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Chapter 494: A Wastrel Like You

Adding the Thunder Human King into the fray, the final count of patriarchs that stood up to challenge Huang Xiaolong reached forty-six.

Forty-six patriarchs! The weakest of them was a mid-Ninth Order Saint realm!

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes took a quick look around with a reticent face, “Are there any more people that want to come out”

Sea Emperor Vander sneered at Huang Xiaolong’s question, “Huang Xiaolong, so many of us patriarchs joining to battle you, fists and swords have no eyes, what if we accidentally kill you”

If Huang Xiaolong was killed, it would lead to the beastmen and demonic beast clans’ crazy retaliation.

No one there would be able to escape, including himself, Sea Emperor Vander.

This was his qualm.

Huang Xiaolong announced “Beastmen tribes and demonic beast clans, hear my words! If I fall, none of you are allowed to attack!”

“Yes, Liege Lord Beast God!” All the beastmen tribes and demonic beast clan experts could only adhere to Huang Xiaolong’s command.

Sea Emperor Vander secretly whooped with glee in his heart after hearing that, ‘Huang Xiaolong, if you die this time, you have no one to blame but yourself!’

With forty-six patriarchs on their side combining forces against Huang Xiaolong, he refused to believe that Huang Xiaolong could survive this!

‘He’s dead for sure!’

A glint flickered in his eyes.

Once Huang Xiaolong was dead, he had to grab the Heavenly Treasure Godly Mt.

Xumi, God Binding Ring, and Absolute Soul Pearl from his body at the fastest speed.

The most important of all was the Beast God Scepter!

He absolutely had to get his hands on the Beast God Scepter! As long as he successfully acquired the Beast God Scepter then he would become the new Beast God! At that time, he could conquer all four directions, unifying the Ten Directions Continent!

Imagining the Ten Directions Continent united under him, standing at the summit above everyone else, with hundreds and thousands of experts answering to him with one summon, a laughter escaped his mouth unknowingly.

Huang Xiaolong shot a glance at Sea Emperor Vander as he slowly moved to the center of the square.

At this time, the experts in the square had emptied out a large empty area at the center.

Sea Emperor Vander and the Green Devil Tribe’s Patriarch Mai Xiu were the first two experts to step into the ring, followed by the remaining forty-four people, encircling Huang Xiaolong.

Whereas the other experts and patriarchs who did not join the besiegement, they retreated far back.

Amongst the crowd, Elf Queen Kelly had a worried expression on her face watching the forty-six patriarchs surround Huang Xiaolong.

She didn’t expect Huang Xiaolong to behave so recklessly, accepting an open challenge from all the patriarchs!

“Your Majesty, this time I’m afraid the Lord Beast God is…!” Elf Grand Elder Celine hesitatingly said.

Elf Queen Kelly sighed heavily in her heart, but even if she wanted to help it was too late.

The entire square fell into silence.

Sea Emperor Vander and the other patriarchs released their full power, intense energy flooded out from their bodies, solidifying the airflow.

In a split second, Sea Emperor Vander lunged forward and was the first to attack.

A scepter appeared in his hand, very much resembling Huang Xiaolong’s Beast God Scepter, but it had a mermaid knob at the top instead. 

That was the sea tribe’s sacred scepter, the Sea Emperor’s scepter that was passed down through the generations to the next Sea Emperor.

It was forged by the first Sea Emperor using his own divine power and countless amounts of innate cold steel from the divine sea.

“Go die!” Sea Emperor Vander did not disguise the killing intent in his eyes, for he knew that if Huang Xiaolong did not die this time, he himself would be dead!

Huang Xiaolong would not spare him! Therefore, Vander did not hold back.

Multiple blinding ice-blue spheres flew out from Sea Emperor Vander’s sacred scepter, emitting a vast and endless aura.

Wherever they passed, everything in their path turned into icicles, forming a large sea of blue ice.

Sealed inside the Beast God Scepter was the ancient Beast God’s power whereas Sea Emperor Vander’s sacred scepter contained the ancient Sea God’s power.

And those blue icicles were the first Sea Emperor’s divine god power.

Even a Tenth Order Saint realm expert could not escape from turning into ice from merely touching that blue ice.

The other patriarchs that were eager to attack retreated swiftly seeing the terrifying blue ice. 

In an instant, Huang Xiaolong’s silhouette disappeared, submerged in the ice blue sea.

Before everyone’s eyes, he turned into a crystallized ice statue.

Sea Emperor Vander saw that his first attack succeeded and an unexpected pleasant surprise overtook him, mocking Huang Xiaolong, “Huang Xiaolong, without those Poison Corpse Scarabs, I can easily abuse you, squash you to death! How can a wastrel like you unify the Ten Directions Continent!” His attack never ceased for a moment.

The sacred scepter in his hand poised to strike the ice sculpture that was Huang Xiaolong.

As long as the sacred scepter struck, Huang Xiaolong would shatter into pieces of ice.

At that time, not even a God Realm master could save him.

Watching Sea Emperor Vander’s scepter about to strike Huang Xiaolong, everyone held their breaths.

Elf Queen Kelly felt her heart jumping to her throat, whereas Ao Kun, Lei Ge, Chuck, and the rest clenched their fists tightly, their nerves stretched to the limit.

Just as Sea Emperor Vander’s scepter was an inch from Huang Xiaolong’s chest, a hand pierced out from the ice sculpture, grasping the Sea Emperor’s scepter inside a palm.

Sea Emperor Vander felt as if the sacred scepter in his hand were pressed under a mountain.

A whelming force pinned his hand in a place where it couldn’t move the slightest bit forward nor could he retrieve the scepter.

Vander’s proud smirk was replaced with an ashen face.

‘How is this possible!’

In the next second, a loud boom sounded as the ice sculpture shattered, revealing an unharmed Huang Xiaolong.

“You, you’re not afraid of the Sea God’s power!” Sea Emperor Vander blurted out in shock.

He once fought a late-Tenth Order Saint realm expert and one of the enemy's arms was frozen by the Sea God power.

He used an entire day to expel every last strand of the Sea God power from his body.

But Huang Xiaolong merely took a split second

Huang Xiaolong looked coldly before him.

Then, in the next moment, Sea Emperor Vander saw a multitude of arms emerge from Huang Xiaolong’s back like an open fan, not more and no less, exactly one thousand arms!

One thousand arms attacked Vander at the same time!

A net of palms, fists, fingers, devils, ghost, golden Buddhas and other attacks loomed over the square.

Sea Emperor Vander’s eyes widened in terror as the aura of death drowned his senses.

“Sea God’s Protection!” Vander bellowed.

The Sea Emperor’s Sacred Scepter exploded in a ten thousand zhang light, sending multiple strands of ice blue light into his body that transformed into a protective barrier.

Numerous tiny ancient symbols could be seen circulating around the protective barrier like an eternal wave.

By this time, countless attacks bombarded the barrier.

Boom! Boom! Boom! A series of thunderous blasts resounded in the air.

The protective barrier around Sea Emperor Vander’s body dimmed at rapid speed and shattered into smithereens.

At that moment, Sea Emperor Vander’s body was struck back, crashing on the edge of the square.

The glorious yellow emperor robe on him burst into pieces, making him look worse than a beggar.

The four corners of the square fell into an abrupt silence.

Gasps of cold air followed as a feeling of terror filled the crowd.

Although Sea Emperor Vander was not at the same level as the continent’s number one expert, Ao Kun, he was one of the top three experts.

Not to mention the fact that it had long been said that the Sea God’s Protection could only be broken by a God Realm Master.

Yet they had just witnessed Huang Xiaolong shattering it into dust!

In one move!

“Your Majesty Sea Emperor!” From afar, the sea tribes’ experts rushed to Vander’s side as they exclaimed in fear, wanting to save their emperor immediately.

However, just as those sea tribe experts made a move, Ao Kun, Lei Ge, and some of the beastmen and demonic beast clans’ experts blocked the path right in front of them.

“Roll back to your place!” 

The sea tribe experts were forced back without mercy.

“Who dares to move” Ao Kun yelled.

The sea tribe experts had ugly expressions on their faces being hindered, but none dared to step forward after that.

At the center of the square, Huang Xiaolong disappeared in a flicker, appearing before the Green Devil Tribe’s Patriarch Mai Xiu.

Seeing Huang Xiaolong appearing suddenly in front of him, Mai Xiu’s pupils shrank in fear.

“Green Devil Nefarious Poison Liquefying Technique!”

Absolutely horrified, Mai Xiu went berserk.

A glaring green light glimmered around his body as it contorted violently before turning into a pool of green liquid.


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