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Chapter 2341: Tacitly Agree

With the previous batches, the surrounding environment was good and there was no external pressure.

Hence, the exchange students were very comfortable and used their experience in the competition within the team.

As there were competitions within the team, they were not united.

Not to mention that they lacked the capabilities, even if they had it, they might still have lost.

One of the reasons for the defeat of Howard and the others was that they could not give in to one another within the team.

They looked united, but in reality, there were many problems.

However, the exchange students had external pressure this time, and in a rare occurrence, they were united.

And because of this, they experienced the benefits of being united.

Hence, they did not allow anyone to destroy it.

With regards to this, Lu Man did not have to advise anyone as all of them had already made their judgment.

Wu Zilin was so furious that he exploded.

With a loud and sarcastic chuckle, he said, “If were talking about the students from your National Film Academy, then you can go ahead and express your opinion.

You can reach out to your principal and sow discord.

But Im a student of Donghua Academy of Drama.

On what basis should we, the people from Donghua Academy of Drama, accept your command!”

Upon hearing this, the others frowned one after another.

Han Leilei and Zhang Xiaoying were the angriest.

After all, Wu Zilin had mocked their school.

Did Wu Zilins words imply that their school principal had to obey Lu Mans command

By doing this, he was questioning their school!

At the same time, him saying that Lu Man could go to the principal and sow discord made her seem like a school tyrant.

They had gotten along with Wu Zilin for a few months before now, but why did it never cross their minds that he was so terrible!

Han Leilei was so angry that her face turned red.

However, to everyones surprise, Zhang Xiaoying actually spoke first.

“Has everyone heard of the past conflicts between me and Lu Man” Zhang Xiaoying asked.

Han Leileis heart stopped for a moment.

She thought that Zhang Xiaoying was turning against Lu Man.

After all, the relationship between Zhang Xiaoying and Lu Man was really not good.

It was possible for her to make use of this opportunity to give Lu Man a blow.

But after Zhang Xiaoying came here, shed really changed a lot.

Han Leilei felt indecisive.

As the others did not answer, it implied that they had tacitly understood Zhang Xiaoying.

Zhang Xiaoying smiled and said, “Hence, you all should know that my relationship with Lu Man was very bad in the past.

We were once in a state of hostility.

The two of us even made a bet using our results before.

Of course, we did not go overboard like this time.

It was just a small-scale bicker.

“The ratings for my previous television drama were very poor.

There were many reasons for that, and one of them was indeed due to problems with the quality of the television drama,” Zhang Xiaoying said.

“The competition between me and Lu Man was always head-to-head.

We had never used tricks.

Back then, we were unaware of the relationship between Lu Man and Young Master Han.

But the higher management in the school was aware.

Despite this, the school did not interfere in our matters, and they also did not side with Lu Man.

“As Lu Man had said just now, regardless of whether it was her conflict with Howard, or the conflict between those students and us previously, or the conflict between me and Lu Man back then, these were our personal matters.

They had nothing to do with the school, and the school had never interfered.

“Moreover, Lu Man had never gone to our school leader to say anything just because we couldnt get along.

We had openly competed, and after getting the result from the competition, we did not pursue the matter.

Lu Man had never obstructed me or used improper methods against me.”

Zhang Xiaoying smiled.

“Otherwise, I wouldnt be standing here talking to you.

If she really bore grudges and didnt want me to have any development, I wont have had the chance to come here to learn.”

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