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Chapter 2126: Alarm

“Regarding the private life of a recruit before enlisting in the army.

The recruit was diagnosed with heart disease in junior high school.

It was even recorded in her personal files.

On the day of the college entrance examination, she falsely accused Ye Jian of cheating.

After an investigation by the Education Bureau, the recruit was banned from taking the exam for five years.”

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“In less than half a year, this recruit suddenly enlisted in the army and is very likely to enter the Beijing Political and Cultural Engineering Troupe, and the person who helped her enlist in the army is none other than Deputy Chief of Staff Du.” Xia Jinyuan reported earnestly and glanced indifferently at the videotape.

His dark eyes flickered slightly, “Such a recruit is not eligible for enlistment.

Without clear investigation, Deputy Chief of Staff Du not only made her eligible for enlistment but also helped her to be enlisted in advance on the grounds of special recruitment.”


“Commander-in-Chief, if this person really enters the army, once her private life and past actions are reported by the media, the image of our army will be severely damaged.”

Commander-in-chief Xia already knew who the “recruit” his son was talking about.

Ye Jian sent a recording in which she also had clearly mentioned Deputy Chief of Staff Du.


The Military Commission for Discipline Inspection had also heard this recording, but Old Du was no ordinary person after all.

Without more conclusive evidence, it was impossible for him to handle Old Du, even with his status.

This videotape also couldn’t prove that there was a problem with Old Du.

Special enlistment of soldiers was not an exercise of privilege.

People could indeed enlist in the army early.

Old Du only dared to do so because he knew how things worked.

Ye Zhifan’s daughter was enlisted in the army with her lack of virtue.

If this incident was exposed, at most, Old Du would only make an “uninvestigated” criticism in the conference.

Instead of alarming Old Du now, it was better to stand still for the time being.

Commander-in-Chief Xia, with his dimmed eyes, picked up the videotape and looked at it again, but since his daughter-in-law had sent the videotape to him, he couldn’t not see it and give his opinions.

Commander-in-Chief Xia, who had regarded Ye Jian as his daughter-in-law a long time ago, seemed to have thought of something and said something that seemed to be irrelevant to the topic, “I think Little Ye didn’t just send me the videotape, besides me, who else she also sent it to.

Do you know”

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“You have one, Ye Zhifan has one, and the wife of Deputy Chief of Staff Du also has one.” Xia Jinyuan didn’t want to hide what Ye Jian had done to his old man.

Since his old man asked, then he could reply with the action plans.

“Ye Zhifan and his daughter arrived in Beijing yesterday.


Li personally picked them up.

Hou Zi also told me that Mrs.

Li liked Ye Ying.” Xia Jinyuan paused for a few seconds to add the last sentence.


Commander-in-Chief Xia glanced at him thoughtfully, pondered for a moment, and said, “Isn’t this recruit not enlisted yet Let’s talk about it when she is enlisted.”

Xia Jinyuan raised his eyebrows.

If that was what his old man said, then that was how it would be in the future.

He wanted Ye Ying to join the army, nothing more than to make Mrs.

Li furious so that he could liquidate Ye Ying and Ye Zhifan, who had deceived him.

One must know that Mrs.

Li’s wrists were notoriously ruthless; every military and political family in Beijing knows it.

Old man Xia knew clearly that the videotape and Ye Ying being enlisted would not do anything to Deputy Chief of Staff Du, but he still let Ye Ying enlist in the army first, showing that he wanted the same thing in his heart.

Then he smiled and joked, “Ye Jian hasn’t passed the door of our Xia Family, so you must protect this side.

I must tell her how much you care about her affairs.”

Commander-in-chief Xia really thought so.

Ye Zhifan was involved in politics.

He couldn’t cover everything, so then they would let Mrs.

Li make a move.

Losing such a big face, Old Du, this mistress would not give up. 


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