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Chapter 2395: She Is Not Bad Actually

“So everyone is nervous,” Sun Mengying said.

“Then I feel much better.”

Zhou Li brought over a hot cup of cocoa.

“Do you all want to drink a hot cup of cocoa Drinking something sweet can make you all feel a little more relaxed.”

“Good idea.” Sun Mengying also went to make herself a cup of hot cocoa.

Then Zhou Li sat opposite Sun Mengyings original seat.

Their dormitory living room was actually more like a small-scale activity room.

Some table games were placed on the coffee table.

Beside the coffee table, there was a sofa as well as cushions.

It was convenient for everyone to gather and sit around the coffee table.

There was no chance of everyone not having enough seats.

Zhou Li was sitting on the cushion at this moment.

As she held her hot cup of cocoa, she said, “Frankly speaking, I saw the news in the past and heard my high school classmates and friends around me say that Xiaoying had always been unable to get along with Lu Man.

There were also some other gossip.

Because of that, Id felt that Xiaoying might not be easy to get along with.”

Zhou Li smiled and said, “I didnt expect that it was completely not like that after we really got together.

We really cannot believe in a lot of gossip.”

“What She was indeed originally not easy to get along with.

When Lu Man had just entered the school, she had even taken the lead to ostracize and make things hard for her.”

“…” As Zhang Xiaoyings dark history was being mentioned, she became furious and said, “Han Leilei, why do you keep uncovering my dark history tonight Cant you be a good classmate”

Han Leilei chuckled and said, “Sorry.

I cant control myself.

Its mainly because Im too nervous.”

When Han Leilei saw Zhou Li and Sun Mengying each holding a hot cup of cocoa and looking very comfortable after drinking it, she also went to make a cup for herself.

Lu Man simply boiled a pot of hot water and placed it on the coffee table.

Then she took the cocoa powder over.

Anyone who wanted to drink the cocoa could just make one and didnt have to make an extra trip.

As the competition was tomorrow, Lu Man did not return to the hotel.

Instead, she stayed at the dormitory.

This made it convenient for her to prepare together with her teammates.

It was also convenient for everyone to mention the areas that they could practice and improve on.

After Lu Man sat down, Zhang Xiaoying said to Han Leilei, “Youre nervous, but why do you keep talking about me”

Han Leilei hurriedly begged for mercy.

“Alright, alright.

Ill choose someone else to talk about.”

Han Leilei said to Zhou Li again, “Actually, in the beginning, I also felt that Zhang Xiaoying was quite hard to get along with.

Furthermore, there were always a few willing people around her boot-licking and flattering her.”

Zhang Xiaoying was speechless.

“But after I got to know her longer, I discovered that although she is a little proud, she is open and direct when handling matters.

She would not resort to tricks and would do things the proper way.

Moreover, when she lost, she would admit it and think of a way to win.

She wouldnt slander or frame you just because she had lost.

She also wouldnt think highly of herself.

“Anyway, her temper is real.

Hence, shes not bad, actually,” Han Leilei said.

At least Zhang Xiaoying would not backstab you.

It was very rare to find this kind of character anywhere.

Not to mention, this entertainment industry was like a dog-eat-dog world.

Although Zhang Xiaoying always lost to Lu Man, she had completely put into practice the words “let our capabilities speak for us.”

Zhang Xiaoying was quite impressive just now.

At this moment, she was being praised by Han Leilei again until her face turned red.

“Although her temper is a little bad, regardless of whether you work with her, compete with her, or become friends with her, you can rest assured that she wont play tricks behind your back and backstab you,” Han Leilei said.

“Dont even get me started on the entertainment industry.

In every industry, there are always bosom friends who become enemies.

They can snatch your boyfriend or even your hubby,” Han Leilei said.

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