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Chapter 2823: Im Killing My Way In!

Huang Xiaolong opened his mouth to release an earth-shattering roar and the regions around trembled.

The experts who were in the regions closest to Huang Xiaolong revealed a fearful expression when they felt the ground beneath them trembling.

“Is there another Dao Venerable other than the four from the Blue Heaven Creed! Did the Dao Venerables of other creeds appear in our Blue Heaven territory”

Guesses flew about.

With question marks popping up in their minds, the various experts decided to investigate the matter carefully.

They approached the regions around Huang Xiaolong cautiously, but they were all sent flying after they slammed into the restrictions.

Ignoring all those who approached, Huang Xiaolong tore a hole through the space above thim and left.

When he reappeared a moment later, he arrived at the boundless chaotic void filled with spatial cracks and chaos streams.

By tearing apart the streams of chaotic streams before him, Huang Xiaolong took a step forward.

The space under his feet shrunk and every time he took a step, he would travel thousands of miles.

That was right! He could shrink the space before him!

The confines of space were no longer able to stop Huang Xiaolong.

Without exaggeration, he could appear anywhere he wanted within a certain distance around him.

It was an ability one could only obtain after a cultivator fused with the space in the Divine Tuo Holy World!

With the ability to shrink the space around him, Huang Xiaolong arrived at the Immemorial Immortal Cave in a matter of moments.

Cangqiong Old Man and the others were extremely excited when they noticed his safe return, and Fu Daosheng and the other half-step Dao Venerables nearly cried tears of joy.

If he had taken any longer, the disciples of their various factions would have ceased to exist!

After asking about the current situation in the Blue Heaven Creed in the years he was away, Huang Xiaolong quickly gained an understanding of what went down.

When he heard that Yan San had carried out a massacre against those who had come into contact with Cangqiong Sacred Land, his eyes gleamed.

With a frosty look in his eyes, Huang Xiaolong growled, “Killing a hundred of them a day”

He had destroyed the grand dao physique of Xu Jian, so he could understand the rage Yan San felt.

However, Yan San crossed the line when he took his anger out on the members of the various sacred lands.

“Are your disciples currently imprisoned in the headquarters of the Blue Heaven Creed” Huang Xiaolong asked.

“Yes, Young Lord!” Fu Daosheng replied with an anguished expression on his face.

“Yan San will sentence a hundred of them to death everyday at noon!”

Execution at noon!

The first rays of dawn had barely risen, and Huang Xiaolong estimated that he could arrive by noon if he rushed over.

“Xiaolong, are you planning on heading over” Cangqiong Old Man guessed the moment he saw the look in Huang Xiaolongs eyes.

He couldnt help but panic.

“Your combat abilities might be shocking, but it will be extremely difficult for you to sneak into the prison with brute force! Yan San will definitely discover you!”

Huang Xiaolong chuckled in amusement.

“Master, I didnt say I was going to sneak in…”


Cangqiong Old Man, Fei Yanzi, and the others stared at him with question marks clouding their minds.

How else is he planning to save them

Long Jianfeis expression changed all of a sudden when a terrifying thought flashed through his mind.

“Young Lord… Youre not planning to kill your way in are you!”

What the f*ck!

Everyone stared at Huang Xiaolong like they had discovered a mad man.

“Thats right!” Huang Xiaolong nodded his head and snickered, “Im killing my way in!”

After refining the Huang Long blood essence, he had arrived at the Third Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm.

Not to mention the fact that his body and mini worlds were tempered by the cosmos energy left behind in the drop of blood, and his current abilities were more than enough to beat the four Dao Venerables into the ground.

Cosmos energy pumped out from the three small worlds in him and his dao souls and twelve high-orderl Saint Fates were overflowing with energy.

One could say that Huang Xiaolong had risen to another level after absorbing the drop of blood.

Of course, the third baptism from the Light of Nirvana also helped a whole bunch.

His Huang Long Bloodline was strengthened even further and his grand dao physique had improved by leaps and bounds.

One didnt even need to talk about First Estee, Dao Venerables like Yan San.

Even Second Esteem Dao Venerables like Wang Jin couldnt leave a scratch on his grand dao physique!

Whatever the case, that was something Cangqiong Old Man and the others had no way of knowing.

They were terrified when they heard his idea.

“Xiaolong, although Wang Jin plans on making you his disciple, he might be baiting you out with that information! Its too dangerous for you to head over alone! We can think of another way to save the disciples, anything but this!” Fei Yanzi shook her head and tried to dissuade him.

Fu Daosheng and the others expressed the same concern.

They knew that Huang Xiaolong was strong, and they knew that he was able to shatter the Saint Devil Princes grand dao physique with a single punch.

However, those were Dao Venerables they were talking about!

They felt that Huang Xiaolong would be dead beyond a doubt if Wang Jin decided not to protect him against Yan San!

A faint smile appeared on Huang Xiaolongs face when he heard their words of concern.

“It doesnt matter if Wang Jin wants to accept me as a disciple.

Enough blabbering.

All of you can wait for the good news here.

Ill be back soon.” The moment the words left his lips, his figure started to blur, and he disappeared.

Tearing through the chaos streams, he charged towards the headquarters of the Blue Heaven Creed.

Half a day later…

By the time he emerged from the chaotic void, he was standing in the air above the headquarters.

Staring at the giant ball of flame in the skies, he estimated that there was only half an hour to noon.

Even though there was still half an hour, the disciples of the Blue Heaven Creed were leading people into the plaza.

There were exactly one hundred prisoners led into the plaza, and Huang Xiaolong quickly recognized them as disciples of Talisman Dao Sacred Land.

The execution plaza was where the Blue Heaven Creed executed those who went against their will.

It went without saying that dying wasnt the only thing that happened to the disciples who were punished.

There were various formations laid down by the four Dao Venerables and those who were destined to be punished would experience endless torture before they died!

The souls and energies contained in the bodies of the prisoners would be trapped and used to nourish the strength of the Blue Heaven Creed, and disciples of the creed could benefit from the leftover energies.

Very quickly, the disciples were led through the entrance.

With a lightning whip in his hand, a disciple of the Blue Heaven Creed forced the disciples of the Talisman Sacred Land into the arena.

Looking at the hundred disciples, Huang Xiaolong saw wounds lining their bodies.

It was clear that they had received inhumane torture when they were trapped in the Blue Heaven Creed.

“Heh, theyre still glaring at us when theyre about to die!” One of the disciples of the Blue Heaven Creed sneered, “Once the formations open at noon, they will know what living hell is.”

Someone else snorted, “No one knows what Fu Daosheng and the others are thinking… They allowed millions of their disciples to die because of a coward like Huang Xiaolong.”

“Heh, all of them seem to have been kicked in the head by a donkey!”

The disciples who were in charge of escorting the prisoners roared with laughter.

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