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Chapter 2232: Entering the Holy Gate at an Earlier Date

“Die!” Song Shaokang pushed his Sovereigns will to the limit as he sliced down with the Beast Emperor Blade.

Blinding rays of light filled the skies as blade light slashed towards Huang Xiaolong.

Phantoms of divine beasts congealed in the blade light and charged at Huang Xiaolong.

The Beast Emperor Blade was crafted by the founder of the Beast Emperor Sect using the bone of a Venerable Realm beast and countless other precious metals.

Several tens of divine beasts had their souls sealed in the blade, and the body of the blade itself was stained with the blood of countless half-step Venerable Realm divine beasts.

Moreover, the founder of the Beast Emperor Sect had sealed a part of the blade intent he had comprehended into the blade, making it extraordinarily powerful!

Song Shaokang glared at Huang Xiaolong with bloodshot eyes as his blade came crashing down.

The blade qi he unleashed swept up an uncountable number of waves in the Lightning Flame Sea, and the lightning bolts and divine flame that covered the space above the sea was split into two.

It was as though the space above the sea was torn into two.

Zhang Wenyue, Zhang Haaochen, and their father Prince Qian felt like a speck of dust in the universe when facing the unstoppable wave of blade qi, and the blood drained from their faces.

At the God King and Heavenly Monarch Realm, none of them had ever had to face an all-out attack from a Tenth Order Sovereign!

The two old elders beside Song Shaokang harrumphed as they followed up with attacks of their own.

A fist and a palm pierced through the dense lightning qi in the air as they shot towards Huang Xiaolong.

As for their mounts, they also didnt remain idle and pounced towards Huang Xiaolong.

Staring at the waves of energy surging towards him, Huang Xiaolong remained expressionless.

“Petty tricks…”

He casually raised a single hand and flicked his wrist.

The shockingly powerful blade qi from the Beast Emperor Blade dissipated in an instant.

With his other hand, Huang Xiaolong slapped outwards and destroyed the two old elders attacks.

After dealing with the three of them, the mounts of the two old elders had already arrived behind Huang Xiaolong.

Under the shocked gaze of everyone present, they were sent flying with a single shrug from Huang Xiaolong.

Staring at the youngster standing before them, they discovered that Huang Xiaolong didnt suffer from a single scratch.

“What!” The two old elders felt their jaws dropping in horror when they realized that they were in trouble.

Was he really a Ninth Order Sovereign with his offensive and defensive capabilities!

As their expressions slowly started to change to one of fright, Huang Xiaolongs figure blurred as he appeared before the two old elders.

He sent a punch flying towards each of them.

Feeling the terrifying surge of energy contained in his fists, the two of them screamed, “Young Lord, hurry up and flee!”

Song Shaokang couldnt help but hesitate.

The moment of hesitation allowed him to witness Huang Xiaolong\'s true strength.

Two fists pierced through the defensive qi the elders had set around them, and it landed on their divine armors.

Like brittle glass, the armors shattered into a million pieces, unable to to stop his fist in the slightest.

In the next instant, his fists blew a hole through their bodies and exited from the other side.

The scene before him caused all the blood to drain from Song Shaokangs face.

His world started to spin and in his state of panic, he hastily activated the escape rune stored in his body.

The escape rune was something his father had given him.

With the abilities of a rune crafted by a Venerable Realm expert, it was enough to tear through a huge piece of void.

It would allow him to escape to a faraway place before his pursuer could react.

Upon seeing that Song Shaokang was planning to escape, Huang Xiaolongs Sovereigns will started to move.

A chaos axe appeared in midair as it slammed towards Song Shaokang.

The moment the chaos axe appeared, Song Shaokang roared with fury as he poured all the energy he could into his blade.

At the same time, he activated another rune to summon a light barrier to defend his body.

Even though the light barrier didnt come from a rune from an Venerable Realm expert, it was refined by a half step Venerable in the Beast Emperor Sect.

The Eminent Elder, who had refined the defensive rune, had once said that the barrier could block an all-out attack from a peak late-Tenth Order Sovereign.


The moment the chaos axe slammed into Song Shaokangs Beast Emperor Blade, the runes carved into the body of the blade dimmed as it was sent flying towards the Lightning Flame Sea.

Luckily for Song Shaokang, the escape rune in his body finally activated.

A flash of light blinded everyone present as Song Shaokang disappeared from his position.

When Huang Xiaolongs chaos axe landed on Song Shaokangs original location, the only thing he destroyed was the barrier rune.

A frown formed on Huang Xiaolongs face.

As for the two old elders, they heaved a sigh of relief when they saw that their young lord had managed to escape.

No longer holding back, Huang Xiaolong dragged the two old men towards him.

Despite falling into the hands of the enemy, the two of them didnt seem afraid at all.

In fact, there was a look of relief stuck on their faces.

The two beasts that belonged to the two old elders finally struggled to get to their feet as they pounced towards Huang Xiaolong once again.

Too bad for them, Huang Xiaolong was no longer in the mood to mess around.

As the chaos axe fell, the two of them were split into two as blood rained down on the choppy waters beneath them.

“You!” The skinny-faced elder raged when he saw how Huang Xiaolong killed his beast.

“Our Young Lord has already escaped.

He will notify the Sect Master and all the experts in the sect will arrive to kill you! You wont be able to get away!”

“Thats right! Theres no way for you to escape from the lightning grounds!”

Huang Xiaolong popped their throats and destroyed their souls before tossing them both into the waters below.

“You speak too much…”

When Zhang Wenyue and the others saw the corpses of the two old elders from the Beast Emperor Sect falling to the sea below, an indescribable feeling welled up in their hearts.

To the three of them, killing Tenth Order Sovereigns was something they could never imagine!

As the three of them stared at Huang Xiaolong in shock, he swiped at the Scarlet Blood Dark Tiger to make sure it was dead before rushing towards the Lightning Dragon Divine Tree.

Like what the skinny-faced elder had said, Song Shaokang would definitely report the matter to the Beast Emperor Sect.

Since the headquarters of the sect wasnt far from the Soaring Lightning Kingdom, their experts would be rushing towards the lightning grounds soon.

He had to retrieve the fruit before he left.

Since the injuries on his body werent fully recovered, half-step Venerables could pose a threat.

Staring at the restrictions around the Lightning Dragon Divine Tree, Huang Xiaolong circulated the lightning bead and absorbed all the lightning qi in the surroundings.

In an hour, the restrictions around the tree shattered.

Huang Xiaolong threw the entire tree, along with the fruit, into the space inside the lightning bead.

Bringing Zhang Wenyue and the others along, he left the Lightning Flame Sea.

Several days later…

A huge group of experts appeared in the space above the Lightning Flame Sea as battle intent leaked out from their bodies.

The suppression of their aura caused the entire sea to tremble.

“That b*stard moved the entire tree away!” Song Shaokang stared at the spot where the tree once was, and he raged.

Beside him, the sect master of the Beast Emperor Sect, Song Fu, turned around to order the various experts around him.

“Pass down my order! Search through every inch of the Lightning Flame Sea! Seal off all the exits to the lightning grounds and use everything we have to capture that kid!”

“Place a bounty on their heads! Anyone who captures that brat or the three individuals from the Prince Qian Manor from the Jinyuan Kingdom shall be heavily rewarded!”

“Yes, Sect Master!”

Hatred filled Song Shaokangs face.

Brat, you better not fall into my hands.

If you do, Ill make you wish you were dead!

When Song Fu was done sending the experts of the Beast Emperor Sect to their respective locations, Song Shaokang started to complain to his father.

“Father, I wish to enter the Falling Jade Capital City soon! Ill sign up to enter the Holy Gate and request for them to flush that brat out! Regardless of his identity or status, Ill kill him!”

Song Fu sighed as he nodded his head.


Youre going to enter the Holy Gate anyway, and with your identity as a member of the Holy Gate, youll be able to do many things.

With the gates support, our Beast Emperor Sect would also rise through the ranks to become the next supreme sect in the dynasty.

We will no longer need to endure the tyranny of the three supreme sects!”

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