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Chapter 2298: What They Saw Are Just Superficial Things

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In the official live-stream broadcasted by the television channel, the scene of the two of them kissing was aired for only a dozen seconds.

Alas, they actually did not cut a single bit of it and aired it all in the complete version.

Even the words that Han Zhuoling sometimes said without avoiding the microphone had all been aired.

There were some even more private words that Han Zhuoling specifically prevented the mic to pick up by whispering them into Shi Xiaoyas ear.

The audience could only see him whispering into Shi Xiaoyas ear, but they could not hear exactly what he said.

This made the audience extremely anxious and curious.

Because those words were said after Han Zhuoling had kissed Shi Xiaoya.

When Shi Xiaoya heard what he said, she blushed even harder than when she had just been kissed by him.

So the audience was very curious as to what exactly Han Zhuoling had said to Shi Xiaoya.

“AHHH! What exactly did Young Master Ling say! Im so curious!”

“Judging from Young Master Lings performance just then, its definitely flirtatious words!”

“I noticed that, after he got together with Shi Xiaoya, Young Master Ling would keep saying flirtatious things.

He has turned into a flirtatious boy.”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

Shi Xiaoya held her laughter back as she turned to look at him.

“How transparent did you have to be for the netizens to know even if they didnt hear anything that what you said was actually… actually…”

The two words, “flirtatious words,” were something Shi Xiaoya could not bring herself to say no matter how she tried.

It might be because the person directly involved usually could not see the full picture clearly.

Anyway, Shi Xiaoya really did not notice how Han Zhuolings behavior was usually so… flirtatious.

Why would the netizens think that way

Han Zhuoling was such a decent and proper boy usually.

“…” Han Zhuoling put on his decent and upright expression as he asked, “What”

“Look at it yourself.” Shi Xiaoya pointed to the comments.

“See, its written here.”

“I cant see clearly.” Han Zhuoling did not even look and just wanted to hear Shi Xiaoya say it.

“Read it for me.”

Shi Xiaoya mumbled in her heart, how come hes acting as if he had presbyopia even when he was not that old

“They just… just said that its definitely… flirtatious words…” Shi Xiaoya said in a small voice.

“You said Im flirtatious” Han Zhuoling raised his eyebrow at her.

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

They said that his words were flirtatious, not her!

How on earth did he misinterpret that!

She was grumbling about it in her heart when she suddenly heard Han Zhuolings low chuckle.

That string of low chuckles sounded like pearls bouncing against each other.

It was so attractive yet slightly crisp, which sounded so melodious to her.

Han Zhuolings chuckled got closer and closer until they directly pressed against her ear.

That chuckle tickled her ear warmly, making her ears tremble slightly like those of a rabbit.

“I am only flirtatious in front of you.” Han Zhuolings lips brushed against her ear as he chuckled in a low tone.

Shi Xiaoyas ears reddened instantly, yet she could not help but think about what hed said, that he was only flirtatious in front of her.

It was now displayed on the show.

Perhaps he did not exactly show the whole country how flirtatious he was, but at least he showed it to hundreds of millions of people in the country.

Shi Xiaoya mumbled about what she thought and Han Zhuoling scoffed.

Shi Xiaoya shuddered before she realized that shed actually said those words out loud, courting her own death.

Han Zhuoling just took the tablet from Shi Xiaoyas hands and put it aside as he said in a low voice, “What they saw are just superficial things.”

As he said that, he pressed Shi Xiaoya down.

Shi Xiaoya got so nervous that she stuttered, “No… we still have to watch the show.”

“We can watch the show anytime.” Han Zhuoling pressed against Shi Xiaoyas lips as he said, “Ill show you right now what the difference really is between superficial flirting and actual flirting.”

“Now… Its still daytime now!” Shi Xiaoya quickly said.

As the floor they were on was indeed high enough, the view was also good, so there were no other buildings that were taller than their floor in the surroundings.

So the moment they came in, Shi Xiaoya had opened the curtains.

That way, more light could enter the room.

Although no one could see them through the windows, it was evidently broad daylight right now, making her feel very guilty about doing such a deed at this moment.

“Its just perfect.” Han Zhuoling smiled and said, “In this way, we can persevere into the night, and we can even smoothly adjust to the time difference.”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

She actually could not find a rebuttal for his reasoning.

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