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Chapter 2454: Carry On With the Fourth Round Challenge!

As everyone in the crowd waited with eager anticipation, the disciples representing the thirty-nine forces began to draw lots.

The party who drew the number-one lot this time around was the Heaven Traversing Holy Ground.

Although the Heaven Traversing Holy Grounds reputation was not as loud as the Beast Tamer Holy Gate, the Heaven Traversing Holy Ground was a first-tier powerhouse in the Holy World.

The Heaven Traversing Holy Ground was part of the Holy Lands Alliances forces, but they were just not in the ranks of the top ten players of the alliance.

After drawing the first lot in the third round, the Heaven Traversing Holy Grounds group was naturally over the moon that they were smiling from ear to ear.

Who wouldve thought the chance of eating this piece of big fat meat actually would fall into the mouth of the Heaven Traversing Holy Ground.

The Heaven Traversing Holy Ground Patriarch called the fifty Holy Princes he had carefully selected, and exhorted them with all seriousness that they were to win the battle stage challenge at all cost.

“As long as you win this battle stage challenge, your annual allowances in the future will be increased by ten times!” The Heaven Traversing Holy Emperor promised generously.

The Heaven Traversing Holy Grounds fifty disciples were naturally excited after hearing their patriarchs promise, and thanked him endlessly while vowing that they definitely would not disappoint him, and they would surely win the challenge.

The Heaven Traversing Holy Grounds fifty Holy Princes went up the stage with their surging ambitions in their chests.

In the subsequent ten minutes, the wide smile on the Heaven Traversing Holy Emperors face gradually diminished, turning sullen, and finally ugly.

Ten minutes later, one after another Heaven Traversing Holy Grounds talented Holy Princes was either sent flying by Huang Xiaolong or smashed into the battle stage, or directly devoured by him.

And a dozen minutes later, the Heaven Traversing Holy Grounds fifty Holy Princes met with the same fate as the Holy Princes in the first and second rounds challenges.

All of them perished.

Below the stage, Duan Xuan, Shen Jiewen, Li Chen, and the others were staring at Huang Xiaolong with horror that rose from the bottom of their hearts.

They had originally thought that even if the Heaven Traversing Holy Grounds carefully selected fifty Holy Princes would fail to defeat Huang Xiaolong, at the very least, they would be able to leave Huang Xiaolong with heavy injuries.

But what did they see just now Huang Xiaolong had still managed to deal with the Heaven Traversing Holy Grounds fifty Holy Princes without so much as a scratch on him!

Compared to Huang Xiaolongs strength, the sturdiness of his physique was just as frightening.

The Heaven Traversing Holy Grounds fifty Holy Princes sword slashes, punches, or blade cuts didnt even break Huang Xiaolongs skin!

They could tell that Huang Xiaolong had not put on any saint artifact armor from the very beginning.

In other words, the fifty Heaven Traversing Holy Grounds Holy Princes attacks that had landed on Huang Xiaolongs body were nothing but similar to scratching an itch for Huang Xiaolong!

Although the Ancient Emperor Holy Ground, Beast Tamer Holy Gate, Black Inferno Race, and other forces fifty disciples who were selected for the third round had yet to go up the stage, their overall strengths were only slightly better than the Heaven Traversing Holy Grounds fifty disciples.

One can imagine the results when it was the Ancient Emperor Holy Grounds, and Beast Tamer Holy Gates fifty disciples turns to go on the battle stage!

Duan Xuan, Shen Jiewen, and the others almost collapsed on the spot, and waves of regret hit their hearts.

They had fallen into the devils temptation just now and boarded Huang Xiaolongs black pirate ship!

Those were fifty Holy Princes, who were carefully selected, ah!

Although their talents were not as high as the Holy Princes in the first and second rounds, they were stillprecious darlings of each holy ground and ancient race.

The majority of these Holy Princes were disciples to these forces grand elders and even hall masters.

Each holy ground had also spent a lot of resources and effort to cultivate them.

Furthermore, if each forces fifty disciples lost their lives on the battle stage, it would leave a great gap of experts in each of these thirty-nine forces!

When that happened, the Ancient Emperor Holy Ground and other forces would not have enough experts to uphold the holy ground!

The reason behind this was that there were only mediocre disciples below the Fourth Tribulation half-True Saint left now.

Wu Ge, the present Holy Heavens hall masters, and grand elders also thought of this problem, and their gazes on Huang Xiaolong were dominated by complex feelings of astonishment, speechlessness, and bittersweetness.

Their Holy Prince Huang Xiaolong was planning to break these forces foundation, ah.

Was it easy for them to recruit a Holy Prince with slightly higher talent In a day, Huang Xiaolong had eliminated over sixty such disciples and from more than one holy ground.

Lin Xiaoying, Tan Juan, and Ji Xinyi who were watching secretly, were utterly at a loss for words.

The only thing they could do at the moment was stare at Huang Xiaolong from head to toe repeatedly, as if they could stare a hole through him and learn his secrets.

After Huang Xiaolong finished the match against the Heaven Traversing Holy Grounds fifty disciples, he ignored the murderous stare coming from Shen Jiewen and directly looked at the fifty disciples from the Beast Tamer Holy Gate.

“Its your turn to come up the stage now.”

In this round, the Beast Tamer Holy Gate had once again drawn the second number.

After listening to Huang Xiaolongs reminder, the Beast Tamer Holy Gates fifty disciples felt like their legs seemed to be casted in the lead, so heavy that their feet could not move an inch.

Several of them even hung on the thighs of Beast Tamer Holy Gates grand elders or hall masters, pleading bitterly, “Master, I dont want to go up the battle stage, I dont—!”

After looking at their disciples shameful demeanor, these grand elders and hall masters nerves twitched.

Shen Jiewen was already vexed by the current situation, seeing these Beast Tamer Holy Gates disciples pleading without dignity, and he snapped angrily, “Retreating before you enter the battle! What are all of you crying for! You are really embarrassing our Beast Tamer Holy Gate!”

Frankly, who could blame these Beast Tamer Holy Gate disciples.

Anyone who had witnessed how Huang Xiaolong had fought the Heaven Traversing Holy Grounds fifty disciples with his frightening battle power and physical defenses, would be terrified.

After all, who would want to die

Still, with Shen Jiewens deterrence and persuasion, these fifty Beast Tamer Holy Gates disciples mustered up their courage and went up the battle stage.

The endings of these fifty Beast Tamer Holy Grounds disciples were already written in stone.


The sky gradually darkened, and the third round of the stage battle ended.

Huang Xiaolong remained on the battle stage, as his shadow elongated over the stage under the setting sun.

His height, less than 1.9 meters, seemed like an indomitable mountain pressing on everyones chests, making it hard to take another breath.

Huang Xiaolong looked at the darkening sky, and forgo his plan oftaunting Duan Xuan, Shen Jiewen, and others for the fourth round challenge.

Instead, he sat cross-legged on the stage, and began adjusting his breath.

After a day of killings on the battle stage, it would be a lie to say he was not tired.

Even for someone like Huang Xiaolong, who has three complete dao saint godheads, and the Holy Mandate Imprint, Huang Xiaolongs half-True Saint energy had already been spent.

After seeing Huang Xiaolong sit down to adjust his condition, Duan Xuan, Shen Jiewen, and the others eyes glimmered with unknown thoughts.

It was obvious that Huang Xiaolongs energy consumption throughout the day had greatly tired him out, and if they continued to send their disciples up for the fourth round of the challenge, perhaps, there was a chance that they could injure him, or maybe even defeat him altogether.

However, no one dared to be the first one out to jump out.

Moreover, it was not easy for the Ancient Emperor, and other holy grounds to select another fifty Third Tribulation half-True Saint disciples!

Xie Yaos throat felt dry as he communicated with Li Chen through voice transmission, “Senior Brother Li Chen, we must not allow Huang Xiaolong to recover his strength because if he recovers, it would be difficult to defeat him tomorrow!”

Li Chens face was extremely gloomy, as hesitation flickered in his eyes as he looked at Huang Xiaolong.

Of course he also wanted to defeat Huang Xiaolong!

Amongst the people here, he was the one who wanted Huang Xiaolong to lose the most.

Unfortunately, most of the Third Tribulation half-Saint Realm experts he had recruited were already killed by Huang Xiaolong.

He could not gather another fifty people for the fourth round of the challenge.

“Go, release the word, and double the reward for recruiting more Third Tribulation experts!” Li Chen ordered Xie Yao through voice transmission.

“Better yet, if they are at the Mirage Pavilion right now!”

“I have a use for them right now, to start the fourth round of the challenge!”

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