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Upon entering the Martial Dragon Mainland, Huang Xiaolong immediately sensed a robust dragon qi coming from the depths of the mainland.

Huang Xiaolong was surprised and astounded.

This is a dragon spiritual vein!

And this dragon spiritual vein has reached a high grade seven! Maybe even grade eight!

A world surface like the Vientiane World could not give birth to a grade seven spiritual vein because the Vientiane Worlds spiritual energys quality was simply too poor to gestate any high grade spiritual veins.

But there was actually one in this High Martial World!

Spiritual vein was none other than spirit stone mine.

Mining a spiritual vein could bring several hundred thousand spirit stones, and one could probably mine several million spirit stones from a big spiritual vein.

Several millions of grade seven spirit stones were an astonishing wealth.

“Dont covet this dragon spiritual vein.” The little cows voice brought Huang Xiaolong out of his daydream.

Unless you want to become sworn enemies with the High Martial World\'s five big clans.

Huang Xiaolong asked, “There is more than one grade seven spiritual vein in this High Martial World”

The little cow was caught off guard by his question but nodded slowly and answered, That\'s right, there are five in total, and together, they form the Five Extinction Killing Formation.

The five clans control one spiritual vein each, and anyone who dares to touch any one of the spiritual veins… hehe! The meaning was evident.

“Which clan is the strongest among the High Martial Worlds five clans Is it the Gudu Clan” Huang Xiaolong asked another question.

The little cow shook her head.

No, not them.

The strongest is the Longwu Clan, and this Martial Dragon Mainland\'s name comes from their surname.

The Longwu Clan\'s core disciples have the dragon bloodline, however, it has thinned considerably over the ages.

On top of that, the Longwu Clan\'s core disciples\' body can transform into a dragonman, as they possess some attributes of the Dragon Clan.

Huang Xiaolong was a little surprised, “The Longwu Clans core disciples can actually transform...!”

The little cow affirmed, Yes, this aspect is somewhat similar to you, however, their transformation is dragonman, whereas your transformation is primordial divine dragon.

Its the difference between heaven and earth.”

“Could it be that this Longwu Clans ancestors originated from the ancient Dragon Clan” Huang Xiaolong asked.

“Im not very clear about this,” said the little cow.

“But thats probably the case since they have the dragon bloodline.

They should be the later generations of a human and Dragon Clan. 

Then, is there any connection between the Nine Dragons Emperor Palace and the Longwu Clan Are they another force serving under the Nine Dragons Emperor Palace Huang Xiaolong asked more questions. 

No, the Longwu Clan is not affiliated with any Emperor\'s Palace. The little cow went on solemnly, That\'s the strange thing.

The Longwu Clan does not have the backing of any Emperor\'s Palace yet they are able to become thehead of High Martial Worlds five clans!”

Xiang Xun interjected, “Maybe, this Longwu Clans backing is a peerless master that Emperors Palace is wary of.”

The little cow blanked for a second, then mumbled, Maybe.

The group chatted as they flew forward.

They were so engrossed in chatting that they arrived at the Martial Dragon City\'s city gates even before they realized it.

The Martial Dragon City\'s tall city walls were akin to an immemorial mountain range, and Huang Xiaolongs group was able to feel the presence of faint dragon qi inside the city walls!

Huang Xiaolong observed carefully, and discovered that each giant brick was pulsing with dragon vitality from within.

“No need to stare at those walls anymore—these city walls are built of Yang Dragon Stone, in fact, the whole Martial Dragon City is built with these Yang Dragon Stones!” The little cow stated.

Feng Er, Gui Yi, and the others sucked in a breath of cold air.

Yang Dragon Stone was a kind of chaos spiritual stone, and it did not come cheap.

Furthermore, it was not something that could be bought even if there was ample money, but the entire Martial Dragon City was built out of these Yang Dragon Stones!

This was scary! Huang Xiaolong was genuinely frightened.

“The whole Martial Dragon Citys perimeter measures three million li, inscribed with thirty thousand ancient grand formations!” The little cow added, “Once these thirty thousand ancient grand formations are activated, it could instantly kill a high-level God King Realm master!”

Huang Xiaolong, Feng Er, and the others listened with wide eyes.

Thirty thousand ancient grand formations!

This was the tyranny of an ancient citys foundation and wealth! 

“However, it takes thirty thousand God King Realm masters to activate these thirty thousand ancient grand formations.” The little cow went on.

Huang Xiaolong, Feng Er, and the rest were astonished once more.

“The Longwu Clan has thirty thousand God King Realm masters” Void devil beast Xu Baisheng blurted out his doubt.

The little cow rolled her eyes at him.

“I didnt say the Longwu Clan has thirty thousand God King Realm masters, I only said it takes thirty thousand God King Realm masters to fully activate all thirty thousand ancient grand formations.”

Xiang Xun, void devil beast Xu Baisheng, and the others dazed for a second.

But Huang Xiaolong was even more curious as to why the little cow knew so much about the Longwu Clan

The group stepped through the city gates and entered the Martial Dragon City after paying the entry fees.

Bigger world surfaces such as the High Martial World commonly used spirit stones as currency, instead of shenbi.

Naturally, the low-grade spirit stones held no value in the Divine World, therefore the commonly used spirit stones were grade four spirit stones and above.

Since there was a scarcity of high grade spirit stones, high grade spirit stones like grade seven spirit stones were extremely popular in the Divine World.

After entering the Martial Dragon City, Huang Xiaolongs group casually strolled down the main street.

The streets were filled with various forging shops as well as the shops selling forging materials.

Huang Xiaolong, Feng Er, Gui Yi, and others eyes were bedazzled by this sight.

However, the Giant Shark Flying Ship was a top grade chaos spiritual flying ship, and the materials needed to repair it needed to be top grade chaos iron ores, top grade chaos spirit stones, and some rare top grade chaos divine flying beasts blood and wings.

And this grade of precious materials were not sold in these small scale shops.

Hence, Huang Xiaolongs group went to the few big shops in Martial Dragon City.

The few big forging material shops in the Martial Dragon City were located in the most prosperous location.

While Huang Xiaolong\'s group was heading there, the pedestrians behind them were suddenly in an uproar.

Huang Xiaolong and the others looked over their shoulders and saw that the pedestrians in the streets had parted to the sides of the street.

Soon, a group of men and women came riding on chaos spiritual beasts from the other end of the street. 

“Its the people from the Longwu Clan and Gudu Clan!”

“Do you see that The woman in the middle at the front is Longwu Clans Longwu Ling Er, one of the most talented geniuses of Longwu Clans younger generation!”

“The man on her left is the Gudu Familys Gudu Yue, and the woman on the right is the Gudu Clans number one beauty, Gudu Man.

Recently, Ive heard that the Solitude Emperor Palace is planning to recruit genius disciples with emperor rank godhead from various branches.

Gudu Yue and Gudu Man would head over there to register in a few days.

With their aptitudes, they would definitely rouse the interest of the Solitude Emperor Palaces Grand Elders!”

Some of the other sects disciples, who were standing on the side of the street, this information drilled into Huang Xiaolong and others ears.

Longwu Ling Er, Gudu Yue, Gudu Man!

Huang Xiaolongs gaze fell onto the three people at the front of the group.

He had to admit Gudu Man indeed had a beautiful face, and a very charming and lovely appearance.

However, the Longwu Clan and Gudu Clans group sped away in a blur on their mounts.

Soon, the group left and the pedestrians resumed walking on the street.

Huang Xiaolong looked at the backs of the Longwu Clan and Gudu Clan. The Solitude Emperor Palace is also recruiting emperor rank godhead disciples from its branches

“Longwu Ling Ers talent is still not bad.” The little cow said.

“Xiaoniu, what is your relation with the Longwu Clan” Huang Xiaolong asked suddenly.


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