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Chapter 201: My, Chen Qingfeng’s Methods

“Just now was a misunderstanding” Huang Xiaolong’s icy gaze swept over their faces like a blizzard, not slowing his pace as he continued walking closer to the Guo Brothers.

“Yes, yes, of course it was a misunderstanding!” Guo Zhi tried his best to keep the smile on his face.

Guo Zhi had a portly stature to begin with.

Adding the forceful smile on his face, his appearance was a sight to behold.

“That’s right Xiaolong Bro, when your sister marries into our Guo Family, we’re all brothers.” Guo Fei laughed, “We’re one family.”

“Right, right, one family!” Guo Zhi nodded his head with vigor.

By this point, Huang Xiaolong stood about three meters from them, watching the panic and fear written all over the brothers’ faces, he snickered but it did not reach his eyes, “What were the words you used earlier A paltry little Huang Family smelly pissant wants to enter our Guo Family… Or did I have a problem with my ears and heard wrongly”

Guo Zhi and Guo Fei’s faces clouded over like dark skies.

Before the onlooking crowd, Guo Zhi suddenly raised his hand and struck hard at his own face.

Then he smiled amiably at Huang Xiaolong, “It is my mouth that has a problem, I put my foot in my mouth.

Xiaolong Bro, I hope that you do not bear any ill feelings because of this!”

Guo Fei followed Guo Zhi’s action, steeling himself, he raised a hand and executed a merciless slap on his own face.

After that, he forced himself to smile at Huang Xiaolong, “That’s true Xiaolong Bro, you’re generous and magnanimous, surely you won’t mind these small matters with us right”

When the people around saw the two Guo Brothers, Guo Zhi and Guo Fei slapping themselves in the face, there was a feeling of absurd irony.

But Huang Xiaolong shook his head at them, “Unfortunately, being magnanimous is not something I practice, therefore-” until here, Huang Xiaolong softly raised both his hands, and a frightening fluctuation of battle qi energy pooled in the center of Huang Xiaolong’s palms.

The Guo Brothers faces turned ashen, quickly retreating backward in a flustered manner.

In that precise moment, a dignified voice thundered, “Who dares harm my Young Lord!” followed by the sound of whistling wind as two figures flew over at rapid speed.

When the Guo Brothers saw the new arrivals, their faces lit up.

Huang Xiaolong retrieved the battle qi rotating in his palms.

Then, everyone’s vision blurred as two old men dressed in black robes appeared in the street: one had very long, striking white eyebrows whereas the other actually had white-colored irises!

Guo Zhi and Guo Fei rushed to their safety at the sides of these two old men, “Steward Chen, Steward Lu!”

The two of them were the Duanren Empire, Guo Family Manor’s stewards.

The Guo Manor has four main stewards, and also four big experts!

The one with the long white brows was Steward Chen, Chen Qingfeng, and the old man with the white irises was Steward Lu, Lu Yifan.

“Young Lords, are you alright” Chen Qingfeng nodded at Guo Zhi and Guo Fei as he asked.

The Guo Family’s four main stewards held a high position, hence they did not need to salute like the others guards and servants when encountering Guo Zhi and Guo Fei.

Hearing this, Guo Zhi snapped back in an instant.

A finger pointed at Huang Xiaolong with eyes that spewed venom, he roared, “Luckily both Stewards rushed here in time, otherwise, we would have been killed by this mongrel bastard!”   

“This mongrel bastard nearly crushed our throats just now.

Two Stewards, you absolutely must end him here!” Guo Fei quickly added.

“No, don’t kill them.

Capture him and those two old dogs, leave the rest to us!” Guo Zhi suddenly interjected, pointing at Huang Xiaolong, Zhao Shu, and Fei Hou.

If Huang Xiaolong simply died, it wouldn’t be enough to calm the hatred burning in his heart.

Thinking of the previous scene where he was lifted into the air by his neck in public, that humiliation made the cold gleam of Guo Zhi’s eyes peak.

His eyes fixed a deadly stare on Huang Xiaolong, wishing he could gnaw on his raw flesh.

Not to mention when he and his brother pleaded for mercy from Huang Xiaolong, they even went as far as slapping their own face!

Guo Zhi touched his cheek where a stinging pain pulsed under the skin.

To ensure his life, he exerted full power on that slap earlier.

Chen Qingfeng and Lu Yifan observed the three people on the other side, Huang Xiaolong, Zhao Shu, and Fei Hou.

“Rest assured Young Lords, none of them will be able to escape!” Lu Yifan looked at Huang Xiaolong’s group and said with full confidence and coldness.

Chen Qingfeng smirked as he looked at Huang Xiaolong, “Little brat, this is the first time someone has dared to hurt my Guo Family’s Young Lords in Duanren Imperial City! Are you going to surrender yourselves or do you want me to make a move”At this point, Cheng Qingfeng boasted, “Frankly, I hope you choose to surrender because if I were to act, you would suffer greatly!”

The crowd also stirred, whispering amongst themselves.

“I didn’t expect the Guo Manor’s Chen Qingfeng and Lu Yifan to come personally.

Huang Xiaolong has come to a dead end now! Steward Chen Qingfeng is a Xiantian Ninth Order warrior!”

“This Huang Xiaolong is really too proud and reckless.

I heard some rumors saying that not too long ago in Duanren Institute, he actually ordered Heartless Young Noble to kneel down and apologize! How many days has it been, yet he already provoked the Guo Family!”

“Offending the Guo and Yao Family… no matter how good his talent is, it’s all in vain!”

The majority of the experts in the crowd shook their heads, while those younger generation people who were jealous of Huang Xiaolong’s talent gloated in their hearts.

Huang Xiaolong stood unmoving, the air rang with his cold words as he stared at Chen Qingfeng and Lu Yifan, “If all of you act like a dog, kneel down like a dog, and bark like a dog a couple of times, then scram off, I can spare your lives!”

In the split second Huang Xiaolong’s words rang in the street, the crowd broke out in a riot.

Loud gasps of shock could be heard and warriors shook their heads even more obviously as they showered Huang Xiaolong with gazes of pity.

In their opinion, they had seen many proud and arrogant youngsters, yet they hadn’t seen someone as reckless and arrogant as this.

He truly didn’t know the immensity of the heavens.

However, this delighted Guo Zhi and Guo Fei who were watching from the side.

They were very well aware of Steward Chen Qingfeng’s methods, he was extremely cruel.

One time, the brothers saw with their own eyes as Chen Qingfeng tortured an enemy till he was an inch from death but not dying.

Recalling that scene, cold shivers ran down their spine.

Huang Xiaolong’s words definitely angered Chen Qingfeng, and once Chen Qinfeng was angered, Huang Xiaolong would die a miserable death!

It was exactly like the brothers predicted.

A horrible pressure exploded from Chen Qingfeng, increasing immensely.

An icy killing intent burst forth from his body.

The clear sky above suddenly darkened, then pieces of black-colored snow floated down.

The onlookers in all four directions immediately withdrew further back.

“Little punk, it seems you do not understand my, Chen Qingfeng’s, methods!” he said with a voice matching the falling black snow, “I will let you know what you’re in for!”

But, before he could make good on his words, a giant palm print descended from the void above, covering the entire sky akin to a mighty ancient mountain, slamming down on top of Chen Qingfeng’s head.

A booming sound reverberated in the air which caused the entire street to shake.

The durable Bright Marble Stone cracked and crumbled.

A curtain of dust and sand covered the street.

When the thick dust cloud dissipated, what entered their vision was Chen Qingfeng, flat as a pancake, imbedded several meters deep into the street floor.

A giant human-shaped crater was created!

Everyone looked at that human-shaped crater with awe, as well as Chen Qingfeng within that crater.

In the next moment, everyone sucked in a cold breath of air as they looked at Zhao Shu.

Just now, it was Zhao Shu who attacked.

Guo Zhi and Guo Fei who were waiting to watch a good show around how Chen Qingfeng would torture Huang Xiaolong, were now dumbstruck staring at the huge hole in the street.

The ‘cool, exuding dominance in all eight directions’ Chen Qingfeng didn’t even have the energy to fart.

Both of the Guo brothers were stupefied on the spot.



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