having his interest piqued, Huang Xiaolong walked toward the commotion.

“Zhu Wuhou, you dare violate the Black Warrior Citys regulations Attacking me inside the Black Warrior City!” Before Huang Xiaolong could see what was happening, a furious roar came from the center of the commotion.

“Haha, Nie Guocheng, Black Warrior Citys regulations So what Im now a Black Warrior Institute inner disciple, moreover, my Grand Master is the Black Warrior Institutes Punishment Hall Grand Elder!” A haughty and conceited voice rang in the air.

It was at this point that Huang Xiaolong walked into the crowd.

He saw a slightly round man clad in the Black Warrior Institutes inner disciple robe, standing in the middle, laughing rampantly.

There was no need to ask, this must be that Zhu Wuhou.

Around Zhu Wuhou were several other inner disciples of the Black Warrior Institute.

Across from Zhu Wuhou was an angry middle-aged man in blue robes gripping a longsword in his hand.

Clinging fearfully on the middle-aged mans other arm was a beautiful young madam, but she too was glaring at Zhu Wuhou with fury.

It seems like this middle-aged man and that beautiful young madame were companions.

Zhu Wuhou snickered, looking at the middle-aged man with condescending eyes, “Nie Guocheng, a decade ago, you ruined my plans when you won the first place.

It never crossed your mind, right, that youd fall into my hands!” Finished saying that, his gaze shifted onto the beautiful young madam, grinning lecherously, “This is your wife Quite the beauty, aint she Ill punish her personally later!”

Punish her personally!

As for what kind of punishment, what tool would be used, how could the watching crowd not understand

The several Black Warrior Institute inner disciples snickered obnoxiously hearing Zhu Wuhous words.

“Ill have to trouble the several Junior Brothers to help me capture these two and send them to the Black Warrior Institutes dungeon!” Zhu Wuhou said to the several Black Warrior Institute inner disciples around him.

“Haha, Brother Zhu is too courteous.

Were brethren of the same institute, we will naturally help Brother Zhu, moreover, this is merely the effort of lifting a finger.” One of them reassured, showing a fawning smile. 

Zhu Wuhou nodded his head, pleased with the answer he heard.

“Zhu Wuhou, we didnt commit any crime! Based on what are you capturing us, throwing us into the Black Warrior Institute dungeon!” The beautiful young madam rebuked Zhu Wuhou, and because of her anger her chest moved up and down due to her ragged breathing.

But Zhu Wuhous eyes lit up watching her.

Standing amongst the crowd, listening to their exchange, Huang Xiaolong already had a rough idea of what was happening.

Similar things were common on multiple world surfaces in the many galaxies.

On any other day, Huang Xiaolong wouldnt have bothered interfering with these problems, however, this Zhu Wuhou was taking extreme advantage of his Black Warrior Institute inner disciple status and the fact that he had the Punishment Hall Grand Elder backing him, disregarding the Black Warrior Citys regulations by attacking within the city area.

Since he came across this matter, then he should have a little look.

In truth, Huang Xiaolong just couldn\'t stand that Zhu Wuhous conceited face.

Just as those Black Warrior Institute inner disciples stepped forward, wanting to detain that blue-robed middle-aged man and his companion, Huang Xiaolong casually pointed in the air.

Those inner disciples cried out in pain, clutching their right hand as they retreated in alarm.

The abrupt change startled Zhu Wuhou, Nie Guocheng, and the surrounding crowd.

“Who is it Who dares to interfere in my affairs, roll out here!” After a momentary daze, Zhu Wuhou scanned the crowd in menacing eyes, bellowing loudly.

Huang Xiaolong slowly walked out from the crowd, speaking calmly, “This matter, let it end here.” He then turned toward the blue-robed middle-aged man saying, “Both of you can leave.”

Nie Guocheng and his wife were baffled and doubtful.

Zhu Wuhou was enraged seeing that a stranger not only tried to mess up his plans, but also said that the matter should end there while ignoring him, letting Nie Guocheng and his wife leave.

He pointed a finger at Huang Xiaolongs nose, “You busybody, what did you say Do you know who I am Are you aware of the grave consequences of interfering with my matters Now, youd better scram to the side obediently, if not, Ill make sure youll die miserably soon!”

Because Huang Xiaolong was not wearing the Black Warrior Institutes Elder robe, neither Zhu Wuhou nor anyone present was aware of his identity.

Then again, not being able to recognize Huang Xiaolong, they were most likely outer disciples who had been newly promoted to inner disciple status.

Also, Huang Xiaolong had rarely appeared in the Black Warrior Institute in recent years.

When Huang Xiaolong heard Zhu Wuhou say that he would make sure he dies miserably, he chuckled instead of getting angry, though his voice seemed to be weaved with bloodlust, “Well, then Ill stand here and have you make me die miserably.” Huang Xiaolong casually flicked his finger, but Zhu Wuhou was already wailing as his body made an arch in the air.

When Zhu Wuhou crashed into the street, the crowd could see a through and through finger-sized hole going from his chest to his back.

The crowd felt their hearts pounding in their ears at the sight!

Most people in the crowd were aghast, no one thought this black-haired young man would have the guts to defy Zhu Wuhou.

Moreover, wounding him to this extent merely using one finger.

The several Black Warrior Institute inner disciples together with Zhu Wuhou were frightened.

Zhu Wuhou struggled up from the street, glaring viciously at Huang Xiaolong.

His eyes were scarlet, exuding a violent killing intent, “You dared to wound me!!” His face twisted, thundering, “Punk, Ill definitely annihilate every last one of your family! I\'ll have all the women be raped before killing them!”

Hearing this, a cold glint flickered in Huang Xiaolongs eyes, his words came out menacingly slow, “Is that so” Indifferent to a reply, Huang Xiaolong lifted a finger.

In an instant, his finger force pierced through Zhu Wuhous forehead.

The several Black Warrior Institute inner disciples saw blood spurting out from the back of his head.

Zhu Wuyous eyes were wide and round in disbelief, it never occurred to him that someone would have the guts to kill him inside the Black Warrior City.

As he tumbled down, this was the last thought in his mind…

The spectator crowd retreated in fear, some of them ran away screaming.

Not long after Zhu Wuhou was killed by Huang Xiaolongs finger force, a middle-aged man with the appearance of a guard ran into a restaurant not far away, flustered and afraid.

He went all the way to the restaurant\'s first floor, where a suave looking young man in yellow brocade robes was sitting next to the window.

The guard hastily reported, “Young Master Chenyi, terrible news, Young Master Wuhou was just killed by someone!”

“What!” That yellow robe young man put down his wine cup, dumbfounded, thinking he might have heard wrong.

“Young Master Chenyi, someone killed Young Master Wuhou at the Paradise Manor Street, it happened just now!” The middle-aged guard repeated.


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