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“Im not afraid!” Xu Ningxian said, “Ill just let them hack me! Im not lying, anyway! Older sister, dont try to change my mind.

I know that I cant beat them, but I will never give in.”

“I know,” Lu Man said.

Then, she closed her Weibo.

Xu Ningxian was puzzled.

Lu Man was not going to continue persuading her

Could it be that Lu Man, too, was different from what she had expected

After experiencing such a terrible idol like Yu Xingzhou, Xu Ningxian was indeed rather afraid.

On the other hand, Lu Man didnt know about Xu Ningxians suspicions.

She then requested Han Zhuoli.

“Can we return to the office”

“Whats the matter” Han Zhuoli asked, but he had already changed the direction and was heading back towards the company.

Lu Man then told everything to Han Zhuoli.

“There are surveillance cameras installed at the entrance of the company and the side of the road.

I want to head back to take a look.

It probably should have recorded what happened that day at the entrance.”

Han Zhuoli nodded and brought Lu Man back to the office.

On the way there, he had already informed the Security Department of the company.

He also gave a call to Mo Jingsheng and asked him to find the surveillance camera recordings of their companys entrance and the roads.

The head security officer brought two security officers along to the surveillance room.

When Han Zhuoli and Lu Man arrived at the surveillance room, both the head security officer and his two subordinates were shocked.

One of them was even the security officer who had seen Yu Xingzhous behavior that day afternoon together with Lu Man.

“President!” The three of them greeted hurriedly.

They thought that this was a huge and extremely serious matter that even Han Zhuoli was personally taking care of it.

“Take out the surveillance camera recording from Monday morning around 10 a.m.

at the company entrance,” Han Zhuoli said.

“Is it about Yu Xingzhou” The security officer who was previously at the scene asked curiously.

“Yes.” Lu Man nodded.

“I remember you.

You were there too that day.”


Ill go find out now.

Please wait a moment,” the security officer said and left to get the recording.

After not long, he found it.


Upon playing the surveillance camera recording, they saw that the surveillance camera at the entrance did record what happened that day.

“Make a copy of it too,” Han Zhuoli said.

The security officer naturally didnt stop him either.

Lu Man copied the surveillance camera recording onto her phone.

At that moment, someone knocked on the door of the surveillance room.

All this while, the door of the surveillance room wasnt closed.

When all of them turned around, they saw a police officer standing at the door.

“Hello, Chief Mo asked me to send the surveillance camera video here.”

“Thank you.” Lu Man received the recording.

“Youre welcome.” The police officer smiled.

“Chief Mo asked me to stay back for a while first.

If theres anything you need, just let me know directly, Ill help you with it right away.”

“Thank you very much.” Han Zhuoli nodded.

Mo Jingsheng did consider everything.

He wanted to give him a gold star for his effort.

As for the recording sent by the police officer, it was perfectly taken from another angle.

It had recorded what happened outside the entrance of Han Corporation.

“This is great.

Now we have sufficient evidence.” Lu Man copied the recording onto her phone as well.

Just then, she received another WeChat message from Sister Li.

“Lu Man, when we were at the entrance of the company, a colleague from another department was there too.

She secretly took a video.

Just now, she contacted me and sent the video to me.

The video length is longer than what could be sent over WeChat so Ive sent it to you on email, just take a look.”

“Alright, thanks, Sister Li.”

“Hey! Youre welcome.

Hurry and bring Yu Xingzhou down!”

After Han Zhuoli left the surveillance room with Lu Man, one of the security officers asked, “How big a deal is this matter Why is the president involved too”

“Its probably because Lu Man is acting inGreedy Wolf Operation.

‘Greedy Wolf Operation is the movie in which our company has invested a lot of money.

If the movies box office sales dont turn out well because of this matter, our company will lose out too, hence the president came over himself too.” The chief security officer speculated.


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