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Chapter 1811: This Would Not Be Deemed Respectable

“Doesnt it hurt Why are you even biting on it” Han Zhuoling said helplessly as he stared at the bite mark on her lip with his heart aching.

Shi Xiaoya did not say a word and just softly buried her face in his chest, even nudging it a few times.

Han Zhuolings heart melted into softness just by looking at her.

As her face was buried, it only exposed a bit of her cheek and her fair ears.

Han Zhuoling planted a kiss on the part of her cheek that was exposed.

He flipped over and lay on his side, hugging her in his arms.

“Sleep,” Han Zhuoling said in a low voice.


Shi Xiaoya stared at him in surprise.

They were… done

Han Zhuoling laughed.

He tapped the tip of her nose and said, “What do you think I will do I just got together with you and I want to do something to you already Am I such an immature person”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

In the end, she was the one thinking too much, as if it was she who was being one-sided.

Han Zhuoling hugged her tightly in his arms.

“Although I really want to, I wont be so impatient as to want it at once.

This would not be deemed respectable.”

“Also, this is the hotel that the production team has booked.

This wont do,” Han Zhuoling said in a low voice by her ear.

“We have a tiring day ahead tomorrow, so how can I torture you at this time”

He was clear about how he was like.

In front of Shi Xiaoya, he just could not control himself.

The moment he started, he was afraid he would probably not be able to let her go so easily.

How would he dare to torture Shi Xiaoya at this time

When Shi Xiaoya heard him say that, her ears turned red instantly, and she did not dare to show her face after hiding in his arms.

Hugging his beloved girl in his arms made Han Zhuoling feel especially satisfied.

He caressed her soft and thin back a few times with his palms.

He lowered his head, found her lips, and kissed them lightly.

“Previously, because I was thinking about you, I couldnt fall asleep, so I thought of coming over to hug you to sleep.

You will be right in my arms.

I know I can see you the moment I open my eyes, so I can finally fall asleep.”

Shi Xiaoya thought to herself that though this cold and arrogant man was skilled at everything, when it came to love, he became at a loss for words, as if he was missing a chord.

But tonight, he became such a smooth talker.

Every line he said could make her heart beat faster.

“Now, can you fall asleep” Han Zhuoling asked in a gentle voice.

“I dont know, let me try,” Shi Xiaoya said.

What if, because Han Zhuoling was around, shed feel even more nervous

But she did not expect that breathing in the scent on Han Zhuolings body would make her heart feel exceptionally secure.

She missed him.

When she opened her eyes, she could see his chest.

Even with a layer of pajamas between them, she could still feel that sturdiness.

When she lifted her head slightly, she would be able to see his face.

She would not keep thinking about him just because she knew he was right next door but could not see him.

Hence, unknowingly, Shi Xiaoya fell asleep.

Han Zhuoling looked down.

When he saw Shi Xiaoyas sleeping face, he gently kissed the corner of her eye before closing his eyes.

He understood for the first time, what a blissful thing it was to be hugging the girl he loved in his arms.

However, though Shi Xiaoya could finally fall asleep, later on, she dreamt that she was trapped by the branches of a sprawling huge tree.

It was as if she had been rooted into the ground by a thick, strong tree.

Even the roots of the tree were especially solid and strong.

The roots then wrapped themselves all around her, and she was wrapped fully with the surrounding soil, unable to move an inch.

In her dream, Shi Xiaoya was on the verge of screaming Han Zhuolings name for help.

She wanted to move a little but ended up being trapped even more tightly.

Finally, Shi Xiaoya awoke from the pressure.

Yet the first thing she sensed was a solid, strong chest, along with a familiar yet foreign scent.

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