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3460 A Slip of the Tongue

She would live meaninglessly, recklessly, and decadently for half a month before she would return to the Mount Lan Compound.

She would get enough rest and reorganize her life.

But this time…

She was really mad that Wei Wucai suspected her.

Therefore, after she reported back to the Mount Lan Compound, she went to the set to scare Wei Wucai.

After she frightened Wei Wucai, she intended to go back home and rest.

But then, she got a phone call from Xie Jiwen, asking her for help.

She never expected this to become a trip of no return.

She had been helping him until now.

She still hadnt even gotten the chance to go home.

Hu Kaiyin was furious about this.

Xie Jiwen asked puzzledly, “Didnt you just complete your mission”

Hu Kaiyin rolled her eyes.

Han Zhuofeng really wanted to remind her not to roll her eyes like this in such a dark place.

It looked scary.

Hu Kaiyin said, “So you are aware that I have just completed my mission I have been traveling outside for a long time, feeling tense all this time.

I finally finished the mission and was finally able to rest.

Yet, you summoned me again.”

“I have no problem with helping you, but you have to let me rest, right” Hu Kaiyin said angrily, “I want to rest.”

Xie Jiwen sighed and said, “Sure.

Just wait at home to hear the news of me getting into an accident.”

“Brother!” Xie Jiling called out, expressing her dissatisfaction.

No one should curse themselves like this!

Exorcists should know best not to say such nonsense.

Didnt he know

If this caused karma, he would be doomed!

Hu Kaiyin obviously knew a little.

When she heard what Xie Jiwen said, she was so angry that she shut her mouth tight.

Xie Jiwen felt guilty.

He just wanted to find reasons to stay with Hu Kaiyin, but he forgot to consider her feelings.

Xie Jiwen thought about it and said, “Theres no rush.

We can go back to the house of the Xie Family, and you can get a good rest.

I have to study the talisman with the elders, so theres no rush for us to leave for Yunlin Mountain.”

“I could also ask my little brother to do this task.” Xie Jiwen did not have to be the one to go to Yunlin Mountain.

“Just treat the house of the Xie Family as your own house,” Xie Jiwen said.

Hu Kaiyin nodded forcefully.

But then, Hu Kaiyin realized something wrong.

“Since you are able to let someone else go to Yunlin Mountain, this means you dont need me to protect you anymore” Hu Kaiyin asked.

Xie Jiwen was speechless.

This was a slip of tongue!

“That is if you really dont want to travel,” Xie Jiwen immediately said, “Actually, I still want to go by myself.

Since I was the one who previously handled it, I would know better.”

“However, we have a limited number of people in the family.

If it were someone else, they would be going by themselves, and they would be in danger as well.

Its better if I go.”

“Although I dont know Yunlin Mountain like the back of my hand, I am more familiar with it than them.” Xie Jiwen said.


I promised you.

I wont go back on my words.” Hu Kaiyin was not stupid.

Xie Jiwen was obviously saying that he wanted her to go with him.

Hu Kaiyin cast a suspicious glance at Xie Jiwen.

She had her doubts about Xie Jiwens intentions.

However, since Xie Jiwen refused to say a word, she didnt want to bring it up.


Xie Jiwen obviously didnt book the same homestay as Han Zhuofeng.

However, his homestay was near their homestay.

The two homestays were about a ten-minute walk from each other.

However, Xie Jiwen found out that Xie Jiling and Han Zhuofeng were staying in the same homestay, so he felt worried.

Han Zhuofeng didnt look like a decent human being.

He was worried that Han Zhuofeng might find chances to take advantage of Xie Jiling.

“Jiling.” Since Hu Kaiyin had agreed to leave with him, Xie Jiwen had resolved his problem, and he was now in the mood to worry about Xie Jiling.

When Xie Jiling heard him, she looked over at Xie Jiwen.

She heard Xie Jiwen say, “All the rooms in your homestay are booked, but my homestay still has available rooms.

Why dont you check into a room in my homestay”

Before Xie Jiling could answer, Han Zhuofeng interrupted, “Big Brother, we have been really busy, and its almost daytime.

If she switched to a new homestay, she would need to spend a lot of time packing her luggage.

That would be very tiring.”

“…” Xie Jiwen had endured for a long time.

He finally blurted out, “I am not your big brother!”

“Big Brother, what are you saying Jiling and I are friends.

If you are her big brother and you are older than me, there is nothing wrong with me calling you big brother like she does.” Han Zhuofeng said.

“In addition, if I call you something else, it will feel as though we are strangers.” Han Zhuofeng said.

Xie Jiwen didnt want to talk to Han Zhuofeng.

However, Han Zhuofeng was being reasonable.

They were busy with things until this late at night.

It would be too tiring if he made Xie Jiling pack her luggage again.

If she had the time to do that, she might as well use that time to rest.

But then, Han Zhuofeng said, “Big Brother, you dont have to worry about her with me here.

I am staying with Jiling.

I can take care of her.”

Xie Jiwen sneered and thought to himself.

‘Your presence is the exact reason why I am worried.

Xie Jiwen frowned and said, “Staying with her”

“We are staying in the same homestay but not the same room.

Dont be misunderstood,” Han Zhuofeng said immediately.

To make things easier, he didnt say it clearly.

Han Zhuofeng refused to admit that he was trying to take advantage of Xie Jiling with the use of words.

But Xie Jiwen reacted so quickly and was even picking on his words!

Xie Jiling glanced over at Han Zhuofeng.

She decided not to tell Xie Jiwen about last night when Han Zhuofeng came to her room and slept on the carpet.

Oh no.

It should be the night before last night.

“Use your brain.

Jiling is not stupid,” Xie Jiwen said with contempt.

Xie Jiling was dumbfounded.

Why did she feel like she had just been cursed

Xie Jiwen didnt bother too much about it anymore.

Although Xie Jiwen was guarding against Han Zhuofeng, he still trusted his character.

When Xie Jiwen and Hu Kaiyin left, Xie Jiling followed Hu Kaiyin and went back to their homestay.

But Han Zhuoling and the others werent asleep.

They were all waiting in the living room of the villa.

When Xie Jiling and Han Zhuofeng stepped inside, they saw Han Zhuoling and the others sitting at the sofa.

There were four cups of coffee on the coffee table, and the aroma of coffee had diffused throughout the room.

Obviously, they were worried about them.

So, they drank coffee and waited all night.

“Brother.” Han Zhuofeng called out.

When Han Zhuoling heard this, he immediately jumped.

When he saw that both of them were fine, he let out a sigh of relief.

“You all didnt sleep for the entire night” Han Zhuofeng asked.

“How can we sleep when you guys arent back” Shi Xiaoya said, “Now that we saw that youre fine, we will be fine as well.”

Han Zhuoling nodded.

They were the first ones to return to the homestay.

And they were worried about Han Zhuofeng.

As such, they decided to wait until he made it back safely.

Now that the people they had been waiting for had arrived, Han Zhuoling said, “Its good that you guys are back.

Go sleep and talk about it tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Han Zhuofeng nodded, agreeing to do what Xie Jiling said.

Still, he felt bad.

He knew that his brother and sisters-in-law were worried about him.

He felt warm inside.

The feeling of someone waiting for him and being worried for him really made him feel warm inside.

Han Zhuoling and the other three went back to sleep.

They had stayed up for the night, so even coffee was losing its effect.

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