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Chapter 2764: Nobody Would Have Her Back

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Han Zhuoling pulled her closer in his arms, lowered his head, and kissed the corner of her eye, which still looked full with thoughts of love.

“I wont grow old so easily.

Its impossible to make me the same as you, but I will exercise regularly and maintain my health.

I will keep myself healthy to slow down the speed of getting old.


Shi Xiaoya opened her eyes.

So he still remembered this thing that she was concerned about.

In his arms, she raised her head and looked at him.

Because she was too close, she could not see him clearly.

She could only see his chin and a small part above it.

His eyes and eyebrows were blocked because of the angle, so she could not see them.

But even if she could not see, she knew how gentle his eyes would look.

She also knew what he looked like with his lingering charm.

“Mhmm.” Shi Xiaoya moved in his arms.

“Im just reluctant.

It would be nice if we can stay in this time forever.”

Han Zhuoling had said before that if the two of them had met earlier, they might not have had a fate like this.

The right person had to be met at the right time.

But Shi Xiaoya still felt regretful.

It would have been nice if she had met him earlier.

Even if it was ten years earlier.

She could have had ten years more time to spend with him.

After Shi Xiaoya finished saying this, she closed her eyes, unable to beat the exhaustion.

She thought that she was stupid.

What was the use of thinking about this now

Time had to keep on moving.

It would not stop because of her wish.

Whatever that had to come would come eventually.

Even if she could not accept it, she still had to accept it.

So the only thing she could do and the only thing that she could control was valuing her limited time with him.

Because she did not hear Han Zhuoling talk, Shi Xiaoya was falling asleep.

Then, at this moment, she heard Han Zhuoling say, “Me too.”

Shi Xiaoya opened her eyes sleepily and finally understood what Han Zhuoling had said a while ago.

Same as her, he wanted to have more time with her.

He also wanted to make time stop during their prime.

Han Zhuoling was reluctant to close his eyes.

He just watched Shi Xiaoya.

In the past, he was never scared of natural death.

It was something that everyone would experience when they were old.

If it was inevitable, it was not scary.

It was just a matter of time before he experienced it.

Han Zhuoling must face it head-on.

However, after having Shi Xiaoya, suddenly, he could not be calm anymore.

He did not want to leave before her as he was unwilling to leave her alone.

At that time, her parents and brother would not be here, and nobody would have her back.

What if their children were disrespectful to her and took advantage of her

Even if the children did not bully her, what if she was taken advantage of by outsiders

She was still young, and both her parents and brother were still here to support her.

She was not easy to bully herself.

But as long as he was not by her side, he would feel uneasy.

Not to mention, when she became a grandma and did not have any strength, she would definitely be taken advantage of by people.

In short, without his protection, he would feel uneasy in multiple ways.

But if Shi Xiaoya died before him…

He would not be able to take it, the loneliness of being left alone.

Han Zhuoling squeezed Shi Xiaoya and looked at her thin face in the dark.

It would be best if they left at the same time.


Because both of them did not talk, Shi Xiaoya fell asleep quickly..

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