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And the strangest thing was that there were bells hanging from all three chains.

There were two bells on each of the two shorter chains.

As for the longer one, Lu Man didnt count it properly, but it was just a series of bells along the chain.

The two short chains werent suitable to be worn on her wrist.

As for the longer one, it definitely wasnt a necklace either.

It was a little too long.

“Whats this” Lu Man fingertip fiddled with the bells.

The bells werent big.

They were about the size of the fingernail of her pinky finger.

The chain and the bells were both rose gold.

Looking at them in detail, she saw that they were exquisitely produced.

Each detail looked really refined.

When she pulled on them a little, the bells instantly rang, making a crisp and pleasant sound.

Lu Man observed one of the bells, then another one.

When her fingertip touched it, she realized that the crisp sound of the bell was a little higher than before.

Surprised and curious, Lu Man rang each bell and realized that each one was of a different pitch.

“What are these” Lu Man was getting more and more curious.

“They all sound different.”

Lu Man picked up one short chain and placed it on her wrist, measuring it.

“Its too long.”

Lu Man grinned happily as he looked at Han Zhuoli and said jokingly, “You dont even know how thick or thin my wrist is”

“How could I not know” Han Zhuolis long fingers wrapped around her wrists.

The slightly calloused pad of his finger gently stroked the inside of her thin wrist, leaving goosebumps everywhere he touched.

It was like electricity was buzzing on top of her skin.

Lu Man started trembling.

The places on her wrist that his finger caressed all turned red.

Yet he didnt put any strength into it at all.

Han Zhuoli lifted her wrist up and gently kissed the inside of her wrist where it was flushing red.

His soft lips pressed onto it, and Lu Man felt her entire body go limp.

“Every time I did you, I measured every single inch of your body.

Besides, I really love holding onto your wrists as I move inside you,” Han Zhuoli said as his thin lips kissed and nibbled on the inside of her wrists and trailed upwards.

Lu Man shivered all over; her skin felt numb and tingly.

Hed suddenly spoken so straightforwardly and was even a little crude.

However, Lu Man didnt feel any disgust from the words that came out of his mouth.

Instead, she started feeling a little turned on.

Lu Man was so embarrassed that her face was blushing furiously.

If she started feeling turned on because of his rude words, this… this was too shameful.

“Not only your wrists, I even know the thickness of your ankle.” Han Zhuoli kissed her from the inside of her wrist to her shoulder, trailing upwards all the way and finally printing on her lips.

After kissing her briefly, his lips moved away immediately.

Instead, it was Lu Man who completely didnt expect that the kiss would be so chaste.

She even wanted to deepen it further.

Eventually, after Han Zhuoli moved away, her lips were still pouting.

When Lu Man came to her senses, Han Zhuoli was looking at her, smiling but not really either.

No matter how she looked at it, it still looked like he was laughing at her.

Lu Man: “…”

It looked like she was overthinking!

She covered her face with both hands shamefully and refused to look at him.

She kicked Han Zhuoli angrily and anxiously.

“Dont you dare laugh at me!”

Yet, just as she kicked her leg out, before she could even touch him, he grabbed onto her foot.

Her white and soft foot seemed like it could completely be covered by his hand.

The heat from his palm spread continuously to her foot and radiated up to her leg, then all the way up to the top of her head.

Surprised, Lu Man hurriedly tried to drag her foot out, but Han Zhuoli held on to it tightly, not letting go no matter what.

Lu Man was at such a loss.

It was her foot, not her hand! Why was he refusing to let go!

She just had a shower and her foot was clean.

It was neither dirty nor smelly, and her fingernails were trimmed short and neat.

Even so, she still felt uncomfortable.

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