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“At present, I need to do two things… First, find a good technique to practice! Second, find that swordsman, master is probably dead, and this revenge will be avenged!”

After Fang Xian finished circulating his qi, he ate some dry food, treated his injuries, and pondered in his heart.

What he cultivated, no, he didn’t practice the exercises at all!

His master, Daoist You Fang, just had a chance encounter at the beginning, and he got a random cultivator’s leftovers, and there were two ‘Tongfa Pills’ in them.

Daoist You Fang swallowed one himself, and later accepted Zhou Yuan as his apprentice, gave him another, and it was gone.

As for how to practice in the future How to break through the realm and advance to the ‘Talisman Realm’ Completely smeared in the eyes, simply relying on circulating qi, and a few spells, just messing around in the world.

Most of the loose cultivators on the sidelines are like wandering Taoists, and they have no good concussion.

Of course, Fang Xian didn’t want to do this, but only he knows his own situation well.

With his aptitude, even if he was willing to break his current qi and rebuild it, no famous sect would want him!

”The second thing, revenge… In order to refine the ‘Five Yin Pockets’, Master said before that he was going to find an important family in the city to ‘borrow’ some materials, but I’m afraid that he has already gotten into trouble with the practitioners… Later, they also found out that I, a little thief, was still here in this broken temple, so they sent someone to dispose of me…”

”A practitioner, I can’t beat them for the time being, but I still have no problem finding an opportunity to secretly cut off the swordsman’s dog’s head…”

Fang Xian stroked the talisman paper in his hand and had a plan in his heart.

These talisman papers have been forged with mana, and are the best materials for making talisman flying swords, even better than the special talisman paper made by myself in my previous life!

Once successful, the power is almost comparable to a second-level wooden sword.

Combined with his own mana, having the strength of the peak  “refine a steel sword with blood” realm of the previous life is not out of reach!

After all, the power of using mana to drive the swordsmanship is certainly not comparable to the strained effort of a great master.

Once you enter the door of cultivation, you are different from the world.

Of course, this little art of controlling swords comes from different worlds, but the rules of the two worlds are similar, and it can be used if you are familiar with a few changes.

”Cultivation technique… Cultivation technique… Sigh… If it can be obtained easily, there will not be so many scattered practitioners struggling in the world…”

After thinking about it clearly, Fang Xian sighed.

His physical aptitude is average, and his luck is average, and he has entered an unofficial sect again, and he cannot enter the eyes of the official sects.

Even Sword Saints and Wandering Saints from unofficial sects, may not necessarily like him.

As for exploring the ruins, or inheriting the legacy of some predecessors, it is very rare to say that.

Even if there were, he would not be able to compete with those masters of ‘Talisman’ realm and ‘Supernatural Power’ Realm.

Even if he gets lucky and finds one or two, there are countless people in this world who know how to predict Heaven’s way.

Maybe they will find the coordinates of these treasures within two days and become someone else’s ‘external merit’, ‘merit’, ‘opportunity’, etc., and he will be cut by them with a sword.

In short, what is he but terrible

After thinking about this, Fang Xian’s heart got half cold.

”I have a strange origin.

I dare to go out and jump around, and I am too early to come out.

Maybe I will be calculated by some great power, fall into all kinds of calculations, and finally become a stepping stone for others… The top priority is to have a way to cover up his roots, as well as the fundamental cultivation exercises… This can’t be found outside, so he can only rely on himself.”

Fang Xian took a deep breath, the qi urged, and poured into the attribute column.

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Even his crudest qi is ten times better than the previous Primordial True Qi, filling the attribute bar in an instant, opening an epiphany.

”Comprehend the “Secret Record of the Mysterious Caverns”, I hope I can get what I want…”

Fang Xian closed his eyes and fell into a state of epiphany.

The comprehension of “Secret Record of the Mysterious Caverns” requires luck, but also has to have a sense of danger! After each comprehension, it is much more difficult to comprehend again than before!

Fortunately, he has already entered the Dao, and is a master of ‘Yanfa’.

He is beyond the realm of the great master.

An epiphany opportunity will not break the spiritual defense line.

Zzt! Zzt!

Fang Xian heard countless babble in his ears, his spiritual sense became hazy, and in a trance, he seemed to see the essence of this world…

Cut open the real outer layer of the outer layer, and there are countless dense silk threads inside, weaving a big net of causality.

”Under the flow of days, no one, even if they become immortals, can escape this big net.

This is the way of heaven in this world!”

”Destiny, chance…it is almost determined by heaven, and it is difficult to change.”

”If the cultivators want to transcend catastrophes and become immortal, they have to go through a lot of calamities…”

”If I stay in this world for a long time, I will also fall into the legal net and be gradually ‘assimilated’!”

Fang Xian felt horrified: “Unless… I can suppress my qi and not reveal my secrets, this requires too much Daoism, I can only do it with secret methods…”

In this kind of enlightenment, the strange texts in the “Secret Record of the Mysterious Caverns” have become partially understandable.

Although it only has seven pages, the characters on it are neither dragon, seal, and phoenix script nor oracle bone erosion.

It can be formed into different kinds of shapes, bring different meanings, and project unlimited messages.

Nobody knows how long time had passed, Fang Xian woke up and pressed his temple, feeling a little tingling.

His head was dizzy, and he couldn’t think too much at this time, and began to meditate cross-legged.

After recovery, he found that there were two more Dao techniques in his sea of ​​consciousness.

The method was originally unknown, but Fang Xian himself gave it a name.

One is the “Turtle Lined Blood Trigram”, which can calculate the fate of the universe and his own fortunes and misfortunes!

This method is evil and bloody, and every time you make a fortune-telling, you must kill a spirit tortoise and take its skeleton for calculation.

If there is no spiritual turtle, other rare beasts and even human bones can make do. 

The other one was even more bizarre, making Fang Xian’s breathing a little heavy.

——”The Secret Ritual of Shifting Destinies and Swapping Fates”!

Destiny is destiny, and accommodation is destiny.

This world is full of sky nets.

Everyone has fate and luck, which determines the way they live their lives.

Some people work hard all their lives, like ants, some people can step into the path of cultivation, and some people can become immortals! This is the difference in fate!

And the ‘Life-changing Secret Ritual’ can steal the opponent’s life, Qi, and even the fate of aptitude!

It’s just that a person can only cast it once in a lifetime, and if you want to take a life, you must kill one!

”The techniques in “Secret Record of the Mysterious Caverns”  seem to be so vicious and cruel… But this “The Secret Ritual of Shifting Destinies and Swapping Fates” can be called life-changing, and it can fundamentally solve my root problems of the talent issue…”

”It’s strange, why did I only have a little martial arts insight in the last world, but this world has such a secret method.

Is it because the world is different, the secret record will also change, what kind of realm is this”

”That ‘giant eye in the starry sky’ is probably a more terrifying existence than the legendary immortals and supreme demons…”

”However, there seems to be only ‘techniques’ in “Dongxuan Secret Record”, there is no ‘law’!”

The technique is used, and the law is the body.

The so-called law is the fundamental method of practice.

”Can’t comprehend this time without reaching the realm of ‘Talisman’.

It’s best not to continue to comprehend.

Otherwise, if one can’t suppress it, it will be easy to go crazy…”

Fang Xian quickly made a decision: “The cultivation method, he needs to find it somewhere else.”

But it has to be said that the techniques learned from this “Secret Record of the Mysterious Caverns” made him a little scared.

Compared to the bloody, evil, and ferocious demonic arts, the authentic spiritual methods of the official sects in this world are his first choice. 


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