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Also, the Special Attack Force premiere event is pretty grand.

Our Red Tiger didn\'t organize a premiere and even after we broke the records we didn\'t participate in any major publicity.

This would be a good opportunity, you should try to appear and show your face there.

Otherwise, no matter how amazing their results were, if they didn\'t show their faces to the audience, after some time, the audience would gradually forget about them too.

Now that Red Tiger still has some popularity and Special Attack Force is under the limelight now, you should come out and show your face as publicity. Ji Cheng explained the reason to Lu Man.

Knowing that Ji Cheng was also doing this for her own good, Lu Man agreed readily.

Sure, I\'ll definitely be there.

I\'ll pass the invitation to Xiao Hu tomorrow then. The Xiao Hu that Ji Cheng was referring to was Lu Man\'s manager, Hu Zhonghui.

Hanging up the phone, Lu Man told Han Zhuoli about it.

That\'s good news. Han Zhuoli nodded.

The director of Special Attack Force is a famous Hollywood director, he has been doing well at the box office these past few years.

Right now, all major online ticket sales websites and apps have started the official pre-sales for the premiere.

Until now, the total collection for the first day of their premiere is pretty good at least.

Since Special Attack Force was receiving a lot of attention and Red Tiger was also in its prime.

So Red Tiger crew ttending Special Attack Force\'s premiere would also become a trending topic.

Oh my, Xia Qingwei said.

If that\'s the case, will Red Tiger\'s box office be affected I don\'t know who the director of Special Attack Force is, but recently when I\'m watching the news, there has been a lot of publicity on it and looks like the audience is really looking forward to it.

They have a lot of fans too.

Because of Lu Man, Xia Qingwei was also especially attentive of entertainment news.

It\'s almost about time.

Red Tiger\'s box office right now isn\'t growing as quickly as earlier and very soon it will start dwindling off, and in the end, it\'s almost going to stop screening too.

Thus, Special Attack Force\'s airing honestly wouldn\'t affect Red Tiger a lot. Lu Man comforted Xia Qingwei with her logical reasoning.


Currently, Han Corporation was looking for a Hollywood production company to be their business partner and help locally-produced movies break into the American market.

Meanwhile, Hollywood movies were also eyeing the large consumer base in China.

If they could achieve good results in the Chinese movie market, it was almost equivalent to getting half of the entire world\'s box office.

Previously, Han Zhuoli had contacted Maxus Company, but Maxus Company wasn\'t Han Corporation\'s only choice nor was it even their first choice.

There were other companies that Han Zhuoli preferred.

Originally, Maxus Company was self-acclaimed as one of the top production companies in Hollywood and placed themselves on a pedestal.

They kept leaving Han Corporation hanging with their partnership plan; they didn\'t refuse but neither did they show much sincerity.

However, they never thought that they were the ones who were actually weaker.

The second time Han Zhuoli visited Hollywood to settle the partnership, he didn\'t even look for Maxus.

At that time, Maxus Company finally came to their senses.

Han Zhuoli was also comparing them with other companies.

When he had come to Maxus Company, he was actually assessing them, and didn\'t plan to directly seal the partnership either.

Moreover, Maxus Company had competitors after all.

The power didn\'t rest in their hands alone.

By the time Maxus Company finally realized it and started to lowering their high head and contact Han Zhuoli on their own accord, Han Zhuoli was already too lazy to be bothered with them.

Not long after, Red Tiger became super popular in China and their box office blew up, surpassing any other movie released at the same time.

This let Maxus Company finally realize the potential of the Chinese movie market, and also realize that Chinese-produced movies were on the rise and in the future, it wouldn\'t necessarily still be Hollywood that would be at the top of the world.


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