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Chapter 2776: Did I Scare You

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Han Zhuoling gloated.

“Is Zhuoli sleeping with Lu Man”

After being reminded by Han Zhuoling, Old Mrs.

Han thought about Han Zhuolis anxious look and thought that it was possible.

Old Mrs.

Han thought for a while and laughed.

“Alright, let him stay with Man Man.”

Lu Man was the one pregnant and she was not suffering, but Han Zhuoli was torturing himself.

He looked more tired than Lu Man.

Han Zhuolings guess was right.

Han Zhuoli really lay down with Lu Man.

However, Lu Man was sound asleep while Han Zhuoli could not sleep a wink.

He was just worried about Lu Man, so he was not willing to leave her side.

Even if she was sleeping, he must be by her side, protecting her.

He paid constant attention to her and could only relax once he confirmed that Lu Man was really just sleeping.

After Lu Man got pregnant, Han Zhuoli had not been sleeping well.

It was just like what Old Mrs.

Han thought.

Lu Mans pregnancy was not tiring; Han Zhuoli was just scaring and torturing himself.

Lu Man was sleeping peacefully.

But Han Zhuoli could not sleep well because he was worried.

As long as Lu Man was asleep, Han Zhuoli did not dare to fall asleep.

Because there were things on his mind, he always woke up after sleeping for a short while and would check if Lu Man was still there.

Lu Man did not know at first, but when she was sleeping last night, she dreamed that she was eating barbeque skewers.

As she was eating, she woke herself up.

She was craving some barbeque.

Unexpectedly, when Lu Man opened her eyes, she saw Han Zhuolings eyes looking straight at her.

It was midnight, and there were no lights on in the house.

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Everything was black and dark.

Not to mention, a persons head was right in front of Lu Mans face.

It scared Lu Man.

Luckily, she was not really scared.

Lu Man put her hand on her chest and only calmed down after a while.

She heard Han Zhuoli ask nervously, “Why Did I scare you”

Lu Man extended her arm to turn on the desk lamp by the bed.

She saw that Han Zhuoli was not sleepy at all; it did not seem like he just woke up.

“Why are you…” Something came to Lu Mans mind.

“You didnt sleep at all”

“I did but I woke up,” said Han Zhuoli.

Lu Man looked at Han Zhuoli in a daze.

She had just woken up and her brain was not being very useful.

As it was midnight as well and she had just turned on the light, even the desk lamp was hurting her eyes, which had become used to the dark.

Lu Man squinted her eyes to look at Han Zhuoli and saw that his eyes were bloodshot.

How could this be how someone would look when they had just woken up

It was more like he had not slept well for a few days.

“You…” Lu Man felt that something was wrong.

But her brain was slow and she could not wrap her mind around the reason behind it.

Usually, Lu Man would be able to understand clearly in a few seconds.

But now, she was struggling.

She thought for a long time and could not understand.

Instead, she scared herself and asked with a face full of horror, “Zhuoli, is there something wrong with me”

“Hmmm” Han Zhuoli did not understand why Lu Man would ask this.

“Or else, why cant you fall asleep at midnight and just look at me like that” Lu Man was feeling anxious.

“Was there something wrong after todays checkup”

Lu Man thought for a while and, without waiting for Han Zhuoli to explain, held Han Zhuolis hand, her face serious..

“If there is something wrong, you have to tell me.”

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