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In the sky, a figure flew away, and there were nine fire snakes around him, and the momentum was extremely amazing.

With a flash of fire, it suddenly landed on the ground, showing Fang Xian’s figure, with a look of amazement on his face: “Okay… Use the magic power of the Zifu Real Talisman to drive the Nine Heavens Profound Fire Mirror, the effect is even more wonderful.”

Since these days, he has been familiar with the magic weapon, and at the same time comprehends the “Zifu Heavenly Book”.

His aptitude is astonishing and combined with the attribute column, he can be called a peerless genius, a natural seed of cultivation.

This “Zifu Heavenly Book” is all-inclusive, in addition to the fundamental exercises of Heavenly Fire Master’s cultivation, it also contains a large number of magical powers.

Every door can make the former wandering Taoist jealous.

For example, the flying fireworks escape method, although it is only at the level of the magic formula, but the speed of escape is amazing, and there is also the nine fire body protection formula.

When you raise your hand, you can send out nine flames to protect the whole body.

As for the spiritual art, there is the Red Dragon Spirit Art, which is a magic psychic, refining a psychic fire snake, such as an arm and a finger.

As well as the five fire gods, it is a fire and thunder method, and its power is amazing.

These five fire gods’ thunder methods, combined with the red dragon spirit art, and then found nine treasures of fire to refine into, can be transformed into the heavenly fire dragon great supernatural power!

This is the way of the gods! Even in the supernatural realm, it is unique.

With this supernatural power as the foundation, he can produce a top-grade pill; a second-grade nine-fire dragon pill was born!

The Master Tianhuo once commented that this elixir is crimson red, with a color like nine dragons, with thunderous winds and clouds, swallowing thousands of miles, and burning stratus clouds, it is the top grade in the elixir!

What is inheritance This is inheritance!

Only when the pills are of the highest grade can they have the opportunity to break through the dharma and primordial spirit.

This was also the lowest goal Fang Xian had set for himself.

In addition to the practice method, there are also a lot of refining methods for magic weapons and magic weapons in the celestial book.

For example, King Kong Li Huohuan, Nine Fire Heavenly Dragon Shade, Xuanyan Sheer Clothing, Red Fire Lamp, etc., there is even a sword-making technique, which can make the famous Nanming Lihuo Sword!

This is the authentic flying sword of Xuanmen, far surpassing that of the psychic treasure Qianjian, but the main material needed is heaven and earth, Nanming Lihuo, where can Fangxian find it

However, he was somewhat interested in the accompanying ‘Nanming Li Huo Sword Technique.

After comprehending it, he found out that the sword tactics with flying sword were all in the level of the Divine Path Art, so he could only smile bitterly.

At the end of the Heavenly Book, there are seven strange gates of fire formation.

There are seven strange gates in this formation, which can release the fire of Zhou Tian, ​​and no matter how masters come, they will be reduced to ashes.

”Divine Path Art, Sword Refining Technique, Tool Refining Technique, Pill Refining, Formation… I have this opportunity, and it is enough for me to start a sect.”

Fang Xian laughed dumbly: “Sure enough, the rich are getting richer, and the poor get poorer… This is kind of a weird fate, how can I say it”

He knows the truth that one shouldn’t try to bite off more than one can chew, and he is not distracted by weapon refining, swordsmanship, and formation techniques.

Anyway, there is already the Nine Heavens Profound Fire Mirror magic weapon on his body, which integrates the functions of flying escape, body protection, and attacking the enemy.

It is enough to use.

At this time, he is intent on polishing his mana, and chooses a spell to practice profoundly, in order to enter the realm of ‘Talisman’!

What Fang Xian chose was the ‘Five Fire Gods Thunder Technique’.

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The power of this spiritual art is astonishing, and it can be practiced in the later stage of the divine passage art.

The top-grade golden pill is very promising.

Who wants to take the small trail when there is a big road

The Five Fire God Thunder Technique is the way of fire and thunder.

It can be divided into Heavenly Fire Thunder, Earth Fire Thunder, Big Dipper Thunder, Malignant Fire Thunder, and Yin Fire Thunder, these five kinds.

When one is trying to cultivate it, it needs perfect timing and needs to collect all sorts of vitality.

When the Heavenly Fire Thunder needs thunderstorms, it is collected in the cloud layer.

The  Earth Fire Thunder needs the fire of the earth pulse, the Big Dipper Fire Thunder needs the training of the sky, the Malignant Star Fire Thunder needs a baleful energy, and the last Yin fire thunder needs to be refined with yin fire.

Of course, if you only want to get started at the beginning, as long as you can roughly collect a wisp of breath, combine the five fires, and refine them into seeds.

But he needs to master it at the big success level next time, all kinds of supernatural fire, precious big dipper, and malignant stars qi and other materials are indispensable.

After Fang Xian had collected the five qi, he would meditate in the cave every day, using his divine sense and mana to outline the inscriptions of the five fire gods and thunders in his dantian.

At this time, the quality of mana can be distinguished.

His mana is extremely high in nature, powerful and deep, and can last for an hour a day.

If the previous mana was mixed, the mana would be exhausted within half a stick of incense, and it would not be able to support it, and the practice would be pulled away.

The seal characters of the five fire gods, thunder technique, are no more than an inch long in the dantian, and their color is pure purple, with a faint thunder light.

When Fang Xian spent a month sketching the last stroke, his dantian was shocked.

The talisman immediately rolled up and turned into a seed of five-colored thunder light, exhaling mana in the dantian.

”It’s done!”

Fang Xian knows that this is the realm where he breaks through the realm and achieves the Talisman Realm.

From then on, when he used the five fire gods and thunder spells, he did not need to draw talismans or carry mana gestures.

In a single thought, the ‘talisman’ in his dantian could produce a phantom of the talisman.

This phantom is mixed with mana, and it is a fire thunder.

He was very excited, he came to the outside world and put out his palm.


Thunder broke out in the dry land, and a thunder light appeared from his palm, interrupting a small tree with the thickness of the mouth of a bowl. 

”Five fire thunders, each has its own magical effect, the heaven fire thunder is easy to ward off evil, and the yin fire thunder is good at hurting the soul… If they all cultivate to the top, they are enough to run wild in the world, but it’s a pity…”

At this time, Fang Xian was only a first-time entry threshold.

These five gods of fire, Thunder technique, could be used to fight and bully the younger generation.

If they met the disciples of the same generation who came out of Xuanmen, it would be difficult to decide the outcome.

Of course, he won’t be so pedantic.

If he really encounters an enemy, he will directly sacrifice the Nine Heavens Profound Fire Mirror.

A person with supernatural powers will not need to investigate, he will be smelted to death by real fire!

The power of the magic weapon is also his own strength.

”It’s time to get out of the mountain…”

After breaking through the runes, Fang Xian secretly said in his heart.

If possible, he would also like to stay here and cultivate the Primordial Spirit Daojun in one breath before exiting.

It’s a pity that he needs a lot of rare materials if he wants to condense the supernatural powers of the Heavenly Fire and the Dragon, as well as the promotion of the Five Fire Gods.

If you rely solely on your own self-cultivation or collection, you will die of old age before breaking through!

In addition, Fang Xian also calculated a lot of things during this time.

”The head of the three immortals, there are two great opportunities outside Shushan!”

”I’ve already got the first one, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to do the second one.

The time has not come, and the cultivation base is not enough.

At least I have to be in the supernatural power realm to explore it.”

This opportunity was determined by the Heavenly Fire Lord, and the forbidden law that was left was quite clever.

There was no loophole, and ordinary people could open it.

The second opportunity was a little dangerous.

”The next step is to cultivate the Divine Passage Art and strive to break through the Supernatural Power Realm.”

Fang Xian looked back at the Sanlian Mountains, with a brooding look on his face: “And… after the realm has improved, and Taoism has improved, maybe I can still comprehend the “Secret Record of the Mysterious Caverns” once” 


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