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Chapter 922: They Lose When It Came to Who Can Curry Favor Better

Huang Yawen and Qiao Luna were both stunned and both looked towards Xiao Zhao.

Xiao Zhao was scared that she had said something wrong and hurriedly said, “Im just guessing, dont treat me like a joke if Im not right.”

“No,” Huang Yawen said, her face full of confusion.

“I feel like what you are saying is very logical.”

Qiao Luna said in shock, “Yes.

At the start, why didnt we think about that”

Xiao Zhao happily said, “I was just thinking that Classic X Files had always been looking among the young generation of actors to compete with the actors from the original work.

The production group has practically invited everyone from the new generation of actors.

Them seeking out Lu Man is nothing shocking.”

Huang Yawen smiled, relaxed.

“Luna, if the one acting in the same show as you is really Lu Man, then itll be easy for you.

The person who will manage to be outstanding will definitely be you.”

Although the show Classic X Files was different from The Performer and winning or losing was not that important, in the end, the guests would still have to perform outstandingly.

Its alright if you dont win, but you must be outstanding.

One must know how to stand out in order to make the audience remember you, to have a deep impression of you, to try to weaken the outstanding parts of the opponent.

That way, ones performance can be considered a success.

Because of that, even though Classic X Files was not an official competition, the competition underneath the surface was greater than the one on the surface.

“Haha, thats right, lets hope its Lu Man,” Qiao Luna said as she smiled, hoping from deep in her heart that the person filming in the same episode as her was Lu Man.

She needed to pray more before she slept tonight, hoping it was Lu Man, hoping it was Lu Man, hoping it was Lu Man!

Xiao Zhao also rubbed her two hands and smiled as she said, “I hope its Lu Man! That way, Sister Luna would definitely win.

Lu Man and Sister Luna are not at all on the same level.”


Lu Man still did not know that she had already been treated as someone who would be cannon fodder, nor that they really hoped that she would be in the same episode as her.

She stored her things properly and went to make a phone call to Han Zhuoli.

Before they set off, Han Zhuoli had reminded her multiple times that when she reached Dong Hua and checked in to the hotel, she definitely must tell him so he could feel more at ease.

It was a pity that it was Friday tomorrow and Han Zhuoli had important work to do.

He really could not leave or he would really have come with Lu Man.

Lu Man directly used WeChat to make a video call to Han Zhuoli to let him see that she had already checked in to the hotel.

Han Zhuoli was having a meeting now.

As he was waiting for Lu Mans phone call, he did not dare to put his phone on silent mode.

The production department manager was currently relaying the conclusion for the year, and the sound of the WeChat video call ringtone rang at that moment.

The production departments Manager Zheng frowned, stopped his reporting, and looked around.

“Who didnt put their phone on silent mode during the meeting” Manager Lu from the advertising department opened her mouth unhappily and looked around.

“Hurry and hang up the phone! The CEO himself puts his phone on silent mode during the meeting.

This sort of thing, do we need the CEO to especially say it Having a meeting is such a large event, but who dares to not have self-awareness at all, not knowing how to learn more from the CEO”

The managers of the other departments were troubled as they realized that they were actually later to act than Manager Lu.

They saw that Manager Lu was seriously trying to show herself off in front of Han Zhuoli.

Everybody: “…”

They lose when it came to who can curry favor better!

Just from those words that Manager Lu said, they already had goosebumps.

How thick-skinned did she have to be, how big of an ability did she have to deal with it, to be able to say those words

But whod have known that, at that moment, Han Zhuoli would slowly take out his phone

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