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The Zyr and The Lizarna Maya's Family

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It was a severely cold night. There was darkness in the streets. The homes of people were looking dead under the great pressure of fog. But in one house, there were echoes of children playing and running behind each other. A large woman was sitting on a dark wooden chair holding a 9 month old kid in her hands. A coal fire thrust yellow flames up in the chimney. That fire was lit by a chubby young girl. Both the young girl and the large woman look in each other eyes and give a gentle smile and then look toward the children playing on the ground. There were three of them playing. One was 9, other was 6 and the last one was 4 year old. The youngest kid looked in his mother eyes. He walked toward her. Holding both his hands out, he asked his mother to pick him up and let him sit in her lap. The mother gave the 9 month old to the chubby girl standing beside her. Then she picked the kid in her hands and put him on her lap. The kid demanded to hear the story that she always narrated him. As the mother started the story, the child fell into a sound sleep. Everyone smiled except for the young girl that had an exciting yet nervous expression on her face. Seeing her half nervous face, the large woman told her everything will be fine. She just has to get some sleep and wait for tomorrow. The next day, the girl was in hurry. She was giving final touches to her packing. Finally the time had come for her departure from the poor old town. Woman asks the girl if she needs anything else. The girl simply nodded in no and told that she only needs a diary which can become her travelling journal or something that contains all biography about her. The woman gave her a simple diary and said,

"Its a magical diary. Don lose it at any cost!"

The girl asked what was special about the simple old chunk of pages and the woman told her that shell realize that special thing about it later on her own. The girl ignored her words thinking that old woman was just talking some nonsense. Saying goodbye to everyone, the girl left the home, turned back to see her old house again and then finally stopped a taxi and departed.

(Please read the "Note" mentioned in synopsis carefully before continuing to the next chapters. IF YOU DONT READ IT THEN YOU MIGHT THINK THAT THE WHOLE STORY IS BORING JUST BECAUSE OF FIRST 5 TO 8 CHAPTERS... I deeply apologize if you don enjoy reading some of the first chapters!)

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