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Chapter 2579: Pregnant

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The eight great families were not this united usually.

This time, Lu Man came for a checkup, and a huge number of people had also come!

There were quite a few patients and visitors in the hospital.

Whether they recognized the leaders of the eight great families or they heard of them from others, they all went to spread the news.

Some spilled the beans to journalists.

“I am at Chu Tian Hospital.

Qi Chengzhi, Yan Beicheng, and the others who are the leaders of the eight great families are all at Chu Tian Hospital.

Im not sure why they are here but there are a lot of people!”

Some posted on social media.

“I saw Chu Zhaoyang, Han Zhuoli, Qi Chengzhi, and many other people.

Cant talk anymore, just have a look yourself.”

They even attached a picture.

The netizens saw the posts.

Ooh! There were countless people there!

“Damn! What huge event are they having there The eight great families have never been so united.

Did they go to walk on the red carpet at Chu Tian Hospital”

“So many people went to Chu Tian Hospital.

Perhaps it is to visit someone important

“I am hospitalized at Chu Tian Hospital and I didnt hear about an important person that can make so many people from the eight great families visit.”

Han Zhuoli and the others still had no idea about the commotion that they had accidentally caused online.

They took the elevator together to the department of gynecology, but only Han Zhuoli brought Lu Man in.

The others waited outside.

However, there were so many of them cramped in the corridor outside the department that it was not a very nice scene.

In the corridor, there were doctors, nurses, and patients coming and going.

When they saw so many of them being cramped there, how could they not be shocked

So they were invited to the lounge on that floor and it was finally better.

Originally, they did not want to go to the lounge, but Chu Zhaoyang had said that the results of the checkup would not come out so quickly.

Besides that, they were disturbing others by blocking the corridor, so they had to head to the lounge.

Lu Man detailed her symptoms, and Director Chang asked about Lu Mans menstrual period.

“Ah.” Lu Man had always used a phone app to record her menstrual period, so she depended on her phone to remind her.

Without her phone reminding her, she could not remember at all.

Now that Director Chang had asked, she took out her phone to check immediately.

And she found out.

“Its four days late…”

Director Chang smiled.

“If youre really pregnant, its still too early.

Its more accurate to do a blood test.”

After Director Chang gave them a test sheet, Lu Man and Han Zhuoli went for a blood test.

The test results came out very quickly.

Lu Man could not understand, so she brought it back for Director Chang to have a look.

Director Chang only took a glance and started smiling.

“Congratulations! Mrs.

Han, you are pregnant.

Its just been four weeks.”

Han Zhuoli first let out a sigh of relief that Lu Mans bad appetite was due to pregnancy and not any other bodily issue.

Then, a feeling of joy replaced his feeling of relief.

Lu Man was pregnant!

The two of them… the two of them were going to have a kid!

Han Zhuoli was smiling like an idiot.

As he turned around and looked at Lu Man, he saw that Lu Man was covering her mouth out of surprise.

“I…” Although she did not like to cry, tears welled up in her eyes.

In this life, she had everything.

She had a family.

She had Han Zhuoli.

Now, she would have a child.

She died alone in her previous life.

Thus, obviously, she did not have any kids.

But now, she was having more and more things.

“Man Man!” Han Zhuoli hugged Lu Man.

“Were having a child..”

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