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Chen Xiao saw that the people sitting below them were shaken by the bidding price, and laughed as he said to Wang Tong, “Five million low grade-eight spirit stones have already scared them so much.

Didnt I already say that the God Kings Buddha Pellet and Buddha Paste are not something that people of lower status and characters could afford.”

Wang Tong smiled.

“Its time we make a bid.”

A meaningful smile flashed over Chen Xiaos face as he said, “Let me act on behalf of Young Lord Wang for this small task.”

“Fine, these people recognize your voice, and my voice is not necessarily more useful than yours.” Wang Tong agreed.

Chen Xiao said some perfunctory words, and then leisurely shouted, “5.1 million low grade-eight spirit stones.”

The slightly astonished and rowdy crowd quieted down at the fall of Chen Xiao\'s voice. 

It\'s the Venerable Buddha Sect Chief Chen Xiao!

As expected, the Venerable Buddha Sect is rich, but I\'ve heard that he\'s here with the Royal Buddha Emperor Palace\'s Young Lord.

I think he\'s bidding on behalf of him!”

“Who will dare to bid after this and offend the Royal Buddha Emperor Palace How are you going to live in the Royal Buddha Great Worlds if you were to do that!”

Similar conversations took place among the people in the auction hall.

Most of the people were wary of the Venerable Buddha Sects backing by the Royal Buddha Emperor Palace, therefore, no one dared to make a bid for a moment.

The corners of Wang Tongs lips rose to see this effect.

“See, didnt I say your voice holds more weight than mine.” He said to Chen Xiao.

Chen Xiao humbly replied, “Young Lord Wang is praising me.” He glanced below, in Huang Xiaolongs direction, then added, “That kid doesnt have the guts to utter a sound anymore.”

 Wang Tong shook his head as he saw that Huang Xiaolong had remained silent.

“It seems you are right, even if he has some spirit stones, he wont have the guts to compete with me.”

At this time, the auctioneer on the auction stage spoke sonorously, “The guest in private room number one, the Venerable Buddha Sects Sect Chief Chen Xiao bids 5.1 million low grade-eight spirit stones, anyone with a higher bid”

The auctioneer deliberately emphasized—‘Venerable Buddha Sect Chief.

Chen Xiao nodded with satisfaction as the auctioneer was being tactful.

“If theres no higher bid, then, the God Kings Buddha Pellet and Buddha Paste go to the Venerable Buddha Sect Chief.” In less than three seconds, the auctioneer quickly added.

Just as Huang Xiaolong was about to make a bid, Bei Xiaomei had already shouted out her bid, “Six million low grade-eight spirit stones!” Everyone was surprised by her tender voice.

Bei Xiaomei bid attracted everyones attention, and inquiring gazes fell on her.

Wang Tong and Chen Xiao were greatly surprised as they watched this from inside the private room number one.

Chen Xiaos brows wrinkled slightly as he stated, “I am sure that kid made a little girl bid on his behalf as he couldnt dare to open his own mouth.” Clearly, he had misunderstood the whole situation.

But then again, as Bei Xiaomei was sitting beside Huang Xiaolong, this misunderstanding was reasonable.

Wang Tong chuckled nonchalantly, not really taking offense.

“Thats fine as well, this is more interesting.

Since the other side has already shouted six million, we cant be too stingy.”

Chen Xiao answered, “Understood.” He then looked outwards and offered, “Seven million low grade-eight spirit stones!”

Seven million!

Everyone was shocked to hear that the Venerable Buddha Sects Chief Chen Xiao had raised the bid price by one million, thus bringing the total to seven million low grade-eight spirit stones shocked everyone.

Bei Xiaomei pouted and grumbled under her breath, “That old man is so annoying!” Then she raised her voice and called out, “Eight million! Eight million low grade-eight spirit stones.”

Eight million!

The crowd was in a furor of excitement from the smell of gunpowder in the air.

Chen Xiao sneered at Huang Xiaolong when he heard Bei Xiaomeis bid of eight million.

“This kid has got some spirit stones for sure.”

Wang Tong smiled as if his mood wasnt affected at all by this, and said, “Its alright, merely eight million low grade-eight spirit stones; our Royal Buddha Emperor Palace can easily afford it.” He signaled Chen Xiao to continue bidding.

“Nine million!” Chen Xiao no longer hesitated after receiving Wang Tongs signal and called out his bid loudly.

Bei Xiaomei puffed her cheeks with anger when she heard Chen Xiaos bid of nine million.

She had only brought ten million low grade-eight spirit stones with her, which had brought down her chances of winning this bid to zero.

“Ten million!” Bei Xiaomei shouted with all her energy.

At the same time, she glared angrily in the direction of private room number one. 

Chen Xiaos face turned a little ugly at this.

In the beginning, Chen Xiao had been under the impression that as long as he were to make a bid, the God Kings Buddha Pellet and Buddha Paste would be theirs in 5.1 million, as no one would dare to challenge his bid.

He hadnt expected a little girl to push the price to ten million low grade-eight spirit stones.

“That kids courting death!” Chen Xiao glared coldly at Huang Xiaolong.

He was still thinking that Bei Xiaomei was instructed by Huang Xiaolong to make her bids.

Wang Tong shook his head at Chen Xiao.

The corners of his lips rose, as he said in a low voice, “Its fine, continue to play with him.”

Chen Xiao nodded, then called out eleven million low grade-eight spirit stones.

Eleven million!

The crowd below them gasped in astonishment.

Eleven million low grade-eight spirit stones….

not high grade-seven spirit stones, but low grade-eight spirit stones! Even a prominent family in the Royal Buddha Sect wouldnt be able to take out eleven million low grade-eight spirit stones that easily.

Bei Xiaomei sat down like a defeated cock, looking disheartened.

“Uncle, do you have any low grade-eight spirit stones that you could loan me I just need five million.” Bei Xiaomei suddenly turned and asked Huang Xiaolong, with pitiful eyes.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head.

Bei Xiaomei was disappointed as she mumbled, “I knew you couldnt possibly have five million.

Look at your attire, how could you have five million low grade-eight spirit stones”

Huang Xiaolong was speechless at her response.

He automatically checked his attire; it was extremely ordinary, without any ancient divine armor.

Therefore, Bei Xiaomei could hardly be blamed for thinking that way.

“Twelve million! Low grade-eight spirit stones.” Right at this time, Huang Xiaolong made his.

The noisy crowd all turned sharply to look at Huang Xiaolong, including Bei Xiaomei.

Bei Xiaomeis eyes widened stupidly, and she asked him, “Uncle, didnt you just say that you dont have money”

“I didnt say that I lacked money, but I said that I didnt want to loan any of it to you.” Huang Xiaolong replied frankly.

Generous as he might have been, he was not so generous as to loan a stranger five million low grade-eight spirit stones.

The Divine World wasn\'t small, therefore, where was he going to find Bei Xiaomei to get back his money in the future Moreover, Huang Xiaolong himself needed to buy God Kings Buddha Pellet and Buddha Paste.

Naturally, he couldnt loan money to a competitor.

Bei Xiaomei dazed for a moment, then glared at Huang Xiaolong indignantly and complained, “Uncle, youre too stingy.”

Huang Xiaolong didnt feel like he was stingy at all, but at the same time, he thought of Fang Xuanxuan, as she had also mentioned that he was stingy.

“I also want to bid for the Buddha Pellet and Buddha Paste.” Huang Xiaolong refuted.

Bei Xiaomei couldnt retort his words.

“Thirteen million low grade-eight spirit stones!” Chen Xiaos voice came out from the private room number one again.

Chen Xiaos deathly glare was fixed on Huang Xiaolong as he shouted loudly.

“Fourteen million low grade-eight spirit stones!” Huang Xiaolong made his bid without hesitation.

Chen Xiaos face turned uglier by the second, but he turned to Wang Tong inquiringly.

At this point, even Wang Tong couldnt help but frown.

He hadnt expected Huang Xiaolong to actually bid fourteen million.

Fourteen million had greatly exceeded the worth of the Buddha Pellet and Buddha Paste for him, but if he were to stop bidding now, it would shame the Royal Buddha Emperor Palaces reputation.

“I, Royal Buddha Emperor Palaces Wang Tong, will bid fifteen million low grade-eight spirit stones!” After some internal struggle, Wang Tong gritted his teeth and said sullenly.

He had deliberately emphasized the Royal Buddha Emperor Palace while making his bid.

If that kid doesnt retreat tactfully and dares to contend with me, then…! A sharp gleam flickered across his eyes.


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