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The manager shook his head.

“Ive asked all the paparazzi agencies.

This wasnt done by any of them.

Moreover, they dont possess this information on your past.”

Due to the server going down, the netizens had nowhere to go to gossip.

They could only discuss this matter in private chats with their friends.

They felt that this server was seriously crappy.

“It went down before too, yet they still did not learn from it.”

Consequently, motivated and powerful netizens immediately called up Weibos official customer service line.

They urged for the server to be restored without delay.

Otherwise, if this continued on, many netizens would lose faith in the companys technical skills!

“What the heck Their servers actually this weak Its not even that big a matter, yet their server has already crashed” How embarrassing!

There was someone who had their hands behind their head as they leaned against the wall.

“So what are we going to do Should we wait a while”

They ended up waiting for five minutes before they tried refreshing the webpage to no avail.

“Their tech skills are such a fail!”

At this time, someones shining gaze was directed at Wei Wucai.

“Team Leader, why dont we… give them a hand”

Wei Wucai raised an eyebrow.

“Give them a hand”

“Yeah.” The team member nodded.

“Theyre spending so much time on it, but they still havent resolved it.

Its going to hold up so many other matters.

We can just take control of their administrative rights, help them resolve it, and then return the rights to them.

Theyre moving too slowly.”

The three deputies had also become quite impatient from waiting.

Upon hearing that persons suggestion, they felt that it was rather feasible.

As such, they all turned their heads to look at Wei Wucai, Yuan Jiangyi, and Hao Donghuai.

“Team Leader, what do you think” Liu Yuhao asked.

Hao Donghuai had also become impatient from waiting, so he said, “I think its doable.

What about you guys”

Yuan Jiangyi was someone who liked watching commotion and didnt mind if matters blew up.

Moreover, he was confident that, considering the Shadow units level of skill, it was completely impossible for the other party to trace anything back to them.

Furthermore, having so many people from the Mount Lan Compound resolve their problem, and for free at that…

They would be secretly amused at that!

“Come on, come on, come on.

Lets help them resolve it.” Yuan Jiangyi rolled up his sleeves.

“These people wont be able to do it!”

Wei Wucai was speechless.

Actually, he was feeling quite anxious about it as well.

Since everyone wanted to do this, Wei Wucai nodded.

“Okay, then.

Lets get it done quickly.”

He smirked and said, “We cant be wasting a few minutes to resolve it after we take control.

That would be so embarrassing.”

Everyone had said this in succession.

“Wouldnt that bring shame to our Mount Lan Compound”

Everyone rubbed their fists and wiped their palms and then began splitting up the work.

A few minutes after they started pounding on the keyboards…

Over on Weibos side, the programmers who had been working hard all night suddenly gazed at their computer screens dumbfoundedly.

“Why cant I cant control it anymore”

Yet the cursors on the screens were still moving.

All kinds of character strings flooded the screen continuously.

“Someone has taken away our administrative rights.”

“Damn it! Could it be that Chen Zeqing flew into a rage out of humiliation and got someone to hack us”

“Quickly, take back control!”

Everyone was so frightened that they dripped with cold sweat.

Their platform contained the data of thousands of users.

If they were truly being hacked and the user data got stolen, it would result in a serious security issue for user privacy.

Then they truly would have to suffer serious consequences!

Their entire company would not be able to endure the repercussions, let alone them!

The company would suffer a great amount of questioning and damage.

Furthermore, the company paid them with high salaries.

It wasnt so they could watch on helplessly like this in the face of a crisis, without the ability to take back the administrative rights that were stolen from them.

Consequently, everyone focused with rapt attention, wanting to take back their administrative rights.

Unexpectedly, it wasnt just that they couldnt take back their administrative rights; they also couldnt even gain access to their server.

“Ive been kicked out as well.”

“Chief” Everyone looked at their department chief.

Their chiefs expression was dark.

He sighed and shook his head.

“Im not a match for them either.”

“Regardless, we cant just stand by and watch,” the chief said.

“I dont know what their goal is, but even though were not a match for them, we still have to persevere with putting up a fight.”

“Yes!” everyone agreed simultaneously.

However… they were truly powerless.

They exhausted all sorts of methods, but it was all to no avail because they were simply not a match for their opponents.

They failed time after time and felt extremely defeated.

“I even want to doubt if theyre human at all.” Someone moved backward, sprawled against the back of their chair.

“Who exactly are they”

“Its not one person.

It must be a group,” the chief said.

“Although were no match for them, I still have some faith in our skills.

It would be impossible for one person to deal with so many of us.

He wouldnt be able to defend against all of us simultaneously.”

The chief was right about this.

Of the Shadow units three teams, Hao Donghuais team was in charge of taking control of the administrative rights as well as resisting the oppositions attempts to take back control.

When one person tried to gain access, they would kick them out.

When two people tried, they would kick both of them out.

Meanwhile, Yuan Jiangyis team was in charge of restoring the server.

Lastly, Wei Wucais team was in charge of defense.

The moment someone attempted to break through their line of defense, they would completely destroy that person.

Weibos programmers were facing off against a group like this; it would be stranger if they could be a match for the latter.

“Aiyo, this group of people is still doing their best to try and regain their administrative rights,” one of the Shadow unit members said.

“This diligent spirit is worth commending.”

Liu Yuhao then immediately typed out a string of words and sent it to the other party.

Consequently, while the other party was working hard to take back their administrative rights, an eye-grabbing string of red text appeared on their computer screens.

“Your server restoration was simply going too slowly.

Were here to help.

Once were done restoring it, well return the administrative rights to you.

So stop bothering us.”

Everyone in the tech department: “…”

Who knew whether they were truly doing this to help out!

“Ehh” At this time, the chief suddenly let out a sound of confusion.

Everyone looked over at him simultaneously.

The chief pointed at his computer screen.

“It seems that they really are… here… to help”

However, it was very difficult for the chief to say the word “help.”

The other party might truly be helping them…

But help shouldnt be given in such a forceful manner, right

Why did the other party snatch away their administrative rights if the other party was helping them

This kind of help truly made it hard for them to be grateful.

“Chief, look!” someone called out.

Everyone looked at their computer screens simultaneously.

They saw that strings of command had already appeared on them.

“What does this command mean” someone said, curious.

However, someone else was even quicker.

They grabbed their personal notebook from the side and first noted down the command on the screen.

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