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After a brief lapse of silence, Chen Xiao said to Wang Tong, “Young Lord Wang, that punk cannot have so many spirit stones on him!”

Wang Tongs eyes lit up at Chen Xiaos words, and his mind that was clouded by anger cleared in an instant.

He agreed readily, “Thats right, how could that punk have so many spirit stones, absolutely impossible!”

As Wang Tong did not deliberately lower his voice, the whole auction hall heard what he said.

Everyone was looking at Huang Xiaolong with doubt once more.

Even though Huang Xiaolongs actions had been extravagant so far, they couldnt help but doubt if he really had close to one hundred million low grade-eight spirit stones

One hundred million! That number of spirit stones were enough to build a small citys walls.

“May I ask if this Young Noble could…” The auctioneer looked at Huang Xiaolong with doubt clearly written all over his face.

Huang Xiaolong glanced at the auctioneer without any emotion, and casually waved his hand and spirit stones rained down from the air in front of everyones eyes.

Countless spirit stones thumped audibly on the floor, cutting off the auctioneers remaining words.

By the time spirit stones stopped falling, they had already formed a pile as tall as a small hill on the auction stage, exuding a richer spiritual energy than low grade-eight spirit stones.

This…! The auctioneer was agape. 

Not only him, but everyones jaws fell to the floor looking at the pile of spirit stones.

“Thats right, these are mid-grade eight spirit stones, exactly thirty million.” Huang Xiaolongs indifferent voice rang in the hall.

Thirty million mid-grade eight spirit stones! Gasps sounded from every corner of the auction hall.

The exchange of higher and lower quality of same grade spirit stones were calculated by one to two ratio respectively, therefore, thirty million mid-grade eight spirit stones could be exchanged for sixty million low grade-eight spirit stones!

At this moment, no one dared to voice their doubt anymore.

Wang Tong slumped despondently back into his chair, and the madness in his eyes was completely gone, only the bleakness of defeat remained.

‘Thirty million mid-grade eight spirit stones! His mind screamed.

Bei Xiaomeis eyes shone even brighter as her gaze was fixed on the thirty million mid-grade eight spirit stones on the auction stage while she mumbled under her breath, “So much allowance money!”

Huang Xiaolong, Xiang Xun, Xu Baisheng, and others were flabbergasted,allowance money Huang Xiaolong was rendered speechless at Bei Xiaomeis description.

“These are thirty million mid-grade eight spirit stones, check if there is any error” Huang Xiaolong looked at the auctioneer with an aloof expression and added, “If you have any doubt, you can have your appraisers verify them.”

“Theres no mistake, no need to verify, no need, no need at all!” The auctioneer waved his hands anxiously with a forced smile on his face.

As an auctioneer of this auction house, how could he not recognize whether these mid grade-eight spirit stones were genuine or otherwise.

Huang Xiaolong went on, “In that case, please continue with the auction.” Huang Xiaolong hadnt taken out thirty million mid-grade eight spirit stones at once to show off, but to deter other bidders.

He was showing everyone that he would continue to bid.

As long as the other competitors did not have spirit stones exceeding sixty million low grade-eight spirit stones, it was futile to compete with him.

As expected, after the auctioneer continued with the bidding, no one responded.

Those who had wished to bid earlier, gave up when their gaze fell on the pile of mid-grade eight spirit stones.

Slumped into the chair inside private room number one, fury, sullenness, and killing intent flickered interchangeable on Wang Tongs face.

This time, he had only brought sixty million low grade-eight spirit stones with him.

Soon, one minute passed by...

Since there was no response for a long time, the auctioneer announced, “Since no one has a higher bid, this grandmist era jade token belongs to…”

“Sixty-one million low grade-eight spirit stones.” Suddenly, a voice rang in the hall. 

Everyone blanked for a second, then looked towards the source of the voice, and saw an old man clad in a black robe sitting in the corner of the last row seats.

The old mans face was sunken in, making his turbid eyes look even more eerie.

“Uncle, that old grandpa is richer than you.” Bei Xiaomei said as she blinked her eyes at Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong smiled, then called out, “Sixty-two million low grade-eight spirit stones.”

The black-robed old man calmly followed, “Sixty-three million low grade-eight spirit stones.”

“Sixty-four million!”

“Sixty-five million!”


It didnt take long for the price to reach seventy million which made Huang Xiaolong frown.

He hadnt expected this old man to be so annoyingly persistent.

In recent days, he had condensed quite a number of spirit stones, but now, he only had a little over fifty million mid-grade eight spirit stones left.

In other words, Huang Xiaolong could only take out one hundred million low grade-eight spirit stones.

Huang Xiaolong pondered for a moment then shouted, “Eighty million low grade-eight spirit stones.”

Eighty million low grade-eight spirit stones!

Other guests broke out in cold sweat, as great waves of shock were crashing against their hearts.

A cold shiver ran down the auctioneer\'s spine and his body quivered.

At this point, there were finally some fluctuations of emotions on the old mans sunken face.

He seemed a bit shocked as he looked at Huang Xiaolong as if he hadnt expected Huang Xiaolong to raise the price by ten million in one go, or perhaps he was shocked that Huang Xiaolong had these many spirit stones!

When the shock receded, the crowds attention fell back onto the old man, as each of them were anticipating whether he would continue to compete with Huang Xiaolong.

“Ninety million low grade-eight spirit stones!” The black-robed old man hesitated for a moment then shouted.

Others felt their heads dizzy from lack of oxygen.

The auctioneer was also swaying unsteadily on the stage.

“That is all the amount of spirit stones I have on me.

Little guy, if you have more than ninety million low grade-eight spirit stones, then, that jade token is yours.” The black-robed old man said to Huang Xiaolong flatly.

In the next moment, all the attention shifted back to Huang Xiaolong once again, whereas, Huang Xiaolong inwardly heaved a sigh of relief as that was good news.

“Ninety-one million low grade-eight spirit stones.” Huang Xiaolong called out in front of the other anticipating guests.

A soft light glimmered in the depths of the old mans eyes and disappeared immediately.

In the end, Huang Xiaolong spent ninety-one million low grade-eight spirit stones and successfully won the bid for the grandmist era jade token.

When an auction hall staff carried the box with the jade token to Huang Xiaolong, the little cow was one step ahead of him.

She stepped forward and picked up the black jade token.

She was extremely excited as she tried to sense the darkness element energy and aura within the jade token.

She exclaimed excitedly under her breath, “This is it, this is it!”

Huang Xiaolong felt even more curious watching the little cows reaction.

‘Did this jade token belong to the little cow before she got reincarnated But it seems unlikely because shes not from Hell.

“Xiaolong, keep the jade token well.

Ill tell you about it when we get back.” The little cow said to Huang Xiaolong very seriously.

Huang Xiaolong nodded and collected the jade token.

As everyone was still watching, Huang Xiaolongs group stood up to leave the auction, however, their path was blocked by Chen Xiao and Wang Tong as well as other Venerable Buddha Sects disciples.

Wang Tong coldly glared at Huang Xiaolong.


“Of course Im good.” Huang Xiaolong calmly retorted.

Fury glimmered across Wang Tongs eyes, and he said, “Do you think you can leave the Royal Buddha Great Worlds”

“You dont need to worry about that.” Huang Xiaolong replied nonchalantly.

Wang Tong sneered coldly, he turned to leave with Chen Xiaos group but Bei Xiaomei suddenly shouted, “Not so fast!”

Everyone was surprised.

Wang Tong turned around and looked at Bei Xiaomei, exuding a chilling coldness, “Youre this kids maid, right A maid like you dares…” But his words halted right there and his face tightened in astonishment as he looked at the silver token in Bei Xiaomeis hand. 


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