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Chapter 504: Terrorized By the Killings

“What, withdraw from the alliance” Cosmos God Cult Young Lord Xie Hui’s expression sank hearing the Burning Heaven Gate’s Sovereign Rong Kun saying that he wanted to withdraw from the alliance.

“My Strong Sword Sect also wishes to withdraw from the alliance!” Before Xie Hui could receive an answer, the Strong Sword Sect’s Leader Yang Jing spoke.

Xie Hui’s expression worsened.

Whereas the other super forces’ Sovereigns also spoke of their intention to withdraw from the alliance.

By now, they understood clearly that despite their nine super forces’ alliance, their power was still a far cry from defeating Huang Xiaolong!

Huang Xiaolong came and went like a phantom, undetectable, they had no way of preventing him from sneaking an ambush on them.

If things continued the way they were, their people would all die from Huang Xiaolong’s ambush before they even arrived at the Asura’s Gate headquarters.

Was there even a point to the alliance if this was the end result

With Burning Heaven Gate, Strong Sword Sect, and others announcing their withdrawal from the alliance, only the Cosmos God Cult, Nine Yang Valley, Distinct Void Door, and White Phoenix Sect remained in the alliance at the end.

Xie Hui made an effort to suppress the anger in his heart, sneering coldly as he half-glowered at Burning Heaven Gate’s Sovereign Rong Kun and those who withdrew from the alliance, “Do you think that Huang Xiaolong won’t kill you now just because you withdrew from the alliance”

Burning Heaven Gate Sovereign Rong Kun was unaffected by Xie Hui’s taunt, “There's no need for Young Lord Xie to worry about this matter!” With that said, he turned around and waved a hand in the Burning Heaven Gate disciples’ direction, commanding, “We’re leaving!” The disciples of the Burning Heaven Gate separated themselves from the massive army and left.

In truth, there was no deep blood grudge between the Burning Heaven Gate and Huang Xiaolong, there was a high chance that Huang Xiaolong would receive them if they were to submit to him.

From Rong Kun’s perspective, that would be a much favorable outcome than having Huang Xiaolong destroy the Burning Heaven Gate.

Watching this, the Strong Sword Sect’s Leader, Yang Jing, also swiftly led his Strong Sword Sect disciples away from the army.

Those who had announced their withdrawal followed suit.

Xie Hui watched the Burning Heaven Gate, Strong Sword Sect, and the others leave with killing intent surging in his eyes, feeling an impulse to execute these traitors on the spot, but he reined himself in.

For this would only increase his losses and neither would he gain anything.

It would even benefit Huang Xiaolong in the end.

“My Nine Yang Valley wishes to withdraw from the alliance as well.” After the five super forces left, Chi Jiuyang, the Nine Yang Valley Lord spoke.

Xie Hui’s face paled slightly. ‘The Nine Yang Valley also wants to withdraw from the alliance!’

“Senior Jiuyang, you… this…” Xie Hui wanted to persuade otherwise.

“No need to say more.” Chi Jiuyang shook his head.

“Huang Xiaolong has already grown, becoming a trend.

Other than a God Realm Master, no one can kill him.” Throwing that sentence to Xie Hui, he turned around and led the Nine Yang Valley’s disciples away.

Distinct Void Door and White Phoenix House’s experts exchanged a look amongst themselves in silence.

Even a half- step God Realm expert like Chi Jiuyang had withdrawn from the alliance, what was left of their trump card against Huang Xiaolong

Without any surprise, Distinct Void Door and White Phoenix House also stated their withdrawal from the alliance and left just as quickly.

Xie Hui stood rooted to the spot, watching the Distinct Void Door and White Phoenix House’s leaving silhouettes, his eyes were slightly unfocused.

His mind was totally blank like a piece of white paper.

Despite the blazing sun above, Xie Hui only felt darkness and gloom.

“Young Lord, what shall we do now” A long time later, Law Enforcer Cheng Xiaofeng approached Xie Hui, inquiring very cautiously.

Xie Hui turned around to face Chen Xiaofeng.

There was an emptiness in his eyes, akin to a fool, and he did not speak a word.

“Young Lord, are you alright” Law Enforcer Hu Chen was frightened by this side of Xie Hui.

Xie Hui’s expression also shocked the rest of Cosmos God Cult’s experts.

Xie Hui took a deep breath, the light slowly returned to his eyes.

Surprisingly, he was no longer angry or throwing his temper around.

His manner was extremely calm, “Elder Qi.”

“Here.” One of Cosmos God Cult’s Law Enforcer Elder stepped forward.

“You take the Cosmos God Cult disciples and return to Cosmos God City.” Xie Hui ordered.

“Back to Cosmos God City” No one expected to hear this.

Ignoring the reactions around him, Xie Hui continued, “If Huang Xiaolong surrounds the Cosmos God City, you can pretend to submit to him, do not resist, understand”

Everyone was stunned again.

“Yes, Young Lord!” Elder Qi complied with respect.

Xie Hui waved him away.

Elder Qi left, leading the massive numbers of Cosmos God Cult disciples back to Cosmos God City.

After Elder Qi left, Xie Hui turned to look at the one hundred and twenty-six Cosmos God Cult’s remaining Elders with an inexplicable feeling in his heart.

These were the very last of Cosmos God Cult’s Saint realm experts! A great sorrow filled his heart.

A few years back, he imagined how his father would subjugate the Nine Yang Valley, Distinct Void Door, White Phoenix House, and other super forces with an irresistible domineering might in the Grand Martial Exchange once he returned from the Peace Emperor World, unifying the Starcloud Continent under the Cosmos God Cult.

Yet, at this moment, he was forced to the point of fleeing for his life with his tail between his legs!

A while later, Xie Hui repressed all irrelevant thoughts and focused his mind.

He had plan carefully or he really would end up dying in Huang Xiaolong’s hand.

He could imagine that once Huang Xiaolong found out that the nine super forces alliance had dissolved, his first reaction would be chasing after his life.

One hour later, above a certain mountain range.

“The nine super force alliance dissolved” Huang Xiaolong looked at Ao Kun who was reporting to him with a slight surprise.

“Thar is so, Liege Lord Beast God.

Just one hour ago, the nine super forces alliance has dissolved and separated.

From the news I received, Xie Hui ordered the Cosmos God Cult Elder Qi Dong to lead their disciples back to Cosmos God City.

But he and the Law Enforcers, as well as other Elders, did not return to the city.

This subordinate has yet to find out where he went.” Ao Kun answered.

Huang Xiaolong was delighted, this was a good piece of news, ah.

He didn’t expect the nine super forces alliance to be dissolved so easily.

This made it easier for him to subjugate those nine super forces later.

“Looks like the Cosmos God Cult and the others were terrorized by Big brother’s killing.” The Violet Spirit Devourer Monkey, Huang Xiaoyong grinned.

 Some days prior, when Huang Peng and Su Yan saw the Violet Spirit Devourer Monkey again, both decided to adopt him as their son and gave him a name, Huang Xiaoyong.

Those who heard Huang Xiaoyong’s words laughed.

“Liege Lord Beast God, for our next move, should we first kill Xie Hui” Lei Ge spoke.

Huang Xiaolong nodded, “First kill Xie Hui!”

Not returning to Cosmos God Cult was proof that Xie Hui had fled.

Huang Xiaolong could even guess that he would be heading to Peace Emperor World to look for his father, Xie Chao.

That’s why Huang Xiaolong aimed to kill Xie Hui first and foremost, he definitely couldn't let him escape.

Half an hour later, above a certain part of a valley, Huang Xiaolong had just crushed the windpipe of Cosmos God Cult Law Enforcer Hu Chen, but he was frowning.

This Xie Hui was too slippery, using Hu Chen, Chen Xiaofeng, and this group of Elders as bait while he himself ran off in another direction.

One day later, Ao Kun, Huang Xiaoyong, Chuck, and Lei Ge, who separated to pursue Xie Hui, reported that they failed to capture him.

In the end, Huang Xiaolong gave up on the pursue, recalling all of them back.

After all, it wasn’t much of a big deal that Xie Hui escaped.

One Xie Hui couldn't raise much trouble.

When the time came, all Huang Xiaolong needed to do was make a trip to Peace Emperor World and kill him there.

After ordering everyone to gather, Huang Xiaolong did not return to the Asura’s Gate headquarters, instead, he led the Ten Directions Continent experts forward to the Distinct Void Door.

The Distinct Void Door was his first subjugation target.

The sudden disbandment of the nine super forces alliance very quickly spread across Starcloud Continent and the rest of the Martial Spirit World, leaving many dumbstruck.

Many Martial Spirit World experts and forces were waiting to watch a good show, waiting for the Asura’s Gate to be annihilated by the alliance, but not even two days later the alliance actually crumbled!

They were terrorized by Huang Xiaolong’s killings, who had returned earlier than predicted!

While the Martial Spirit World was in a brouhaha, without any surprises, Distinct Void Door, White Phoenix House, Nine Yang Valley, Burning Heaven Gate, and the Strong Sword Sect submitted to Huang Xiaolong one by one.

Even the Cosmos God City became Huang Xiaolong’s property.


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