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Chapter 2807: Whats Their Relationship

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However, as time passed, these thoughts of his started to disappear.

It was then followed by rage!

He had requested the lawyer to find Jiang Yujie.

But not only could Jiang Yujie not be contacted, but it had also been a long time since Jiang Yujie returned to their place.

Lu Qiyuan gave the lawyer the address of Jiang Yujies parents and asked him to look for her.

In the end, it was heard from the neighbors that the last time Jiang Yujie came to her parents house, they moved out with her.

However, the neighbors also could not tell whether Jiang Yujies parents really moved.

That was because they did not carry a lot of things; the two carried only two bags.

But after that, they were not seen again.

The lawyer asked about the time when they left, and it was the day that Lu Qiyuan had been taken away by the police.

The lawyer told this to Lu Qiyuan.

Everything was clear to Lu Qiyuan now.

The events and time all matched.

Even if Lu Qiyuan did not want to admit it, he knew that Jiang Yujie was behind this.

He did not understand; was he bad to Jiang Yujie

Why did Jiang Yujie betray him!

Hed thought that he had found his true love at this age.

Who would have thought that Jiang Yujie would give him such a heavy hit

“Its not important to look for Jiang Yujie now,” said the lawyer.

He was only responsible for defending Lu Qiyuan.

As for the resentment between Jiang Yujie and Lu Qiyuan and how Lu Qiyuan wanted to carry out his revenge…

The lawyer could not break the law to help Lu Qiyuan.

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He just needed to do his job.

“The most important thing is your defense for this case.

Honestly, this is considered a huge case, and the police also have enough evidence.

Its impossible for you to be found innocent.

But we need to reduce your sentence as much as possible,” said the lawyer.

“But this reduction I am talking about is just as a comparison.”

This was just a reduction from the heavy sentence.

They did not even know if they could do that.

Lu Qiyuans face darkened.

He had been doing as he like for most of his life and had never expected this.

He had never expected that he had to follow someone elses orders.

“The one back then… the one I plotted to put in prison, whats his name again” asked Lu Qiyuan softly.

Even at this time, Lu Qiyuan did not use the word “framed.”

He did not admit the mistake that he had made.

It was as though if he only made calculations, it would show that he was capable and high-class.

The lawyer did not know why he asked this, and he said, “His name is Jiang Huaizhou.”

Lu Qiyuans expression changed.

He asked ferociously, “Jiang Huaizhou and Jiang Yujie.

Whats their relationship!”

The lawyer thought that even at this time, he was still thinking about Jiang Yujie.

“This is not under my job scope,” said the lawyer, holding in his anger.

After discussing the case with Lu Qiyuan, he left.

As for the relationship between Jiang Huaizhou and Jiang Yujie, the lawyer did not even want to find out for him.

Lu Qi still did not know that Lu Qiyuan had been caught.

Han Zhuoli had loosened the pressure on her and did not keep on watching her.

To Han Zhuoli, keeping a watch on her was already as much respect as she deserved.

Besides, now that Lu Man was pregnant, all of Han Zhuolis attention was on Lu Man.

Even the energy that he used for his work was distributed.

How would he have the energy to watch Lu Qi

However, everyone in the industry already knew about the resentment between Lu Man and Lu Qi.

They also knew the attitude of the Han Corporation towards Lu Qi.

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