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Yu Bo stood guard at the door and looked at Yan Yuanfei, who had come out with her suitcase.

He was already sure that it was love at first sight for him.

He had been with Sir for more than a decade, he was a gentleman and polite to everyone.

But this was the first time he had taken the initiative with a girl.

Was Sir ready to fall in love

Yan Yuanfei lived next door, and there was only a wall between the two houses.

The villa had three floors.

There was a front yard and a backyard, a pool, flowerbeds, and orchard.

It covered a large area.

Instead of calling it a villa, it was more appropriate to call it a small manor.

Yan Yuanfei did not ask why she was here.

He only instructed Yu Bai to help clean up the guest room, turn on the heater, and bring new bedding.

He was not used to using servants.

The cleaning work here was all done by hourly workers, and so was the preparation of food.

The chef would leave after coming over to cook.

However, he usually did not eat at home and rarely called for anyone.

Wen Ruoshui tidied up briefly and took her pajamas out of her suitcase, she will leave tomorrow morning anyway.

A day was enough for her to clean up the house.

Yan Yuanfei knocked on her door.

“Miss Wen, what else do you need Ill get Yu Bo to buy it.”

Wen Ruoshui opened the door and looked at the man standing in front of her.

No matter what, he was always polite and refined.

He was a gentleman and gave off a reliable and reassuring feeling.

“I dont lack anything.”

Yan Yuanfei asked, “Are you hungry now Do you want some supper”

Wen Ruoshui politely refused.

“Im not hungry, thank you.”

Yan Yuanfei said regretfully, “I just made onion oil noodles.

Since Miss Wen isnt hungry, you should rest early.”

The fragrance of onion oil noodles filled the air.

Wen Ruoshuis stomach growled twice.

There was a warm smile in Yan Yuanfeis voice.

“Miss Wen is hungry.

If you dont mind, you can eat with me.”

For the first time, there was a change in Wen Ruoshuis calm expression.

She felt a little shy as she watched the man turn around.

He was really a gentleman who knew how to respect others.

Yan Yuanfei brought out two bowls of noodles and looked at her naturally.

“What are you waiting for Go get two pairs of chopsticks from the kitchen.”

Wen Ruoshui was originally a little tense, but she suddenly relaxed when she heard his words.

She ran to the kitchen to get two pairs of chopsticks and two bowls of soup.

Yu Bo went out to help buy towels, toothbrushes, cups, and other toiletries.

When he returned, he saw a couple sitting on the sofa in the living room, eating noodles and watching television.

Although the two of them did not speak, the entire scene looked very warm, as if they were a loving couple who had known each other for a long time.

It was amazing.

They had just met and known each other for less than two days.

After dinner, Wen Ruoshui took the cutlery and was about to enter the kitchen to wash the dishes.

She had eaten someone elses food, so she still had to do this small task.

“Let me do it!” Yan Yuanfei smiled.

Looking at the girls tender hands, how could he bear to let her wash the dishes “Miss Wens hands are used to save lives.”

How could Wen Ruoshui allow that She quickly picked up the bowl and washed it.

“Im fine.

I often wash the dishes too.”

Yan Yuanfei watched as she poured the dishwashing liquid into half a bowl.

A smile appeared on his lips as he took the bowl from her hand and said in a low voice, “I cant let a guest wash the dishes.”

Beside the sink was a palm-sized space.

The two of them stood close together.

Wen Ruoshui could clearly smell the faint scent of ebony on the mans body.

For a moment, her heart began to race uncontrollably.

She could neither stand still nor retreat.

From the corner of his eye, Yan Yuanfei could clearly see the little girl beside him.

Her fair face was a little red, and even her earlobes were slightly pink.

She was extremely cute.

In the end, Wen Ruoshui couldnt take it anymore.

The moment she retreated, she coughed softly.

“Then Ill trouble Mr.


Ill go back and rest first.”

“Rest early.” Yan Yuanfei nodded.

When she went out, he turned to ask her, “Miss Wen, do you like Chinese or Western breakfast”

Wen Ruoshui staggered, the mans mellow and intoxicating voice made her legs go weak.

Her voice was less calm.

“Ill leave tomorrow morning.

Theres no need to trouble Mr.


Yan Yuanfei looked at the girls flustered footsteps and then at the half-filled bowl of dishwashing liquid.

He couldnt help but smile.

Little liar, how could someone who often washed dishes pour half a bowl of dishwashing liquid at once

Wen Ruoshui ran all the way to the house and sat on the bed.

She touched her pounding heart and her face was frighteningly hot, what was wrong with her

Why did she have such a strange feeling just by looking at him and listening to him

Dongfang Chu called again.

“Shui Shui, are you home Why didnt you call me”

Wen Ruoshui said, “I am here and about to sleep, dont worry.

I just unpacked my things and forgot to call you.”

Dongfang Chu said, “Okay, then you should rest early.

Ill help you unpack your things tomorrow!”

Wen Ruoshui said, “Ill look for a part-time helper tomorrow.

You can come over and stay after Im done cleaning up.”

She had just hung up when someone knocked on the door again.

Yan Yuanfei stood at the door with a glass of milk in his hand.

He looked at her and said, “Have a glass of hot milk before you sleep!”

Wen Ruoshui took the milk.

“Thank you, Mr.


Yan Yuanfei said, “You dont have to be so distant with me, our families are old friends.

You can call me brother or just call me by my name.”

Wen Ruoshui couldnt call him brother.

She wasnt the type to get along with others, nor could she call him by his name.

It was best to call him Mr.

Yan, but she only smiled and didnt say anything.

Yan Yuanfei knew that she might be shy and was too embarrassed, so he did not mention this again.

Wen Ruoshui held the milk.

Through the cup, the hot temperature warmed her heart.

She did not expect him to return.

The first person who made her feel at ease and warm would be a man she had only known for two days.

Wen Ruoshui left early the next morning, she did not even eat breakfast and dragged her suitcase back to her house.

She realized that there were already people cleaning the house.

She asked the cleaner and found out that Yan Yuanfei had helped call them over.

She glanced in the direction of the house next door.

If it was anyone else who had done so much for her, she would think that person was being unaccountably solicitous.

They must be up to no good.

But if he did it, she would find it an insult to think that of him.

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