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Just at that moment, Han Zhouli happened to wake up and gave her a call, asking her when she would be done filming.

“Ive already come back, but I saw you sleeping and I was scared that I would wake you up if I make any noise in the hotel room, so I went to the hotel kitchen.

Your call came just at the right time, I was almost done making dinner.”

“You made it yourself” Han Zhuoli asked, surprised.

“En, its rare for me to come back so early and when I saw that you were too exhausted, I wanted to nourish you back to health,” Lu Man said with a sweet smile on her face.

Han Zhuoli really wished for Lu Man to be by his side right now, so that he could hug and kiss her.

His wife was so considerate!

“I just woke up and couldnt find you, now come back quickly,” Han Zhuoli urged, wishing he could instantly teleport to Lu Man.

If this is the case right now, how would survive this week

Lu Man looked at the time, it was almost the time for dinner, thus the head chef called waiters over to help Lu Man send the dinner upstairs.

At night, after having dinner since they had nothing else to do Lu Man took Han Zhuoli out for a walk.

Honestly, although they had filmed for a week, every time she came back, it would be very late and she never got the time to walk around the small city at night.

Since it was very cold at night, the two of them had to wear thick coats.

They inquired at the hotels front desk and learned that there were several eateries on the street opposite the hotel, and during night time, the street was very crowded.

Thus, Han Zhuoli was dragged over there by Lu Man.

Holding a small bamboo tube rice around the size of palm, Lu Man instantly dug in with a spoon.

She then raised it towards Han Zhuoli with expectations, thus although Han Zhuoli felt that the bamboo tube rice was a bit oily, he still took a spoonful.

“Older Sister Shuangshuang, look, isnt that Lu Man” Xiao Li pulled on Bai Shuangshuang and pointed in front.

Although Lu Man was wearing a thick coat, just now when she was feeding Han Zhuoli, her face had tilted towards her, and she instantly recognized Lu Man.

Bai Shuangshuang was tired of the food on the film set and since today was a rare day where they finished filming early, Bai Shuangshuang had come over to walk around the eatery street, but she did not expect that she could somehow still meet Lu Man.

“The one next to her is not the guy from yesterday,” Xiao Li said, “That driver is not that tall.”

When Xiao Li saw that, she was a bit envious.

In front of them, although Han Zhuoli had his back facing towards them, just a glance at his back was enough to tell that his figure was excellent.

He was tall and slender, and with even while facing his back towards them, he looked outstandingly handsome.

He was wearing a black sheep fur coat which seemed to be custom made as every cut fit him perfectly and every small detail was carefully designed.

Not to mention, below his sheep fur coat was a pair of straight, long legs, which especially when standing in the crowd and compared to others, made him stand out even more.

However, she just did not know how his face looked.

Bai Shuangshuang instantly took out her phone and clicked a photo.

“Lu Man better pray that she doesnt become famous, otherwise Ill dirty her reputation until she can only leave the entertainment circle!”


The weekend Han Zhuoli spent there passed very quickly, and on Sunday night, Han Zhuoli returned to B City.

Even the time Lu Man spent filming here elapsed very fast.

After another week, Han Zhuoli came to see her, they had already discussed that he would bring Xia Qingwei along on the next visit, but in the end, Xia Qingwei did not come along.

Seeing the confusion on Lu Mans face, Han Zhuoli broke out in a sweat, he really did not know how to explain it to her.

Simply unbelievable that Xia Qingwei who always looked so gentle and passive would actually do something so shocking.

“What happened” Lu Man saw how Han Zhuoli seemed to be troubled and found it weird.

“It cant be that something happened to my Mom right”

“No no, our Mom is great, dont worry.” Han Zhuoli hurriedly assured her.

Scared that Lu Man would let her imagination run wild and only think of the worst scenarios, he could only tell her what Xia Qingwei had done.


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