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One hour passed...

A veil of darkness covered the Sand Waves Sect\'s headquarters that extended outwards covering ten thousand li radius.

One could hardly see their own hands within this darkness.

Even the Sand Waves Sect\'s Ancestor God Realm higher echelons could merely see no more than a few hundred meters.

The awed expression on Deng Qishun, Li Ye, Feng Er, Gui Yi, Gui Er, and the others\' faces deepened.

Before this, void devil beast Xu Baisheng had already informed Deng Qishun, Feng Er, and the rest that the reason behind this manifestation was Huang Xiaolong advancing to Ancestor God Realm.

He had specifically informed them about this so that the Sand Waves Sect\'s higher echelon and disciples wouldnt become flustered and disorderly because of it.

The day passed...

The darkness continued to expand further.

In fact, the whole Wind Waves Desert was under a blanket of darkness now.

Other sects\' disciples who were training in the Wind Waves Desert were alarmed and confused by the phenomenon.

What\'s going on! Why have the surroundings darkened!

Is there some kind of a great devil appearing from Hell appearing!

These disciples scrambled out from the Wind Waves Desert while wondering about the cause of this phenomenon.

But to their dismay, they soon noticed that the darkness was spreading faster than they could run.

They were scared that this darkness would devour the entire Long Sun Mainland.

As the darkness continued to spread, other forces if Reverence World noticed the drastic changes in the flow of energies between heaven and earth.

Experts in some small cities within close proximity to the Wind Waves Desert who were drinking in restaurants, walking in the streets, or buying herbs and other things suddenly sensed that their surroundings had fallen into darkness!

Looking up at the sky, they realized it wasn\'t their surroundings that had fallen into darkness, but the whole city!

But when these people rushed out of the city in a panic, they discovered it wasnt only the city, but everything was enshrouded in darkness, as far as their eyes could see in all the four directions!

As the little cow and void devil beast Xu Baisheng clenched their hands in anticipation, four days and four nights had already passed.

Four days and four nights!

Void devil beast Xu Baishengs breathing quickened unconsciously.

He remembered clearly that the little cow had said that when the Ancient Heavenly Emperor had broken through to Ancestor God Realm, the manifestations had lasted for four days and four nights.

Then, was Masters current soul force number similar to the Ancient Heavenly Emperor, bordering 9,000!

Even the usually blase little cow looked nervous.

Has Huang Xiaolong passed the threshold of 9,000!

Could this natural manifestation triggered by Huang Xiaolong last for six days and six nights, similar to the King of Grandmist!

At this point, time seemed to have slowed down.

Every second and every hour, seemed long for the little cow and the void devil beast.

The drumming sounds coming from Huang Xiaolongs three supreme godheads grew increasingly louder, reaching a million miles away.

In others ears, the drumming sounds resembled the ancient Thunder God banging on his heavenly drum.

Soon, five days and five nights went by.

Huang Xiaolongs three supreme godheads actions intensified.

Experts in every corner of Long Sun Mainland could hear the drumming sounds from his three supreme godheads, as they vibrated to the core of their souls.

“Its already five days and five nights.” The little cow muttered under her breath.

Her gaze was fixed on Huang Xiaolongs figure without blinking.

Five days and five nights… Has Huang Xiaolongs soul force surpassed 9,000 She couldnt say for sure, however, as long as Huang Xiaolong could last six days and six nights, it was for sure, above 9,000!

Eternal Prosperity City was the main city of Eternal Prosperity Mainland.

From somewhere within this city, the Ancestor and Sect Chief of Vast Cloud Sect, one of Reverence Worlds super forces, were looking at the black light that was casting a shadow over the land in bewilderment. 

“Ancestor, according to the reports from the disciples, the source of this black light is located in the Wind Waves Desert.

Ancestor, do you think its got something to do with the Sand Waves Sect” Vast Cloud Sects Chief Yang Shi inquired.

Vast Cloud Sects Ancestor Li Qingwei solemnly said, “Ive heard that the other three Sand Waves Sects Ancestors have yet to return.

Is that correct”

Vast Cloud Sects Chief Yang Shi nodded in affirmation.

“Yes, that is so.

Song Qis group hasnt returned yet.

Most likely they have fallen while competing for the Tianwu Treasure.

Not only that, Ive received a message that Liang Luwen was killed in the Extraterritorial Devils Battlefield! Ancestor, if that is true, we should seize this opportunity and attack the Sand Waves Sect before the Clear Mind Sect makes their move!”

But the Vast Cloud Sects Ancestor Li Qingwei shook his head in disagreement as he said, “We can\'t determine if the message is true.

Maybe Clear Mind Sect\'s old tricksters deliberately released this false news to lure us to begin a war with the Sand Waves Sect.

They can reap the benefits in between if that happened.

Otherwise, why is the Clear Mind Sect not attacking right now”

“Send people to investigate the matter.

If Song Qi, Liang Luwen, and others have really died in the Extraterritorial Devils Battlefield, then we can make a move.

Also, check out what is causing this black light!”

“Yes, Ancestor!”

While the Vast Cloud Sect was sending someone to investigate about Song Qi, Liang Luwen, and also the source of the black light, other super forces on the Reverence World had issued similar orders.

Time flew by...

Finally, six days and six nights had passed!

When the heaven and earth manifestations triggered by Huang Xiaolong entered the seventh day, the little cow and void devil beast Xu Baisheng were so excited that they were babbling.

“Six days six nights! Master has passed six days and six nights! Senior Xiaoniu, then, then, Masters soul force has exceeded 9,000!” Void devil beast Xu Baisheng was almost screaming.

Even the little cow was shrieking, “Definitely exceeded 9,000, definitely!” Her tail was swinging rapidly.


Within these several hundred million years, Huang Xiaolongs talent was undoubtedly ranked at the top!

Even the Ancient Heavenly Emperors manifestations had lasted for merely four days and four nights!

However, the little cow and void devil beast Xu Baisheng were dumbfounded when the manifestations continued beyond the eighth day!

Each of Huang Xiaolongs three supreme godheads were still nurturing an avatar, still accumulating energy, and had yet to break the barrier to the Ancestor God Realm.

The little cow and void devil beast Xu Baisheng exchanged a speechless expression.

Eighth days and eight nights! What the heck was this!

The little cow and Xu Baisheng were certain that Huang Xiaolongs soul force had exceeded the King of Grandmist!

By the time the ninth day and ninth night had passed, the drumming sounds from Huang Xiaolongs three supreme godheads finally stopped.

And Huang Xiaolong shone as if he was the origin of light, enshrouded in a kaleidoscope of colors.

Then, a loud boom came from inside of Huang Xiaolongs body.

His momentum exploded and rose endlessly, as the godforce belonging to an Ancestor God Realm master flowed out from him.

At the same time, a primordial divine dragon flew out from his Holy Dragon Supreme Godhead, then a great archdevil from his Archdevil Supreme Godhead, and lastly, an immemorial golden Buddha from his Innumerable Buddha Supreme Godhead.

A primordial divine dragon, a great archdevil, and a golden Buddha—roars of a dragon reverberated in the air, accompanied by the howling of a devil, as well as the chanting of mantras. 

The little cow and void devil beast Xu Baisheng were more than a little dumbstruck at this sight.

Roughly three hours later, the primordial divine dragon, great archdevil, and immemorial golden Buddha gradually turned into three different people that looked exactly like Huang Xiaolong, starting from the head, body, and lastly, ten fingers.

These three were Huang Xiaolongs avatars!

Each of the three avatars sat cross-legged above Huang Xiaolongs respective supreme godheads, exuding the majestic of a supreme being.

One day later, the dazzling lights around Huang Xiaolong converged and disappeared.

When Huang Xiaolong opened his eyes, the little cow felt a vast and mighty wave of force brushed past her.

It was enough to make her and the void devil beast retreat backwards by one step.


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