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Under Chiyous offensive, the barrier of light trembled for a moment before returning to its previous state.

Even with Chiyous full strength, he couldnt break the formation of the Dragon Bear Valley.

When they saw what happened, a look of shock appeared on the faces of Chu Han and Lan Chong.

As for Shi Ming, a trace of surprise flashed through his eyes.

Several old ancestors in the Dragon Bear Valley who were in their life or death seclusion woke up due to the commotion.

“How are there so many peak late-Tenth Order Emperors hidden in this mountain valley!” Chu Han felt his jaws dropping in fright.

All of the old ancestors who had entered their life or death seclusion were mostly at the late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm.

There were even some who were at the peak of the late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm.

Along with their awakening, Chiyou, Chu Han, and Lan Chong felt their hearts shake in fear.

That was because even in the Chiyou Devil Sect, the Massacring Gods Gate, or the Devil-eyed Blue Lion Empire, the number of late-Tenth Order Emperors were scarce, much less peak late-Tenth Order Emperors.

After scanning the area, they realized that there were eighteen experts at the late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm! Four of them were even at the peak of the late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm!

That was too shocking!

As for those at the Tenth Order, there were over seventy of them!

That wasnt including all the high-level, mid-level, and low-level Emperors.

“Three hundred and sixty-two Emperors!” Shi Ming cried out in shock.

Even the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe didnt have so many Emperor Realm experts.

“This… Which hidden ancient race is this!” Chiyous movements stopped, and a solemn expression appeared on his face.

The enemy they were facing was definitely one of the hegemons of their time.

Regardless of whether they were talking about the grand formation that protected the valley or the number of Emperor Realm experts, every single one of those points proved that the Dragon Bear Valley wasnt a simple opponent.

A weird light appeared in the eyes of Chu Han and Lan Chong.

The thought of retreat also occurred in their mind.

Even though they wanted nothing else but to kill Huang Xiaolong, they knew that it wasnt wise to provoke such a massive power.

As for Shi Ming, a complicated light flashed through his eyes, and he fell into thought.

“Those two from before said that this was the Dragon Bear Valley.

If Im right, this should be the Heavenly Dragon Bear Race!”


“Heavenly Dragon Bear Race!”

The expression on the faces of the trio changed.

Even though they were all in the Sovereign Realm, they couldnt help but feel threatened when they faced off against an existence at the level of the Heavenly Dragon Bear.

Cang Mutian!

He was a terrifying existence whose name had swept through the rivers of time! He was someone whose reputation didnt lose out to the Heavenless Archdevil Lord since the Desolate Era!

Of the three of them, Chiyou and Lan Chong were the clearest about the meaning behind Cang Mutians reputation.

Cang Mutian andunrivaled meant the same thing in their minds.

In the past, Cang Mutian and the Heavenless Archdevil Lord had battled for a hundred days and a hundred nights at the edge of the Devil World without determining the victor.

Even though the Archdevil Lord held onto the six great Devil Steles, he could not defeat Cang Mutian.

Just this point alone could show how terrifying of an existence Cang Mutian was.

Chiyou, as one of the twelve Archdevil Ancestors, was clear about the Heavenless Archdevil Lords battle prowess.

That was also the reason he was extremely clear that Cang Mutian was an existence that couldnt be defined using the wordterrifying.

“Should… Should we retreat and wait for Huang Xiaolong somewhere else” Lan Chongs mouth went dry, and he quickly tried to persuade the other two.

Chiyou and Chu Han fell into silence for a moment.

Even though they didnt give him a reply, it was clear that they had accepted Lan Chongs suggestion.

As for Shi Ming, he sneered.

“Its just the Heavenly Dragon Bear Race.

Why are you so afraid of them Cang Mutian disappeared without a trace in the past, and Im pretty sure hes dead.

Without Cang Mutian, the Heavenly Dragon Bear race is nothing!”

Chiyou, Chu Han, and Lan Chong looked at each other hesitantly.

“Wheres Huang Xiaolong” Shi Ming turned and looked at Lan Chong.

When Lan Chong heard the question, he could only circulate his connection with the restriction in Huang Xiaolongs body.

After a short while, he raised his arm and pointed towards the True Dragon Mountain.


Shi Ming ignored everyone and charged straight towards True Dragon Mountain as soon as he got the confirmation.

As for the three of them, they hesitated for a moment.

“What now!” Lan Chong asked.

“Its possible that Cang Mutian is already dead.

Otherwise, it doesnt make sense that no news of him traveled out of the valley.

The Heavenly Dragon Bear Race no longer has their past splendor, and if the four of us join hands, everything should proceed as planned.” Chu Han muttered in a low voice.

Chiyou nodded his head.

“Even if the Heavenly Dragon Bear Race has over a hundred Emperor Realm experts, they wont be able to threaten us.” A burning gaze appeared on his face, and he continued, “If my memory serves me right, there is a treasure located in Dragon Bear Valley.”

Similarly, a burning gaze appeared on Lan Chongs face, and he agreed.

“Dragon Bear Shield!”

The Dragon Bear Shield was the strongest defensive artifact in the Devil World.

In the past, a large part of the reason behind the draw between the two supreme experts had something to do with Cang Mutian possessing the Dragon Bear Shield.

The Dragon Bear Shield was a grandmist defensive artifact!

It was the one and only supreme defensive artifact in the Devil World!

“When the Heavenly Dragon Bear Race had swept through the Devil World unhindered, they should have plundered many more treasures other than the Dragon Bear Shield…” Chu Han laughed.

After thinking of all the gains, the three of them no longer hesitated.

They followed behind Shi Ming as they charged towards True Dragon Mountain.

They were afraid that Shi Ming would snatch all the treasures before they could react.

In a mere two minutes, they arrived in the space above True Dragon Mountain.

“Thats a strong wave of dragons might…” Chiyou sucked in a cold breath when he looked at True Dragon Mountain.

“The complete corpse of a Sovereign Realms Heavenly Dragon… According to the legends, Cang Mutians father was the ruler of the Dragon World.

This Heavenly Dragon corpse should be one of the generals who served under his father…”

“What! The son of the previous ruler of the Dragon World!” Lan Chong, Chu Han, and even Shi Ming couldnt help but experience endless shock.

They never thought that there was a possibility of Cang Mutian possessing such a huge background.

Chiyou nodded his head.

“The number of people who know this can be counted on a single hand.

I only managed to overhear this legend from Lord Archdevil Lord…” He sighed before continuing, “However, Cang Mutian wasnt able to possess the pure blood of a Heavenly Dragon.

Otherwise, he would be able to give the Heavenless Archdevil Lord a run for the spot as the ruler of the Devil World.

With his talent, the five great worlds might have been under his control right now…”

Everyone nodded in agreement.

There was no need to question the might of the Dragon World.

Even though it wasnt part of the five great worlds, it was an existence comparable to the Radiance Divine World.

It wasnt too much weaker compared to the five great worlds.

When Shi Mings burning gaze landed on the True Dragon Mountain, he opened his mouth and said, “Listen up, members of the Heavenly Dragon Bear Race.

Were here for Huang Xiaolong.

As long as you hand him over, well leave.” A wave of unbridled killing intent emerged from his body.

“Otherwise, I, Shi Ming, will have to make a move against you personally!”

When Shi Ming released the aura on his body without restraint, the heavens and earth shook.

The air in the Dragon Bear Valley seemed to fluctuate without end.

In the True Dragon Mountain, the faces of Gao Changran and Lu Xiaoqing changed.

“Patriarch…” Cang Zhaoyu looked at Cang Yuanzong, and a look of hesitation flashed through his eyes.

Cang Yuanzongs eyes narrowed, and a calm voice filled the cave.

“Maintain the operation of the grand formation.

We have to hold on until Old Patriarch awakens!”

“Yes, Patriarch!” Circulating all the godforce in their body, they pushed the grand formation to the limit, and an unyielding radiance burst forth from True Dragon Mountain.

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