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“Im going to find the teachers for help! Lu Man went to find them.

If I dont go to find them, what will the teachers think Theyll think Im looking down on them.” When Ni Xue mentioned Lu Man, she got very angry.

This Lu Man, she really knew how to make trouble!

Lu Man herself could not find people to be her guest actor, so she wanted to make trouble for her and mess up her original pacing.

Now it was even better, she needed to restart her preparation process.

Why was there someone so hateful like Lu Man!

But when Ni Xue went to Teacher Yaos office, she found that Teacher Yao was not there.

It was not only Teacher Yao.

It was better to say that the office had no one in it at all!

The same kind of situation also happened to Li Zeyu.

Li Zeyu had also given up on his original plan and was planning on finding the teachers of the school for help.

And in the end, when he came to the office, there was only Ni Xue.

Li Zeyu: “…”

Ni Xue: “…”

“Are all the teachers not here” Li Zeyu asked.

“It was like this when I came,” Ni Xue said, troubled.

“They probably have lessons.”

Li Zeyu took out his phone to look at the time.

“You also came here to find the teachers to be guest actors”

Ma Xianghuans words had long spread throughout the school, and everyone knew about it.

Li Zeyu did not feel that it was just a coincidence, meeting Ni Xue in the office.

Obviously, everyones thoughts were the same.

Ni Xue raised her eyebrow.

“You too”

Li Zeyu smiled and admitted readily, “Yes.

If Lu Man can do that, I can do that too.”

“Same same.”

The teachers were not in the office, and the two could only leave first and come back after lessons.

It just so happened that on Lu Mans side, because Teacher Yao and the rest needed to go for lessons, she also came back to attend lessons first.

Teacher Wan had appointed a time for them to have a rehearsal every day to make it more convenient.

Before the lessons ended, Ni Xue and Li Zeyu were waiting orderly in the office.

Teacher Yao and Teacher Hong came back after lessons and saw the two of them.

“Do you two have something you need” Teacher Yao and Teacher Hong entered the office and called the two in.

Ni Xue looked at Li Zeyu and said first, “Teacher Yao, Teacher Hong, for the Chinese Arts Championships finals this time, do you two have time I want to ask you two to be my guest actors.”

Li Zeyu instantly said, “My script needs only one guest actor.

Teachers, I also need one guest actor, so—”

Teacher Yao said, troubled, “Why didnt you say it earlier I already agreed to be a guest actor for Lu Man.”

“Ah Then, Teacher Hong—” Li Zeyu looked towards Teacher Hong again.

Teacher Hong did not know whether to laugh or to cry.

“Ive also agreed to help Lu Man already.”

“Thats not right,” Ni Xue hurriedly said.

“I heard that Lu Man had asked Teacher Wan and Teacher Fang for help.

She should have enough people already.”

“We are there to be extras,” Teacher Yao explained as he smiled.

“Her shows scene is quite grand.

Teacher Wan is the director, and he felt that he needed to present the group-acting part because that would be best.”

Look, this was the good thing about having a director.

“This… this is too…” Ni Xue wanted to say, This is too wasteful!

So many teachers were going to be extras for Lu Man

Furthermore, they would go and be extras for her yet not be guest actors for Ni Xue and Li Zeyu How could that be

“Teachers, are there a lot of teachers who are going to help Lu Man by being extras” Li Zeyu asked.

“Theres really quite many.” Teacher Yao nodded.

“To prevent you from running around and wasting effort, Ill write a name list for you two.”

Teacher Yao took out an A4 paper and wrote down a few names for them.

Ni Xue saw it.

“Theres not a lot of people.”

Teacher Yao explained, “This is the name list of the teachers who are not going to play extras for Lu Man.”

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