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Chapter 2421: Suspect

Han Zhuoli felt that Xia Qingweis thinking was indeed very logical.

If the two cases were connected and they treated them as a serial case to solve, they might find new perspectives and leads from there.

So Han Zhuoli told Han Zhuoling about this.

Luckily, the Han Corporation had set their roots solidly here so they had their own connections and means.

They had connections with the underworld too.

“Did you ever suspect Wang Qianyun and Lin Jinshu” Han Zhuoling said through the phone.

Han Zhuolis heart skipped.

As he was a bystander, Han Zhuolings judgment and thoughts would not be affected by so many things, and he would naturally come up with more ideas and think faster.

Now Han Zhuolis heart was all on Lu Man.

Wang Juhuai and Xia Qingweis thoughts were all on Yijun who had been snatched away.

The three of them would not be able to look at this incident with a more rational mind.

Only Han Zhuoling and Han Zhuofeng, although they were also worried, still had more space to think about this matter.

The moment Han Zhuoling mentioned that, Han Zhuoli instantly reacted.

“Wang Qianyun wanted to deal with Lu Man while Lin Jinshu hates my mother-in-law, so she targeted Yijun.

This does make sense.

“And, previously at the Mega Charity Gala, their attitudes had actually been quite suspicious, now that I think back on it,” Han Zhuoling said.

“Given how much Wang Qianyun pestered you and our attitude towards her at that time, she actually did not say anything and did not behave as she did in the past, speaking words to make you two sound like you are close.

“Clearly, she had still been pestering you previously, yet she suddenly thought things through within such a short period of time I dont believe it,” Han Zhuoling said in a somber voice.

Wang Qianyun had pined for Han Zhuoli for more than a decade.

Yet she could give up within a few months

It was impossible no matter how you thought about it.

“That kind of forbearance must definitely have been because she had been planning something,” Han Zhuoling said in a low voice.

“Its our fault that we actually didnt get our guard up because of that.”

But they were not clairvoyant.

Who would have been able to think of so many things

“If we investigate Wang Qianyun and Lin Jinshu now, it wont be too late,” Han Zhuoli said.

Hence, Han Zhuoling immediately went with Han Zhuofeng to start investigating Lin Jinshu and Wang Qianyun.

Xia Qingwei and Wang Juhuai remained in the police station, waiting to see if there were any new discoveries.

Xia Qingwei had countless negative scenarios playing out in her mind.

She was afraid that she might never see little Yijun again in her life.

The police asked them to go back to wait for news.

But how could Wang Juhuai and Xia Qingwei go back and wait They would rather stay here to do so.

“Those people… What would those people do after theyve snatched Yijun away” Xia Qingwei said in a small voice.

“I really dont understand, why did they have to capture Yijun Hes such a small child.


“If there was really any enmity, just target us adults! What did they take the child for!” And Yijun was still just a baby that did not know anything.

Young babies at this age were extremely unstable.

Yijun was weaned off early and was no longer drinking breast milk.

Since last month, he had started drinking milk formula.

But someone still had to feed him!

Those people who kidnapped him away, how would they have the patience to feed him milk

Yijun would bawl out loud when he got hungry.

What if those people got annoyed by his cries

Would they hurt him

Even if those people were merciful and willing to feed him milk formula…

A babys immune system was weak.

If the baby was not used to that milk formula and started vomiting or got a fever, all kinds of situations would follow one after another.

Those gangsters were kidnappers.

If they could target a young baby, how could they be considered humane at all

And they were committing a crime.

If Yijun fell ill, all the more they would not bring him to the hospital.

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