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Ha, if I had listened to what you said, I would have died in prison by now, and where would you go to show your love for me, prison Lu Man said sarcastically.

Why do you keep harping on things that have passed, refusing to let go Lu Qiyuan scolded her unhappily and stopping for a moment before speaking again, Let bygones be bygones, we need to look forward.

From now on, if you listen to what I say and be a good daughter, I\'ll naturally care for you just as I care for Qi Qi.

Lu Man smiled coldly and did not say anything.

Every time Lu Qiyuan said such things, it was only because he had something to beg from her.

Of course, from Lu Qiyuan\'s point of view, this was not begging her, this was just a request and as his daughter, Lu Man had to listen to him and satisfy whatever Lu Qiyuan requested.

As expected, she then heard Lu Qiyuan say, Your reputation in the company is not good now, as your father, I cannot just watch as you suffer in the company and do nothing.

How did you know my reputation in the company is not good right now Lu Man\'s narrowed her eyes.

Before this, she still did not know on whose orders Ye Xiaoxing was working, and had guessed it to be Dai Yiran.

She felt that Dai Yiran really had nothing better to do in her life and that was why even when Dai Yiran was no longer in the company, she still did not forget to harm her.

But now, as she listened to Lu Qiyuan, how could she not connect the dots

Lu Man understood everything very quickly.

To make her help Lu Qi, Lu Qiyuan had somehow found Ye Xiaoxing and had her ruin her reputation in the company so that she would not be able to continue working there.

Back then, because he wanted Lu Man to be Lu Qi\'s assistant so that she could serve Lu Qi well, he had forced Lu Man to drop out of the university.

Now, it was again for Lu Qi that Lu Qiyuan wanted to make the situation so worse that Lu Man could not even continue working.

Lu Qiyuan paused for a while and then pretended to be calm.

That\'s such a small thing, who doesn\'t know about it Don\'t bother with how I found out about it.

Anyway, I\'m your dad, I can\'t see you suffer grievances.

Resign immediately and come back, I\'ll help you find a good job.

Lu Man smiled coldly, What kind of work You want me to handle public relations for Lu Qi and help her to clean up her image

It seemed that Lu Qiyuan had yet to know about Du Xiangdong had personally come to the Public relations department to praise her and that he had even given her a reward.

Now, Du Xiangdong as her backer, who acknowledged Lu Man\'s abilities and morals, who would dare to malign her

Since Lu Qiyuan did not know, he kept speaking as if he was looking out for her.

Isn\'t this your specialty In the past, you blamed me for not letting you study fashion design and making you become Qi Qi\'s personal assistant.

But if you resign now, you will handle public relations, and you can even build your own public relations team.

However, it would be Lu Qi\'s personal public relations team.

Nowadays, all the famous celebrities had their own public relations team, so that if anything happened, they could instantly make a response.

Only their own team could not solve it did they approach experts in the field.

After all, the true talents would have their own companies, like Wei Zilin, no one would especially go to work for a single celebrity.

You probably don\'t know, there are no more rumors in the company and I don\'t need to resign, Lu Man said coldly.

What Lu Qiyuan was stunned, why was that suddenly there was nothing

Earlier, Xia Qingyang had suggested him that he should ask what exactly Lu Man was doing in the company for her to be assigned the in charge of Du Lin\'s case within a few days of her joining the Han Corporation.

And Lu Qiyuan just happened to find Ye Xiaoxing.

Ye Xiaoxing was already so jealous of Lu Man, how could she say good things about Lu Man

So she told Lu Qiyuan some stories that really had no evidence, making things up and exaggerating them to make them sound worse.

When Xia Qingyang heard it from Lu Qiyuan, she felt proud upon having guessed correctly.

Otherwise, joining the company at such a young age with no experience at all, why would Lu Man receive such good treatment


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