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Chapter 789: You Managed to Pillage All the Teachers in the Performance Major

“Then go back to your room!” Teacher Fang said coldly.

Lu Man immediately stood up, but she took a glass of wine from the waiters tray and raised it up high.

“Long live the Emperor!”

“Long live.”

She said it very sarcastically.

That trail of tears was still streaming down her face, and her curvaceous figure was swaying.

The guests around her suddenly shouted together, “Long live!”

The voices were so loud and grand, yet it was also very sarcastic.

“Bam bam!” A loud sound exploded right after that.

Brilliantly shining golden streamers burst out, and the lights on stage darkened in an instant.

After several minutes of silence, while the staff members were still cleaning up the props on stage, thunderous applause suddenly erupted from the audience.

The staff members on stage were not ready at all and jumped in shock.

They almost dropped and smashed the props they were holding.

They hurriedly moved the props away.

As they walked past the contestants lounge backstage, Ni Xue and the others came out of the door.

“Why was there such loud applause” Ni Xue asked in surprise of the staff members who were moving the props.

When it had been their turns, after each performance, the applause was just out of politeness, not as thunderous as it was right now.

And the applause was still going on and had yet to stop.

The staff member too had yet to recover from his shock just now.

“After Lu Mans performance, this happened.

When I was cleaning up the props on stage just now, it shocked us all too.”

The staff member didnt have time to talk any longer and hurriedly moved the props away.

Everyone walked out subconsciously from the lounge, moving closer and closer towards the stage.

While they couldnt really see what was going on in front of them, the closer they got to the front of the stage, the louder the applause became.

It still didnt stop even after such a long period of time.

“Lu Man always delivers such a unique performance.”

“I thought her Wu Zetian performance last time was her best work, but whod have known that her Wan Rong would be such a strong performance too!”

“Oh my gosh, watching her act as Wan Rong, I completely cant remember her Wu Zetian from before.

I originally thought that she had brought Wu Zetian back to life again and that, in the future, no matter what role she acted, I would subconsciously be dragged back to when she acted as Wu Zetian.

Yet this time, there wasnt a single trace of Wu Zetian.

She really is like who shes acting as!”

“Thats right.

Wan Rong and Wu Zetian were different.

Wu Zetian was an emperor, ruthless and ready to kill, and filled with schemes to gain power and unify a kingdom.

Be it battle tactics or her aura, it was all different.

Wan Rong, on the other hand, was the last empress, unable to find any happiness by the side of a puppet emperor.

She didnt receive conservative education and looked towards freedom, yet she was ultimatelyimprisoned. Her body or her spirit would never be free.

She and Wu Zetian are two extremes.

She is too sorrowful.

I completely didnt expect that Lu Man would perform Wan Rong so well.

I even wish that Lu Man could act as her in a proper production, not just in such a short segment.”

And this time, when they looked back up on the stage, they saw that Lu Man was standing right in front while rows and rows of teachers stood behind her.

This scene was so majestic.

Zhang Guangtao was familiar with them and started saying, “Hey, Teacher Wan, Teacher Fang, Teacher Yao, Teacher Hong…”

Zhang Guangtao called out a series of names.

“They are all familiar faces.

Lu Man, you sure are impressive, you managed to pillage all the teachers in the performance major.”

All the teachers: “…”

How could he say that!

What did he mean by “pillage”!

“This time, its really all thanks to all the teachers help,” Lu Man said as she smiled.

“This performance had been arranged by Teacher Wan, right” Zhang Guangtao turned around and spoke to the other judges.

“Teacher Wan is a teacher from our National Film Academys Performance Major as well as a director in Sesame Theater.

Some of the highly-acclaimed theater shows by Sesame Theater were all directed by Teacher Wan.

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